34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (2024)

The top stops along the way from Oklahoma City to Memphis (with short detours) are Horseshoe Tunica, William J. Clinton Library and Museum, and Garvan Woodland Gardens. Other popular stops include Fordyce Bathhouse Visitor Center And Museum, Petit Jean State Park, and War Eagle Mill.


Garvan Woodland Gardens

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The Garvan Woodland Gardens is a botanical garden located just outside of the town of Fayetteville, Arkansas. The gardens are renowned for their well-manicured grounds, with a fantastic variety of plants, trees, and wildflowers. The gardens are closed on January and Thanksgiving and Christmas days, but they are still a great place to visit any time of year.

We were lucky enough to hit the gardens while the tulips were in full bloom. Really nice enjoyable time. Fair $15 adult entry fee. These gardens give you tons of freedom to roam about walk across waterfalls get off the main paths on stepping Stones closer to nature. Truly enjoyed the freedom these gardens give for roaming. Excellent garden area for children also. If you are a senior or have any immobility that keep you from getting around you can also request a golf cart tour to get around easier. I think the golf cart tours are included with admission but I am not 100% certain on this.

Shane Applegate — Google review

This is probably one of my favorite botanic gardens I've visited in a long time. A few key highlights was the Anthony Chapel, the tree house and a few of the overlooks. I love that it isn't just one path, there's multiple sub paths you can take through the gardens, like stepping stones. We had no problems finding parking and we went during the afternoon on a weekday, might be different for other times like the morning. I believe the chapel is free if you walk in the entrance to the East but the actual gardens is like $20. Great place to spend the day, views, peace and some fun!!!

James Kitahara — Google review

This is a spectacular botanical garden incorporating multiple styles like Japanese, European and contemporary landscaping styles. The garden is designed by the University of Arkansas school of architecture and it's quite impressive how the architects weaved so many elements together like winding paths, bridges, ponds, arbors, treehouse, rock garden and the lake into a fluid tapestry. The tree house and rock garden definitely are a must see if you have kids. Highly recommended for families!

Arun Arasan — Google review

My favorite adventure of our vacation! It was pretty hot the day we were there but there is a lot of shade and a breeze made things way better. A very nice long walk through nature without the drastic elevation changes. Beautiful gardens and architecture. Highly recommend and I will go back.

Clark McNulty — Google review

LOVED visiting this garden! We enjoyed meeting George the Peaco*ck and his trainer letting us feed him. The chapel was even more stunning in person. The walking trails were beautiful and very well maintained.

Molly Timothy — Google review

I took the golf cart tour with my grandma & had a great time! Our guide was very knowledgeable, skilled at navigating around large crowds, & patient when we wanted to stop and take pictures. Beautiful place! We loved the cafe too.

Jessie — Google review

This is place is absolutely beautiful!! My girlfriend and I made a Saturday trip in early spring to see this place and it was absolutely worth the cost of admission and the drive time. It's fields and fields of gorgeous flowers of all colors and species. They have a giant artistic tree house for the kids and kids at heart to enjoy with a waterfall and creek framing it in... one of the most breathtaking cathedrals I've seen with roof to sky windows... and a Japanese cherry tree garden with a small waterfall backdrop that looks straight out of a painting.

Beau Branscum — Google review

This is a beautiful garden which for you to enjoy. Cost is $20 per person, and $5 for a dog to tour the grounds. You will see everything from a structured treehouse, waterfall, a creek, and even a small cave behind the waterfall that you can crawl through if you're physically able.The walking trails are wide easy accessible some of which are gravel some of which are rock. You may even experience or see some multiple creatures that live in the area.The restrooms are clean the gift shop is nice and well taken care of and this place even offers a grill for your dining pleasure.During the Christmas time of year many decorations are placed throughout the garden which could be viewed as they are illuminated and help to bring the garden to life.It's a wonderful place to simply spend time with friends and family, to take a stroll enjoy nature and get some of that much needed exercise your doctor keeps telling you about.Take time to visit the gardens enjoy your day and take your time walking along the trails and experiencing the wonders of nature and what Arkansas has to offer.

Hot Wired — Google review

Even if you are not a regular allergy sufferer be sure to at least have allergy stuff with you. We don't normally don't suffer from allergies but my whole family felt it when we went. Other than that this park is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend coming here!!! Everywhere you looked there were sights to see. So many waterfalls, just stunning. Definitely a good place to take family photos or senior portraits, so be sure to dress nice. I wish we could have stayed longer and took in more of the breathtaking views!

Katie Henderson — Google review

The cucumber sandwich was super yummy. Beautiful stroll. There is so much to look at and explore. If you go early, be sure to visit the chapel before it gets crowded. The resident peaco*cks will take food from your hand. Very peaceful.

Stephanie Shiers — Google review

Beautiful garden, very well maintained. One of the must see places to visit in Hotsprings. There are many walking tracks and gardens to cover, so plan to stay here for the whole day and enjoy outdoors at this place. Meet and greet the adorable Peaco*ck George. He will surely steal your hearts. They have lots of Japanese Maple trees, so we are pla ningi to visit again during fall season. They already started setting up the holidays. Hearty that there will be 2 million plus lights in action for Christmas. It will be a good idea to sign up for new letter, when you can get regular updates all year round. Buy tickets online to avail a discount of $5 per ticket.

