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posted by Christy Denneyon Jan 21, 2020 (updated Oct 9, 2023) 104 comments »

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Buffalo Chicken Dip has cream cheese, chicken, buffalo sauce, ranch, cheddar cheese, and blue cheese crumbles if you want! It’s one of the best buffalo chicken dip recipe out there and tastes just like a buffalo chicken wing. Creamy and full of spiciness, this easy appetizer dip will be the perfect appetizer for your next party or game day.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe (+VIDEO) - The Girl Who Ate Everything (1)


Any given Sunday during football season if you show up at our house we will be eating this dip. It’s one of our favorite appetizers. John doesn’t like to eat a lot before games so when we come home after the game he’s starving. This is a Denney family favorite and makes an appearance at our family gatherings and for sure at our Super Bowl party.

I always fix this cheesy dip to take the edge off while I finish up making dinner. Don’t be turned off by the picture…it’s hard to make this creamy dip look pretty.


This recipe calls for:

  • CHICKEN – rotisserie chicken is my favorite but you can use canned chicken as well.
  • CREAM CHEESE – gives that creamy base. Some recipes add sour cream but I’m not a fan.
  • RANCH DRESSING – every buffalo wing is usually served with ranch but you could also use blue cheese dressing.
  • BUFFALO SAUCE – brand matters here. I like Frank’s redhot Buffalo sauce.
  • CHEDDAR CHEESE – gives a sharp tang and cheesiness. You can use a sharp cheddar or a mild cheddar.
  • BLUE CHEESE CRUMBLES – these are only for the purists. Not every one loves this so leave this on the side.


  1. Heat chicken and Buffalo sauce in a skillet over medium heat, until heated through. Make sure to break up the chicken so there are no big chunks. Stir in cream cheese and ranch dressing. Cook, stirring until well blended and warm.

  2. Mix in shredded cheese. Pour into a shallow baking dish or pie pan and sprinkle with blue cheese crumbles. We usually only sprinkle blue cheese on half of it for those who aren’t blue cheese fans.

  3. Bake in a preheated oven to 350 for 15-20 minutes or microwave it until the cheese melts. Serve with chips for dipping.

I have heard this referred to as “Crack Dip” because it’s so addicting. This is not for the faint of heart; it has some heat but you can definitely control that by adding more or less buffalo sauce. Some people like to add green onion but I don’t think it needs it at all.

My sister-in-law Kim introduced this Buffalo Chicken Dip to the Denney family since they love Buffalo chicken wings and buffalo flavored anything. I’m pretty sure she made it up and then soon after everyone started making and eating this Buffalo Dip recipe.

Update: We’ve since made this dip so many times that it’s requested at all football games, young women’s activities, baptisms, and funerals.


We use rotisserie chicken in this version but you can use shredded chicken breasts or thighs cooked on the stovetop or in a crock pot.


We like to serve Buffalo Chicken Dip with tortilla chips, celery sticks, or carrot sticks.


Yes, freeze the dip before baking for the best results.


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Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe (+VIDEO) - The Girl Who Ate Everything (3)

Buffalo Chicken Dip

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This Buffalo Chicken Dip has cream cheese, buffalo sauce, ranch, cheddar cheese, and blue cheese crumbles if you want! It's one of the most popular recipes on my blog and so easy. Creamy and full of spiciness that all men love, this appetizer dip will be the most popular dip for watching the game.


Prep Time: 5 minutes mins

Cook Time: 15 minutes mins

Total Time: 20 minutes mins

Servings: 8 servings


  • 1 1/2 cups cooked and shredded chicken or 1, 12 ounce can chunk chicken, drained
  • 1 8 ounce package cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1/2 cup Ranch dressing
  • 1/2 cup Buffalo wing sauce, (such as Frank's Red Hot, not to be confused with their pepper sauce. Start with less if you want and add more to your desired hotness.)
  • 3/4 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
  • blue cheese crumbles, (optional)


  • Heat chicken and Buffalo sauce in a skillet over medium heat, until heated through. Make sure to break up the chicken so there are no big chunks. Stir in cream cheese and ranch dressing. Cook, stirring until well blended and warm.

