Hair Regrowth Treatment - Top most Hair Regrowth Treatment in India (2024)


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  • VCare's hair treatments excel in addressing all types of hair loss and scalp damage concerns.
  • Formulated after extensive research and using the latest technological advancements.
  • Benefited over a million individuals by promoting remarkable hair growth.
  • Experienced trichologists and hair care experts at VCare conduct a thorough analysis of hair and scalp conditions.
  • Tailored treatment solutions based on comprehensive assessment for truly satisfying results.





If you have an itchy scalp or flakes, there is every possibility that it can aggravate even more and become a serious scalp inflammation. VCare’s advanced treatments specifically target dandruff. Our treatments moisturise the scalp and work deep to remove the dead cells and itchy flakes. Being the perfect mix of all the right ingredients and proper procedure, VCare’s treatments will help you enjoy healthy hair and a flake-free scalp anytime.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is always a common problem for both men and women. With VCare’s advanced hair regrowth treatments, you can say goodbye to hair loss and enjoy natural hair growth. Our experts in the clinic will thoroughly examine your hair and scalp condition to find out the reason behind your hair loss and then will proceed to provide you with the best treatment regimen to arrest your hair fall issues as well as stimulate its growth.


Hair loss can occur due to many reasons. Not getting down to the root cause and ignoring it might leave you with severe hair loss in the long run. Our hair experts at VCare will break down the cause of your baldness and offer best-in-class hair transplants. Our advanced Activated Follicular Transplant (AFT) is a revolutionary hair transplantation technique, developed in-house, that is minimally invasive, reduces risks and leaves you with better results.


Leaving those thick, silvery-white scales unattended on the scalp will further increase the itchiness and discomfort. With VCare’s Psoriasis Kit, the inflammation is addressed, and the rapid cell turnover that characterises scalp psoriasis is arrested. Further, the treatment will also control the hair issues associated with psoriasis. Our products in the home care kit are enriched with potent ingredients that promise a speedy recovery from the comfort of your home.


Suffering from hair loss in small, round patches on the scalp can stop with VCare’s treatment for Alopecia Areata. Our Alopecia Areata Therapy kit will stimulate healthy hair regrowth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. Our expert will thoroughly examine the root cause and suggest lifestyle changes to halt the autoimmune attack on hair follicles. This will allow you to unlock thick, voluminous hair, free from hair loss in discrete patches.


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"Let's Hear What Our Satisfied Clients Have to Say"

Hair Regrowth Treatment - Top most Hair Regrowth Treatment in India (18)

Shashankk Wm

This is the best clinic I have ever visited. It is very worth for money. Im getting proper results .They are taking absolute care. The place is very neat and clean. The staff working here are very well mannered and taking absolute care for the clients. So I recommend u you all to visit this clinic. It is the best clinic for hair and skin. So vcare t .nagar is the best

Hair Regrowth Treatment - Top most Hair Regrowth Treatment in India (19)


My hairfall and dandruff was stopped in 3 sessions. And baby hair also started. I’m very happy about my hair result. This is best clinic for hair. Treatment and service impressed me.

Hair Regrowth Treatment - Top most Hair Regrowth Treatment in India (20)


There is no other words to express VCare's treatment, the way they have treated me is very kind and caring which made to explain my problem and then they have provided me a very good treatment, which is very good and especially therapists are too good in handling the complications. The hair fall is stopped after that and there is lot more improvement in my hair growth. Thanks for the treatment.

Hair Regrowth Treatment - Top most Hair Regrowth Treatment in India (21)


regular client of here after 3rd sitting dandruff reduced...changes observed.. Results services satisfactory...Doctor advice me HMA test for mineral balance...usefull test for maintaining dietery corrections.thank u vcare

Hair Regrowth Treatment - Top most Hair Regrowth Treatment in India (22)


Hi i'm latha, It was very good experience. Immediately after few treatment sittings, I got good results and i experience natural hair growth. Sujatha gave me much confident for hair treatment and she cared me to improve my hair condition.Thank you very much Sujatha garu for taking care of my hair and for making a wonderful improvement. Thank you very much! Vcare.

Hair Regrowth Treatment - Top most Hair Regrowth Treatment in India (23)


Very relaxing environment here in Vcare..friendly, down to earth ..I highly recommend hair treatments. They explained everything in detail and also suggested me a diet plan....what medicines to use and what not to use. It wasn’t rushed...I felt much pampered here in vcare and yes I’m a happy client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to regrow hair?

    Yes, it is possible to regrow hair with various hair rejuvenation treatments. VCare's cutting-edge hair regrowth treatments are crafted with advanced formulations by incorporating the finest ingredients and carefully designed regimens to actively promote hair regrowth.

  • Can hair regrow from roots?

    Yes, hair can indeed regrow from the roots, as hair growth originates from hair follicles that are embedded in the scalp. Adequate nourishment, a healthy lifestyle, and targeted treatments can stimulate the dormant follicles, leading to the regrowth of hair from the roots.

  • How to regrow hair naturally?

    Maintaining a well-balanced diet that is rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins can help in hair growth, but it might not be enough to actively stimulate it. Targeted hair rejuvenation treatments that address your specific hair concern will be a reliable solution for fostering good hair regrowth.

  • What are the main causes of hair loss?

    Hair loss can occur for various reasons, the main ones being genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions, excessive hairstyling, use of harsh chemicals, and ageing.

  • How to avoid hair fall?

    Opting for professional hair revival treatments is the best solution for fighting against hair fall. These personalised treatment regimens will effectively address the main reason behind your hair fall and arrest them. They will also stimulate the hair follicles for faster hair growth.

  • How to increase hair volume?

    If you are experiencing hair thinning or less hair volume due to hair fall, there are several hair treatments at VCare, like PBS hair growth therapy, Biocell therapy, Follitreat therapy and Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) therapy that are rich in ingredients that promote hair growth and revive hair health for thick, lush hair.

  • How to grow thick hair?

    Thick hair can be achieved with proper care, a healthy lifestyle and professional hair rejuvenation treatments. These rejuvenation treatments often involve nourishing the scalp and hair follicles with essential nutrients and stimulating blood circulation to encourage hair growth.

  • Why my hair is not growing?

    Several factors could contribute to slow hair growth, like nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and genetic factors. For faster growth of hair, opting for topical treatments is one of the best solutions as it not only stimulates the hair follicles but also increases your hair health.

  • How to make hair strong?

    To strengthen your hair, it is best to adopt a comprehensive approach that focuses on both internal and external factors. Ensure that you are taking a balanced diet. Incorporate hair revival treatments that will help increase the strength of your hair while promoting hair growth.

Hair Regrowth Treatment - Top most Hair Regrowth Treatment in India (2024)
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