Satyam Valluru — Google review

Me and my wife visited Garvan Woodland Gardens as our first trip on our honeymoon. We enjoyed every second of the expertly manicured park. The architectural craftsmanship of the man made exhibits is quite breathtaking. If you enjoy nature and architecture do not pass this up on your next trip to Hot Springs!

Grady A. — Google review

This place was awesome and much larger than expected. Give at least a half day to explore if not a full day. I only wish they opened earlier. 10am is late. Other than that, beautiful place, they are getting Christmas lights ready so seeing the stuff lying around and plastic poles everywhere kinda ruins the view a little bit but wouldn’t deduct more than a star for that because I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful when done. Also a great idea when weather cools down and plants aren’t thriving as much. The lights add the vibrant colors missing when weather doesn’t allow the vibrant flowers. Also love that it’s dog friendly. The chapel is also a great touch, just a short walk and absolutely stunning architecture. Wife already has plans for renewing our vows here.

Joel Collishaw — Google review

Beautiful gardens! We stopped by here on our visit to Hot Springs National Park and spent about 2.5 hours walking around! There were lots of different decorations up for Christmas time. We liked the trail that goes up to the lake. The treehouse and tower were also cool to look at! The only sad part was the chapel was closed when we went due to an event. The gift shop was cute with friendly staff too!

Alexandra Nusawardhana — Google review

Great place for family hikes. Especially good for amateur hikers as the trails are well kept.Staff- staff members were excellent and seemed to thoroughly enjoy conversing with visitors and helping out.Kids- Great for kids. Trails are well kept or paved. Map especially helped keep us on track to see the path to the next spot we wanted to see. Kids enjoyed playing the nature bingo and everything on the list! It was a great way to keep them engaged and concentrated on the hot July walks.Trails- we opted for the non-paved trails which tended to be shadier for the hot day. Did not get to complete all trails. The only trail we missed was the long one set away from the main area.Price- if you do not plan to spend a lot of time here, then I could see where the price is steep. If you plan to spend most of your day here hiking and seeing all the sights then the price is fair to have safe and well kept trails for the whole family.Sights- the gardens are beautiful, even in the heat of the summer. I could see that it would be even better at other times of the year. The chapel in the woods is a must see (especially to grab some AC in the heat). My favorite sight was the amphitheater which doesn’t seem to get many visitors, but it looked like a fairy tale spot with miss covered areas. The treehouse area was a great spot for everyone.We saw 2 snakes on our journey which was great for the kids.Plan to spend a full day here and bring walking shoes and I think you will be impressed!

Kyle Melancon — Google review

LOVED IT. It was so magical and beautiful. To enter the gardens, the admission is 25$ but we are cheap and walked around the front grounds and over by the Chapel. So beautiful. 💯

Christina Currie — Google review

Beautiful gardens to walk. All the workers/volunteers are super sweet. We spent all day wondering around and exploring. Worth every penny. They have little nature Bingo for kids and offer a military discount if you purchase tickets at the entrance.

jenna Williamson — Google review

Nice place to take a stroll, downside is it's cheaper to buy tickets online. It's $20 per adult if bought online (no convenience fee) vs. $25 at the gate. Military service members and Vets. can get the same discount right at the gate. We spent about an hour, saw a few cool structures and plants. There's an option for touring via electric cart for those who don't or can't walk for too long.

Luis Duckworth — Google review

Buy tickets online. It will save you some money. It is a nice big garden. Your ticket will work for the whole day, can re-enter throughout the day. The staff is nice and knowledgeable. The tree house is not worth 2 million dollars. It's a neat design, but not at the price tag. The children's garden is nice with all the rocks and a waterfall. The mini train wasn't on when we were there so it was a bit disappointing for the kids. Our whole family had fun there though. There's a cafe in the garden, however we didn't try it. Plenty of parking spaces, easy in and out.

Tracy — Google review


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4819 SW Juneau St, Seattle, WA 98136, USA

(501) 262-9300


The Toy & Action Figure Museum

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Toy museum

Specialty Museums

Been on my bucket list to visit and glad we went! This place is awesome!!!My wife and I enjoyed it a lot and we were joyed to show our daughter a lot of the toys we played with as a child.The highlight of the museum is the adult collectors diorama. The diorama is well laid out and true depiction of what a collectors room would like if the toys came to life. My only disappointment was that I wasn't able to find Waldo (lol)Truly is a great place for adults and kids to visit. Highly recommend this place for anyone!!!

T Dwayne W — Google review

I’ve been to this establishment 3 times now and I never get tired of it! This was the first time our youngest was able to visit and he was very impressed - mostly with the ride on cars! :) The vast array of memorabilia and nostalgia just brings such joy to my 80s kid heart. The displays are fabulous and you can spend hours just looking at them all. The last time we were there several years ago the big “room” was Batman themed but I was pleasantly surprised to find it filled with Star Wars this go round! I recommend this establishment to anyone who is a movie fan, tv fan, pop culture fan, 80s nerd, collector, a breathing person. It’s just great and really makes your inner child giddy. Bring quarters for the ride on machines if you have little ones in tow. The front includes a shop with reasonably priced toys to take home!