  • Mix in shredded cheese. Pour into a shallow dish or pie pan and sprinkle with blue cheese crumbles. We usually only sprinkle blue cheese on half of it for those who aren’t blue cheese fans.

  • Bake in a preheated oven to 350 for 15-20 minutes or microwave it until the cheese melts. Serve with chips for dipping.



Source: Kim Denney

Serving: 1grams

Cuisine: American

Author: Christy Denney

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originally published on Jan 21, 2020 (last updated Oct 9, 2023)

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104 comments on “Buffalo Chicken Dip”

  1. Julie Briere Reply

    Cooked cauliflower layer on the bottom and top with crushed pork rinds make this a complete keto meal.

  2. Kathy Davis Reply

    Love this recipe!!!!!!

  3. JJmeh Reply

    Delicious! I’ve made it with and without cheese and it’s good both ways!

  4. Marilynn B Reply

    Can I double the recipe?

    • Christy Denney Reply

      Of course!

  5. Leslie Reply

    Delicious! I always use canned chicken and pour the juice in too. Plus 2 cups of shredded cheese in it, then another 2 cups on top. Very good with Fritos also!

    • Christy Denney Reply


    • Lori Reply

      Do you think this would be good with Crawfish tails instead of chicken? I need a crawfish dip recipe.

  6. Theresa Reply

    I’m new-ish to Keto. Can’t wait to try this recipe! What are some good Keto options for the chips?

    • Christy Denney Reply

      Ooh definitelty pork rinds or celery or sliced cucumber.

  7. Betty Reply

    As an alternative to the hot sauce, my kids love it made with BBQ sauce instead of hot sauce.

    • Christy Denney Reply

      Great idea!

  8. Sandy Reply

    I’ve used this both as a dip and refrigerated overnight and made buffalo chicken dip sandwiches the next day. Both ways have been big hits at parties.

    • Christy Denney Reply


    • Leslie Reply

      Makes awesome quesadillas too!

  9. Paige Cassandra Flamm Reply

    This looks amazing! I need to try this asap!


  10. Sarah Reply

    This was delicious! A great way to get the kids introduced to spice without blowing them away. I did you twice as much chicken because honestly I didn’t read how much was needed. While hardier all the flavors were great. Definitely will make this again

    • Christy Denney Reply

      It’s a family tried and true.

  11. Nancy McCullough Reply

    Can you put this in a small crock pot?

    • Christy Denney Reply

      Yes, totally!

  12. Kathleen Reply

    Goood site. I share on facebook.

  13. momina Reply

    which cream cheese u used?

    awaiting 🙂

    • Christy Denney Reply


    • Leslie Reply

      Generic works well, too!

  14. Nora Reply

    I made this in 2012 after a guy I had a crush on invited me to a Super Bowl party. I needed something to bring and brought this–he asked me out the next day, and we’ve been married for 7 months now! I don’t wanna say it was all due to this dip, but he does request it pretty often and his cousins all ask for it at holidays and family gatherings, too. 🙂 Also a big fan of your baked ziti–it’s my go to when we have people over. Thanks!

    • Christy Denney Reply

      That is the best story ever!!! I’m totally taking credit!!!

  15. Lauren Reply

    I found this recipe on your site over a year ago and have made it countless times- it’s our very favorite! Thank you!!

    • Christy Denney Reply

      You’re welcome. We love it too!

  16. Scott McDermid Reply

    Go Cougars!!!!
    Am making this recipe just for the fun of it…Lol!

    Thanks for the info.

  17. Mike Reply

    Can this dish be refrigerated before adding cheese? Then when ready to eat the next day spread cheese on top and put into a microwave to warm up?

    • Christy Denney Reply

      YEs! You can. It’s better in the oven but microwave works well too.

  18. DeShawn Abram Reply

    I always use the oven to heat the meat and melt the cheese i feel its got a better flavor to it

    • Christy Denney Reply

      I think you’re right!