Jessica Hamlet — Google review

Didn't know what to expect here. Thought it might be cool. And it really was. Great to see toys from my childhood. How action figures progressed. I would encourage people to take their time. Look around. There is a lot to see and take in. Some interesting things some that didn't interest me but it is great to see them and have a place where you can go see them. Made me smile the rest of the afternoon. Maybe even want to be that 8 year old boy for a day. "Man if I just had these and this and that, the fun I could have. Look at the lunch boxes above the counter. TV shows I used to love. Notice the little things like Darth Vader looking at young Anakin Skywalker and him looking back. Just great. It's worth the trip down memory lane.And great milkshakes next door afterwards.

Gary M. — Google review

This place was great! The head curator was there and was so friendly and patient with the kids! He walked with them and showed them all kinds of things and answered every one of their hundred questions! Definitely worth the visit! So glad we stopped in!

Rebecca Ham — Google review

We went for our kids enjoyment and wound up liking it even more than our kids. It was a trip down memory lane full of nostalgia. The museum was very well done. Displays were set up meticulously. And the prices were very good for a family of 6. We will definably go back as there is so much to see it will take several times to go through it to see it all. And somewhere hidden in there is Waldo too.

Timothy Dawson — Google review

Awesome collection, great place to bring the kids, learn about action figure history, go on a scavenger hunt, and reminisce about the toys we grew up with. Very friendly staff. This was an excellent spot to spend the afternoon.

Mike Latimer — Google review

The guys that work there were nice enough to let me in even though they were closed and doing some maintenance. I took a tour, bought some stuff and made a donation. It was super cool. Lots of great stuff. Brought back memories. Come check it out.

Original Wood And Resin Videos — Google review

Super cool to visit! My 3 yr and 5 yr old liked it! We even found waldo! The cashiers were very nice!!!!! I recommend if you are visiting. Take some quarters they have some cute car machines that cost a quarter like the old days!

H Cano — Google review

This place is RAD! So many fun things to look at organized into themes. So much nostalgia and great photo opportunities for all!

Amy Suchodolski — Google review

Some of the displays were museum worthy, some were fun, others(ie HeMan) was extremely subpar. Super neat to find my uncle listed in their corner spotlight on Oklahoma talent.It's a cute place based on a good idea with potential. Definitely worth stopping by.

ohno notagain — Google review

It was my husband's birthday and we had a ball! The staff was super nice, and the toys were awesome!

veronica benavides — Google review

So many rare toys I never thought I’d see in my life. Looking at the transformers, GI Joe and Hot Wheels really brought back childhood memories.This is a small museum, but totally worth seeing.If you have any toys that you’re willing to donate, they will never turn down and donations.

Noah Fargo — Google review

For once, I can honestly say, "I thought it would be bigger." On the contrary, the use of space is impressive and somewhat overwhelming in some cases.Not sure I was able to appreciate the sheer magnitude and diversity or items they have on display.Impressive for sure. Hope the pictures speak louder than my words!

H2O — Google review


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111 S Chickasaw St, Pauls Valley, OK 73075, USA

(405) 238-6300

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Jasmine Moran Children's Museum

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Children's museum


Interactive kids' exhibits include a mini-hospital, a courtroom, an art studio & a climbing maze.

The museum was really cool, and better than we expected. We went on a snow make up day.. My older son recommended it when he worked for a daycare in high school, and they went for a field trip.Admission is $10 for 3+ which I thought was reasonable. From OKC it's a bit of a drive, but it's well worth it!. You can bring in your own food and drinks. They have a cafeteria to use for eating and also has a snack bar if you didn't bring anything along. The kids probably could have spent all day there.My kids' favorite was the water exhibit and the auto mechanic exhibit where they could pretend to fix a car.The train ride was fun - $2/person extra, but the kids loved it.We saw almost everything. We saved some to go back again.Hope you enjoy it like we did!

Mary Schuster — Google review

This was the best when I was a kid and it's still the best place ever. Perfect for field trips. I was with my daughters class plus another class from her school. Then there was 2 other schools there as well but it was in Jo was over crowded. There was plenty of room to check out the different exhibits and when it came time for lunch there was plenty of room at the tables.Almost every profession in some way or another is represented at the museum and the kids are able to pretend that they are that person: firefighter with a small fire truck,dress up gear, pole and slide from firehouse to truck - grocery store with different sized carts where you can shop for food and household products then you can be the cashier and check out people and a stocker to put the play groceries back on the shelves - back of an ambulance and front of an airplane - mini courtroom - a nursery - dentist office - mechanics shop - world news room - Ronald McDonald character and friends room - a small neighborhood outside with roads, street signs, and and a park with a playground - an outdoor castle maze - and so much more. We were there for about 3-4 hours and could have easily spent another 3 hours there.

Michael Gail — Google review

Met up with friends and their family for their New Year's Eve celebration. All of the kiddos had a blast as there is plenty to do as always, even us adults enjoyed it! 😊 We got to make our own party hats and party poppers for the big balloon drop!! All of the staff were super friendly, helpful and in good fun spirits for the celebration. Highly recommend this place if you haven't been you definitely should take your kiddos you won't be disappointed!!!! We will most definitely be visiting again and again and again! 😁 💕

Heather Lloyd — Google review

Had a wonderful time at the museum so much stuff for the kids to do. Will definitely be back for another round. The kids has a blast couldn't decide which area to go to first.

needmoneynow21 cod2 — Google review

We brought our 2 young children because my husband has fond memories of the museum from when he was little. Our toddler hasn't stopped asking to go since we left so I'd say it was a hit. There was fun for all ages and interests so your child will definitely find something, if not everything, to do. We all had a great time and it was worth the hour drive to spend the day there. We can't wait to come back

Allie Foster — Google review

Lots of stations to play and explore, all of them interactive. A solid 4 hrs of fun for our 7,8 year olds. If the outside area had been complete it would be an all day outing. Note, café closed Sundays and train rides only at 3pm.

Darwin Flores — Google review

Came up to visit my granddaughter, and even though I lived down the street from this for 7 years, we have never been.My two year old granddaughter lived this place. There are so many activity stations. She hoped around from one thing to another. Operating an auto repair shop, shopping in a grocery store. Paying on a fire truck. Being a pilot. Just about anything you could think of they have.A great place to bring your kids for their birthday or a rainy day. They will love it.

Shelly Hubbard — Google review

An absolutely amazing place for kids my Autistic son stems so hard with every activity!!! Get the yearly pass worth every cent!!!

Sterling Musick — Google review

It was an aMAAAAZing experience with our Three Princess Grand Girls... and some friends too!!!There are tons of interaction for kids at ANY age...

Annette Feller — Google review

So many fun things to do for the kiddos! It's an all day activity and great for all ages! You can bring your own food in or eat at their Cafe. Theres lots of comfy places for parents to sit while the kids play if you need a break! Has a party room for birthdays and a huge interactive screens for multi-player use. Will be back!!

Jessica Starr — Google review

Went on a field trip with my 5 year old grandson here. He was entertained and engaged the entire time we were there. So many hands on activities for all ages really. I recommend visiting them.

Sandra Moore — Google review

We had sooooo much fun!! Gift shop prices amazing as well! Great place! They keep adding more and more new exhibits!

Sandy Rhodes — Google review

We had the place almost entirely to ourselves, which was great! The staff in the creative area were friendly and helpful. Some stuff is broken, but it seems like they're working on fixing stuff up, too.

Jorje Axline — Google review

We had the best time at Jasmin Moran's Children's Museum and I enjoyed it as much as the kids! Every section has multiple things to do and they are big enough where multiple kids can explore each section at the same time. It was interesting to see all the different subjects covered by these sections.I was surprised at how inexpensive it was to get in with 3 kids and 2 adults. You cant get that much fun for that price in very many places these days. If you can, be sure to take the train ride. There's a gift shop for toys & educational items and a mini-restaurant if you get hungry or thirsty.

Dawn Kluesner — Google review

This place is so much bigger than I expected and has hours and hours of things to do. There were plenty of staff members walking around to help and clean up. There are exhibits and play area both inside and outside, as well as a large eating area to bring lunches and a kitchen that was open with a few kid-friendly food options.Our personal highlights were the castle maze, train ride, water play area, and climbing area.My recommendation is to visit when the heat is bearable... there is plenty to do outside, but limited shaded areas to play or rest.It would also be nice if some of the exhibits were upgraded and added to... several of the areas (the classroom and grocery store are two examples) seemed to be new and up-to-date 25 years ago and haven't been touched since. Even with that, though, every exhibit was fun!One thing I want to add is that our youngest left his water bottle in the museum and we weren't passing back through the area until four days later. The staff found the water bottle and kept it for us until we returned. We were very thankful for that! It shows they really care.

David Engle — Google review


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1714 W Wrangler Blvd, Seminole, OK 74868, USA

(405) 382-0950


Golden Driller Statue

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Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks

Monuments & Statues

The Golden Driller Statue is a tribute to Tulsa's petroleum industry and the hard work of oil workers. It is one of the most iconic attractions in Tulsa, and visitors are sure to enjoy taking pictures with it.

I had never been to the Expo……What a cool massive petroleum tribute. I went to see the gun show on Feb. 13th but unfortunately I couldn’t go inside,the attendance girl at the entrance said cash only fee allowed to enter and didn’t accept my debit card. I would definitely have spent some money, there was only an hour left before closing time. Sooo I will just come back with cash to the next show. Lots of good stuff happening here next couple weeks.

Through the Looking Glass — Google review

The Golden Driller in Oklahoma is a majestic and iconic sight, representing the state's connection to the oil industry. A visit to the Golden Driller is a must for those seeking a glimpse into Oklahoma's rich heritage.

Rakesh Gupta — Google review

Great venue. We attended the gun show and were impressed by the layout of the venue. Restrooms are conveniently located throughout and concessions are spread evenly to allow guests to make food purchases easily. Large ramps allow access to multi level within the facility for everyone!

Brenda A — Google review

Darrell Starbird car show was great lots of things to do you need to be ready to do a lot of walking and have plenty of time to see the event

Paul Burris — Google review

I have wanted to visit this big guy for years. One of America’s tallest statues, I was thrilled to finally get here . It is fenced off during State Fair off-season, so I had to settle with a selfie from far away. Zoom lens helped of course.