  19. Meghan Reply

    Love this recipe! I love to season & grill the chicken to give the dip a little extra taste! Delicious!

  20. Casey Reply

    i make this in the crockpot. its amazing. i just dont add the blu cheese. other then that its amazing. job well done.

  21. Kristin Reply

    This an awfully old post so just wondering did franks hot sauce use it on the back of the bottle? Because its identical. If so kuddos.

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} Reply

      Really? Haha. That must be new because they didn’t have it on the bottle before?

  22. jessica Reply

    LOVE THiS RECIPE! One pointer for everyone wanting to make this., mix the shredded cheese in at the end of cooking while still hot, just stir it around. The shredded cheese will melt and it keeps it from seperaring and getting that oily/greasy appearance. I’ve learned this this the hard way. Making this at least a dozen times and always ended up with it looking gross. Another suggestion for blue cheese lovers is to use blue cheese dressing instead of the ranch. Still use the blue cheese crumbles. Most won’t be able to taste the switch. Also, squeeze the water out of the chicken if using canned. In a separate bowl mix chicken and hot sauce together so the chicken absrns the sauce. Melt the cream cheese n dressing together on low hear whisking till smooth then add the chicken n hot sause to the pan until heated thoroughly. Remove from heat n add the shredded cheese n blue cheese crumbles. Wow that was a mouthful! Thanks for sharing this recipe, it is the best one on the web. The others usually have some weird variation.

  23. Modesta Reply

    I wanted to discuss this unique posting, “Football Kickoff – Buffalo Chicken Dip
    | The Girl Who Ate Everything” with my personal buddies on fb.
    Ionly needed to pass on ur fantastic posting! Thanks, Shenna

  24. ciara Reply

    Is it ranch dressing or ranch dressing powder mix? sorry if that’s a dumb question lol

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} Reply

      Not a dumb question. It’s ranch dressing already prepared. No powder.

  25. Jessicaj Reply

    I’ve been looking for this recipe everyyyywhere!!! And I finally found it it’s so delishh!

  26. Kristina Reply

    I just made this and it was amazing! I will deff make it for my next party.

  27. Christi Petzoldt Reply

    Football season is right around the corner and I will be breaking out this recipe!
    Christi at cashmereapron.com

  28. tessa Reply

    This is so delicious I love it and give it 5 stars

  29. Nichole Spencer Reply

    Is it possible to sub blue cheese dressing for the ranch?

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} Reply

      Absolutely. I would probably prefer it that way but the majority of the crowd prefers ranch.

  30. Shannon Reply

    AMAZING! This tastes SOOOOoooooooo good!

    Oh! I don’t care for Bleu Cheese, so I used Feta instead. DELISH!

  31. KB Reply

    I’d been looking for this recipe ever since I had it a couple of years ago; I was glad to find it here!! Made this for a get-together, yesterday. Unbelievably good, a definite crowd pleaser!

  32. Rachel Reply

    Ay idea how much this serves? Trying to decide if I should double the recipe for about 24 people.

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} Reply

      I would say it serves about 8-10. Definitely double it for 24…

  33. Jess Reply

    Hi Christy i have to say that I am in love with this recipe. I have made it once in the fall for a dinner party I had. I am having another this Sunday and my husband has requested this (not the first time since the fall that he has requested it!). What I do is get a whole organic chicken and put it in a crockpot the day before I plan to make the dip. I let it cook all day and cool before I shred the meat right off the bone. I end up with more than enough chicken to double your recipe. It’s delicious!

  34. Pam Reply

    I made this recipe for tonight’s Super Bowl party, not only was it real easy to make but it was a hit…thank you again for the recipe it’s definately a keeper

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} Reply

      Oh good!

  35. Lisa Reply

    15-year old daughter: “Mom, could you make Buffalo Chicken dip for the superbowl?” Me: “The game is already on.” Daughter: “Please?” Me – tried this recipe. 3 min. later, I hear daughter: “Mom – A+. Thanks!” (Made me look good!!) Thanks!