David Kravetz — Google review

I went to the November Gun Show in Tulsa, and it was absolutely amazing, and fun! There were new things to see, the people are always so incredible!! If I had an endless supply of money, I would've bought one of everything. I was like a kid in a candy store. I'm so glad that the expo square hosts this show every year, and I'm so excited for April, I have a lot to budget for!! I had so much fun, thank you!!

Marianela Reyes — Google review

Very cool statue! Definitely a cool free trip for the family in the Tulsa area. It's a massive statue with free parking directly in front of it!

DaShay Hall — Google review

A Large Event venue. Webt to the Tulsa Fleamarket, and Gun and Knife show! Had a Blast! Food and drink consessions Stan available.

Laszlo Mohacsi — Google review

Awesomness! Go see this when nothing is going on at the convention center. Great reminder of Tulsa’s past. Light is good in the late afternoon.

Allison Barr — Google review

Picking up the kids from the state fair. Always a wonderful land mark. " meet you 1 block east of the Tulsa driller"" meet you across the street from the Tulsa driller""Pick you up on top of the Tulsa driller"

stevan woller — Google review

I had my HEMICIDE 65 Pontiac HEMI in the Starbird Car Show. Great Venue, Great Car Show

Dil Brandow — Google review

Tulsa State Fair! Doing our family tradition now with my grandchild. Great food, super entertainment, and interesting sights to see.

Kate H — Google review

I absolutely love the new look around the driller! That statue holds a special place in my heart and seeing the tables and updates made me smile. The expo inside was fantastic, packed as always.

Jay Rufus — Google review

Drive by anytime. You can pull in right at the Golden Driller. Sometimes, it will have a shirt on.

Russell Mullins — Google review

A couple of things to see when you have some spare time in Tulsa... Did not get to see the Tulsa King he was out of town apparently...

Jacques Theron (Nickelson) — Google review

Some way to pay respect to your workers of the oilfield.... cover the plaque showing respect with a stupid oversized salad ad. Lucky someone with a razor doesn't just cut the whole bottom section right off. Pretty ridiculous way to spit on your O&G workers in a state that was once the epicenter of oil production.

Tony P — Google review


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Tulsa Expo Center, 4145 E 21st St, Tulsa, OK 74114, USA

(918) 596-2100


Blue Whale of Catoosa

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (26)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (27)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (28)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (29)

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Sights & Landmarks

Points of Interest & Landmarks

The Blue Whale of Catoosa is a well-known curiosity situated along Route 66. Erected in 1972 on a small pond, it boasts a nearby picnic area and gift shop that can be accessed through the whale's mouth. Although swimming is no longer permitted, visitors can still take photos inside the giant blue whale's jaws.

I highly recommend visiting. Liz has done a fantastic job at bring the blue whale back to his glory days. It's also close to Tulsa downtown. You can climb up in the head and the tail. You could also stay and have a picnic at one of the tables. You can also purchase a souvenir while your there.

Stephanie Miller — Google review

This is a nice stop, if you happen to be in the area or if you need a Tulsa bucket list item. I hear upgrades to the area might be coming in the future. It’s fun to see some of the Route 66 history. You can climb into the the top of the whale, but there is no swimming anymore and the general grounds are okay. Visit the whale … check.

Lee Orrison — Google review

I knew about the whale and planned a route on Route 66 just to visit this attraction. It is a nice little park. The whale is very nice and the people responsible for this should be commended. Unfortunately the gift shop had just closed as we arrived. So we didn't get to look around. We probably would have purchased something. Either way this is an attraction that you really should not pass by. How often do you get to do something like this?

Sponge Bob — Google review

What a cool sight! Great family spot! No swimming but you can catch and release. Great sight to see on your Route 66 adventures!

Tammy Woitalla — Google review

Traveling along route 66 to see many of the quirky roadside attractions and had to stop at the place. Cracked me up and I would really like to know the whole story of how this was an anniversary present for someone! What would possess a person to build an iron and cement blue whale in Catoosa Oklahoma? There is a ladder available to climb on top of the whale's tale, which I did not do. The wooden ark appears to have lights strung on it that spell out "ark" (in case you couldn't figure that out 😄). Regardless if you're driving along route 66, you cannot miss this place, so why not stop and smile? There is a small rainbow painted building between the ark and the blue whale that appears to be an ice cream stand, but it wasn't open when we were there.

Sharon DeBlois — Google review

In the last several years they've really fixed this place up to be a nice roadside attraction. It's a great place to have a picnic on a nice day, and hardly ever crowded as far as I can tell. Totally worth stopping for if you're driving along 66.

Joseph Wilson — Google review

This is one of those original "Road side route 66 attractions" that really shouldn't be missed. A good place to rest from driving. You can walk onto the whale, but there is no longer swimming, or climbing on top of the whale. The little snack shack has food for the fish and turtles, which they will all come right up to you when you walk out onto the whale. Just a heads up though, the bathrooms leave little to the imagination. I can't speak for anyone else, but I don't need to be THAT close to anyone. There are 2 separate toilets on the women's side that are not divided into stalls, nope. Just right there knee to knee with your neighbor. The kicker is the room is actually large enough to accommodate 3 or 4 divided stalls. I guess they do things differently in Oklahoma.

The Fab Forty — Google review

I had always wanted to stop by the Blue Whale and as we were passing by, we stopped. My family and I had never been here before. It is a great place for a picnic or just want to spend time with nature on a walk! I would definitely return when I am in the neighborhood!

Donella “Nella” Meldrum — Google review

Cool location, they had the whale all Christmas'ed out. Neat little gift shop, enjoyed chatting with the fellow working there. Does not appear that you can go upstairs, but you can walk through the main body of the structure. A Route 66 icon, and worth the stop. Has a little picnic area, but was too cold for a picnic when I was there!

Wire Mesh Basket — Google review

What a neat little roadside attraction with a fun history! Sadly, no more public swimming, but this place is still worth a quick stop. Thank you to the Hilton hotel and the people of Catoosa for bringing this back to life!

Calie Mowery — Google review

The wife and I decided to go out for an old-fashioned picnic and based on the closeness we selected Blue Whale of Catoosa. The old wooden whale is pretty cool, and the kids seem to like exploring in and around it.The lady working there was very friendly and explained the history of the original attraction. She may have been a family member, because she really seemed to enjoy telling the story.The site has a small gift shop that offers related merchandise. Besides the big whale and pond there's picnic tables available. There are multiple walking paths that are well kept and shaded.We spread our blanket on one of the tables, had lunch all while enjoying the great weather beautiful surroundings.

Richard Broussard — Google review

This was a sudden stop as I was out exploring. However, it is part of the Route 66 tourists stops also. A quick place to learn how far you are from places across the nation on the Route and picture opportunities. Also, you say like Jonah you have been in the belly of the whale.

Christine Brown — Google review

Absolutely adorable old school RT 66 attraction that is free to see. You can walk out onto the whale, which extends out into the lake. They also have a little shop and sell snow cones during the day, but we arrived after closing time. They even had bathrooms open after hours. Well worth a visit. This old guy has such character!!

Casey M — Google review

All this was built by hand, and it is sad that it is not being properly maintained! This place and ones like it, hold so many memories and links to the past, when America and it's Small Towns , Hard Working People and Roadside Attractions, reflected the Pride and Love of Country that made it the Greatest National the world had ever seen!

J.V. Williams — Google review

I was only in Tulsa Oklahoma for a weekend, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is the Pearl of Oklahoma. I'm fairly well traveled. I've stood awe before the Statue of David. I've wept before the Mona Lisa. I've scaled the steps of Himalayan Buddhist monasteries. I've walked the entirety of the Great Wall of China. All of that pales and comparison to the Blue Whale of Catoosa. This is a must visit. If you are in Oklahoma, you owe it to yourself to make the pilgrimage to this modern marvel. I recommend bringing a tent and provisions for an extended silent retreat, at least two weeks, to ponder the wonder that is the Blue Whale of Catoosa.

Dan Houston — Google review

This was on my bucket list of places to see on Route 66 and I’m so glad I finally got to visit this summer! The Blue Whale is the best kind of kitschy. The story behind it is also very heartwarming. I’m beyond thankful that it’s still here for travelers to see. I can only imagine what it must have been like back in the day. The whale truly gave us a smile!! 🐳

Taylor Horn — Google review

Fun little roadside attraction to get out and stretch your legs. Handicap Accessible to get on the whale. No swimming is allowed, but there is a little trail so you can explore a bit. My younger grandkids (8,8,6,5) had fun. The teenager wasn't impressed.

Julie Jones — Google review

What a cute Route 66 attraction. They are going to be doing some renovations soon for the upcoming 100th anniversary of Route 66 so it should be interesting to see what they do. There is a gift shop on site with my favorite souvenir, the smooshed penny machine. Definitely fun to stop and walk around. It's free so that's a plus.

Roberta Peek — Google review

Cute little park with plenty of green space to walk your dog. People in the gift shop were really friendly and helpful.

Travels With Dog — Google review

This was super fun place to stop by!They did have even a small giftshop, so I bought sticker of this place!I was sad to hear, that on year 88 this place was closed for swimmers☹️I said them that it would be a hit if they re open it! 😃 Oh, that rimmed! 😂

Henri Rönkkö — Google review

So cute!!!! Wanted to see this roadside attraction for years and it didn't disappoint. Great for the family and a cute little gift shop!

Amy Suchodolski — Google review

I grew up nearby, so anytime I am through the area I stop with my kids for a bit. This is a great place to swing by for a half hour or more. This didn't exist when I was young, but now there is even a small store to grab a Blue Whale collectable. Over the recent holiday my daughter grabbed a small Blue Whale mirror for her room and loves it. We live out of state now, so every time I see that mirror, it brings back good memories. Go check it out!

Matt Fedick — Google review


(3545)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (30)


(490)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (31)

2600 OK-66, Catoosa, OK 74015, USA

(918) 266-2505

I'll never travel to Memphis without this trip planner again

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34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (32)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (33)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (34)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (35)

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34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (37)

I will never travel to Memphis without this app againAvailable on the App Store


The Castle of Muskogee

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (39)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (40)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (41)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (42)

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Event venue

Sights & Landmarks


Banquet hall & grounds hosting Renaissance Festival, fireworks sales & other seasonal events.