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} Reply

      Haha! Perfect. Glad I could help…

  36. Michelle Reply

    Oh my gosh…..this dip is fantastic. I still have about an hour until I need to leave for a superbowl party and I’m afraid the dip won’t last last long. Very easy to make and so good!! Thank you!

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} Reply

      Good to hear!

  37. Anonymous Reply

    I am making this right now for the Super Bowl, has anyone tried ranch and blue cheese? Would you do 1/4 cup each or just add 1/2 cup blue cheese to it?

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} Reply

      Sorry. Probably too late. I don’t think you can go wrong either way. It’s personal preference.

  38. nichole Reply

    This is awesome in a crock pot… low heat and occational mixing
    Amazing!!! Making it this sunday!!!!

  39. tory Reply

    can i make this in a crockpot? if so, how? 🙂

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} Reply

      I would make it as directed and then pour into a crockpot to get warm. That’s how I would do it but I’m sure you could just dump all the ingredients in and then stir them when they are warm and melty.

  40. Julie Reply

    Oh this looks good…i’m not waiting until the super bowl. lol lol

  41. Simplee Sue Reply

    This looks great. I wanted to let you know that I was featuring it on my blog: http://simpleesue.com
    on the 29th of January. Thank you for such a great recipe.
    Simplee Sue

  42. Tee Reply

    Yummy. Once I made it and tasted it I did end up adding chopped celery which seemed to work as well.

  43. Kara Reply

    This recipe is great! I double the recipe, make it at the beginning of the week, and eat off it for most of the week. My daughter that is almost 2 years old also loves this dip!

  44. Emily Reply

    Would you serve this hot?

    • Christy Reply

      Yes, hot is the way to serve this.

      • Rick Reply

        This is also very, very good cold, served like chicken salad on lightly toasted bread with lettuce and tomato.

        (My wife and I love this but can’t eat a whole pan in one sitting… I’ve started making sure there’s leftovers for sandwiches.)

        Also, I use mozza instead of cheddar to allow the Buffalo Sauce flavor to dominate.

  45. Nicole Reply

    I have been making this for years but I serve mine in my crock pot on “warm” or “low” so it’s Always warm 🙂

  46. Reis Reply

    Found this on Pinterest. I made it tonight with bacon cheeseburgers. I added green onions though. It was delicious. My kids liked it too.

  47. north face outlet Reply

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks a lot!

  48. Anonymous Reply

    I found this link from Pinterest and OMG it’s delicious. My friend made some at work last year and I’m pregnant now I’ve been craving it so bad. I just found this lastnight and we had fresh chicken and everything already just needed hot sauce and cream cheese. Just made it with the hubby and we are both addicted now. It’s way better than my friends it’s amazing thank you so much I’m one happy pregnant woman! Great appetizer for football time as well.

  49. Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} Reply

    I use the red hot Buffalo sauce. Good luck!

  50. Anonymous Reply

    Is it franks red hot buffalo sauce or just regular franks red hot?

  51. Anonymous Reply

    so so so good. made it today for the first time! Thank you for feeding my buffalo craving!

  52. Lora Reply

    This recipe sounds like one I use – but I agree with someone when they said use fresh chicken. Also, use blue cheese instead of ranch…I’m from Buffalo and believe me when I say blue cheese is good in this too 🙂

  53. heavanneleigh Reply

    I make this all the time usually at BBQ’s. Only I substitute the ranch dressing for blue cheese

  54. Tillie Reply

    This is awesome. Last time because I only had Franks Red Hot it was almost too hot so this time I made a double batch but only used 1/2 a cup hot sauce total. It is really yummy. I use bread bites and celery to dip into it. First to go last time! Yum. I too use fresh chicken, just haven’t ever tried canned before.