Just a wonderful and magnificent event! I felt like I was stepping back in time. The are so many food vendors, acts to watch, fun activities for kids, and shaded seating. It is so fun.

Twyla Walters — Google review

Santa was there!!!!!!Lots of lights and blow ups in the drive through portion. Very enjoyable. Be sure to tune your radio to FM87.9 for your drive. The inside was weak with nothing really to do. The torture chamber was available but we didn’t go because it doesn’t support a Christmas theme, now does it? We did the train ride but would recommend the hay ride instead. The fumes coming off the train engine was super strong and the music/horn were not enjoyable.

Linda Carter — Google review

It was a fun family friendly atmosphere. We had a blast. Dressed in costume and had several "fan" pics taken with us. Some thought we worked there, lol. Good food and several adult beverage locations if you enjoy those. Even bought some merch from a few of the shops they had as well.

Jay Graham — Google review

This display will be more of an interest for smaller children. It is a drive-through scene with many inflatables vs. Christmas lights. At the end, you can park and explore stores, petting zoos and scenery (which we didn't do, so there may be an added bonus there). Castle looks cool. We felt that with all the space they have it could be so many more Christmas light scenes to display. I would recommend for the kiddos.

c j — Google review

Great Family Fun, Well worth the entertainment. Halloween being my birthday & Anniversary. It was a great time spending All Hallows Eve there. Will return again.

Jessica Shields — Google review

I haven’t been to any other ren faires so I don’t have anything to compare it to but this is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever done. Magic at all times around every corner! The most wonderful of vendors you’ve ever seen selling the most beautiful things you could hope for. Be prepared to spend way too much money on delicious food and beautiful wares

Crafting Artist — Google review

Went to the Ren Faire totally worth going to. My family had a blast dressing up and running around the faire ground. Best birthday ever. Spent all day there would recommend for any family. It's a place everyone will remember.

Jon-Michael Smith — Google review

Wonderful little Renaissance festival located right here in Oklahoma. Great vendors great entertainment great food. It's a Family friendly good time. The honey booth inside the castle had some really great and unique goodies!

Michael Roark — Google review

We went this year for my birthday. Went for a Halloween scare. It was a fantastic time. We drove up, spent the night and had a two day experience there. Haunted attractions were great. Plenty of room and plenty of vendors for food and drinks. We're planning on returning next year, or possibly at their Christmas festivities.

Randy Riordan — Google review

We really injoyed the drive through The Castle. The first part were light displays simular to Denison TX( Loy lake park) or Ardmore OK. Then you get into the Castle. It was mostly inflatables but you can't imagine how many it's amazing that they don't blow away in Oklahoma, I bet it's a challenge. Over all it was super cool and well worth a drive especially when paired with the garden of lights a couple blocks away. I believe there is also a walk through section we did not do because it was windy and cool. We went on a Monday night there were others there but there was no wait.

Chris Winnett — Google review

Great place to be! We went the Celtic Weekend and had a blast! We went to the King’s Smoker (21+), the Ceilidh (21+), and even had lunch with Queen Mary of Scots!There are sooo many quality handmade items that you can choose from. “The Silver Tongue” is a silversmith shop that my bf and I got rings from that I absolutely love! There’s another shop call “Handcrafted by Heathens” that sell lotion candles that smell super good!Lots of nerds that dress up on period style costumes and it’s wonderful!

Michaela — Google review

Carmen Sandiago and Waldo want to thank....Jack and the BeanstalkGuinevere in the Pirates PubVigor and his knowledge.Angus and his songs.Tiffany and her smile.The Captain and his 'rum'Those $5 Scottish eggs...And every single friend of faire... We shall return!

Traci Diane — Google review

The Castle of Muskogee is my families Go-To for Halloween fun AND fireworks! We’ve also drove by for the Christmas at the Castle a few times and it was awesome as well! They always have the entire village decorated and the staff is super involved and friendly. I highly recommend for a family or friends day out!

Amanda Fraley — Google review

This is for a rating at Christmas time. The drive thru is a donation at the end of $5 or $10 cash. The drive thru is okay. You can then park your car. They have activities that cost. We got dinner at the food court. The burgers were good. They also serve alcohol and soda. The gift shop was fun to walk thru. You most likely will buy something. ☺️The food at the food court ranges.An area where you can buy kettle corn, hot cocoa, and hot cider.I didn't get popcorn. But the cocoa and cider are $2 each. Smores kit $2 each. Feed the animals at petting zoo $5 each. Train ride $10 each. Pony rides, but I didn't look at the price. Individual igloos that are set up really cute with heat $25Everyone who works there is very friendly. A nice environment.

Ainsleigh Sills — Google review

Went there after having dinner. We used to live in Yukon, where there is a huge light show. It back traffic up to the interstate.This was nice, but I think the rain we had in the last two days, loosen some things up and they were on the ground. Some light displays were off.Once you get to the castle area, it becomes a little more lively, and they offer activities for kids.