  55. Anonymous Reply

    I made this dip today for a work potluck and used a crock pot

    – I made a double batch and used fine shredded 4 cheese mexican blend instead of just plain cheddar, I heated all the ingredients on the stove top the night before to melt and blend it altogether then put it in the refrigerator overnight – I put it in the crock pot at 9:30 to get it warm and it’s now 12:30, I re-melted nicely in the pot and have had no issues with the cheeses or separation – it’s a great and easy, will definately be making in the future for parties!!

  56. Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} Reply

    @sgm182, I agree fresh chicken is better. Gonna add that to the recipe because we like to use fresh now too.

  57. Sgm182 Reply

    This tastes awesome! Great recipe. We used half Franks Hot Sauce and half Buffalo Wing sauce from a local farm. We had to add a bit more hot sauce then the recipe called for, for our liking.

    The only thing I’m interested in trying next time is using fresh chicken, and pre-cooking / shredding it to get some better chicken flavor. The canned stuff is good, but it does have that canned taste.

    Again, thanks for the awesome recipe, will surely make again.

  58. Neha Sodha Reply

    This is great for superbowl Sunday!! Thanks for sharing!

    Question: Do we use ranch dressing already made, OR the powdered ranch mix?


  59. Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} Reply

    Well to be honest the dip isn’t that pretty to start with so I think you can go ahead and make it ahead of time. I always do!

  60. Unknown Reply

    Can I prepare this in advance or does it get all weird/gross?

  61. Comingupcakes Reply

    I do use a couple of hot cheese dips and they contain way more cheese than this, The do just fine in a crock pot and we never have had an issue with separation.

  62. Brandon Reply

    That is a delicious dip, thanks for sharing it, now I know what I’m going to do for this Sunday’s games.

  63. JimmyHH Reply

    Every person I know calls it “the crack dip”. It is so good you become addicted to it… and no matter what your body is telling you.. you must have more!

  64. sildenafil Reply

    What a dip, I’d like to prepare it at home and inviting some of my friends and watching a soccer game, I think that’s the perfect excuse to prepare this dip.m10m

  65. Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} Reply

    I don’t think it would do that well in a crockpot. It has a lot of cheese in it so over time it would tendd to separate. I may be wrong though! I’ve never tried it…

  66. Anonymous Reply

    would this do well in a crockpot? I need to take an appetizer to a friends house and I want to keep it warm for snacking

    • Larekia Johnson Reply


  67. Proctor Funk Reply

    My friend made this and called the recipe hers and even put it in the cookbook that we compiled!!! hahahaha….it’s very yummy though! I love your blog! FYI….everything I’m making for the superbowl is from here! Keep eating everything and sharing the recipes! I visit here more than allrecipes.com!

  68. SUSAN Bakes Reply

    Hi. I finally got around to making this today. YUM. Also quick and easy. A keeper for sure. THANKS.

  69. Penny Reply

    Our family had one of our occasional “dipathons” last weekend and I brought your Buffalo Chicken Dip. It was a huge hit! I decreased the hot sauce by half because my sister can’t handle hot foods (she’s SO delicate!), but it was still delicious!

  70. Becky Reply

    We are making this for our HUGE pig out party, AKA New Years Day celebration. Can’t wait! 🙂

  71. FosterBristolia Reply

    I made this for a football get together this weekend. I put it in the oven for about 15 minutes, it didn’t need anymore than that. It almost seemed like the cheese started to separate. Man it looked nasty, but it tasted awesome and was definitely the crowd fav at the party. Thanks for the recipe, this will become a staple for us for sure.

  72. kimberly Reply

    Christy! Yay I finally have this recipe! My husband has been craving this buffalo dip for over a year and I keep forgetting to ask you for it! And then somehow I stumbled upon your website and now I have access to ALL of your fab recipes! Hallelujah! Happy Halloween! I LOVED your Octomon pix!


  73. FosterBristolia Reply

    This looks amazing. I’m going to give it a try at our football party get together this weekend!

  74. Emily Sue Reply

    I am so glad you finally posted this. I have been waiting to make it since the Super Bowl!! Thank you!!

  75. The Ratcliff's Reply

    im gonna make it this thursday!

  76. Jenna Reply


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