Tom Webb — Google review

We absolutely love the Castle of Muskogee. My daughter and I got the Fright Combo plus tickets to the Haunted Hayride. Despite the rain we attended Friday Oct 27th and Saturday October 28th and had a blast. We had some really good food, fried pickles, chili cheese fries, Medallions (deep fried oreos) and Churros, everything was great. Sadly the price was just too high on the turkey legs ($18 each) this year so we didn't get any. Overall we had alot of fun and will be coming back each next year! Thank you to everyone that makes this place so magical you guys rock! (owners, staff, actors, vendors, security)🖤🎃👻🧡☠🍂

M W — Google review

My first and probably only visit to the castle of Muskogee. I was not impressed. Extremely long lines for mediocre attractions. Buildings in serious need of paint and repair. Boards hanging off of buildings boards missing from buildings. Light bulbs in light strings burned out all over the place. The ultimate maze was not ultimate in the least. The haunted hayride was a joke at best. The hayride drivers were driving exceedingly fast for a hayride. Not to mention that with them barreling through the entire attraction made it not scary at all. The zombie Hunt was okay. However safety glasses were extremely scratched up and we were assured by the staff that once you get inside it won't matter. Probably works out in their favor seeing how the place isn't very zombie-like and the extremely scratched safety glasses obscured the glaring flaws in their decorations. The catacombs and torture chamber were extremely boring. The one bathroom I used had two stalls three urinals and a single tiny sink. This prompted most visitors to the bathroom to not wash their hands as they left, gross! The staff we encountered were extremely friendly and very helpful. I'm sure they are overworked and underpaid. It was definitely an experience but not one that I care to repeat anytime soon.

Michael Thomas (Jerricho) — Google review

Me and my two teenage granddaughters had so much fun! Everything that costed money was at a reasonable price! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to the Castle of Muskogee during Christmas!

Amy M — Google review

First year attending the Renaissance fair and it was truly AMAZING! My only regret is that I never went before and the 2 times I was able to go this year, I got there about 2 hours before closing time. I missed out on so much! 😫 but it was still definitely worth going.

Melinda Gray — Google review


(3197)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (43)


(251)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (44)

3400 W Fern Mountain Rd, Muskogee, OK 74401, USA

(918) 687-3625


Cherokee Heritage Center

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (45)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (46)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (47)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (48)

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Cultural center

The Cherokee Heritage Center, situated on 44 acres of heavily wooded grounds that once housed the Cherokee Female Seminary, offers an immersive experience of a pre-European-contact woodland village led by Native Americans. Visitors can explore historic documents, art and relics, and avail themselves of genealogy research opportunities. The tours are educational and fun with interactive staff who wear native spirit shoes to keep the entertainment going. Oklahoman handmade items are available for purchase in the gift shop.

It's truly unfortunate that the Cherokee Heritage Center is temporarily closed at the moment, as I was looking forward to experiencing its rich history and cultural significance. From what I've learned about this non-profit historical society and museum campus, it's evident that their mission is nothing short of commendable.The dedication to preserving the historical and cultural artifacts, language, and traditional crafts of the Cherokee people is truly inspiring. The center's role as a host for the central genealogy database and genealogy research center for the Cherokee People showcases its commitment to fostering a deep understanding of heritage and ancestry.I applaud the Cherokee Heritage Center for their invaluable efforts in ensuring that the stories and traditions of the Cherokee community are not forgotten. It's clear that this institution is more than just a museum; it's a living tribute to a vibrant culture that continues to shape our collective history.I eagerly await the day when the Cherokee Heritage Center reopens its doors, so I can have the privilege of exploring its exhibits and learning more about the rich tapestry of the Cherokee heritage. Until then, my respect and admiration for this organization remain unwavering.*I took those photos back in 2016...

Disciple Sian — Google review

This is my first year experiencing the Cherokee nation Powwow.. My grandmother told me if I ever had the chance I needed to take it..so yes I did.. and it was above and beyond my expectations.. we made it to the parade in the AM and then headed over for all the activities and crafts and art show during the day.in the evening began the grand entry and dancing ,singing and drumming..This is definitely something we should all experience if u enjoy culture.. I will be coming back next year.. if u like my post please hit the " like" . Thank you

Yvonne Perkins — Google review

This place is great as a group of 20 something year old college students, I was pleasantly surprised when such an in-depth and educational but yet extremely fun tour was presented. The staff weird shoes that are native spirit and kept E entertainment going and they were very Interactive the gift shop was a definite plus as well handmade Oklahoman items.

Tom “Vader_don't_like_taters” N — Google review

My tour guide, Bill, was amazing. We got to play stick ball in their village and it was so much fun. We also got to go to Adam's corner that showed what some houses would look like in the 1800s. All the houses were interactive. The staff was very kind.

Katie Musshafen — Google review

This place is amazing! They have a guided tour of a 1700s replica Cherokee Village and our guide was very knowledgeable. There was an expert arrowhead maker there and he demonstrated how to use different natural tools to make arrowheads. There is also a replica 1800s village behind the Center that you can go through on your own. They had a Native American Baseball Players display inside before you get to The Trail of Tears and both displays were wonderful! The grounds were beautiful and there are picnic tables and benches everywhere and if you are a smoker, there are plenty of smoker's poles. I love this place and can't wait to go back when I have more time!

Tina Bethe — Google review

I really enjoyed the exterior village tour!! It was fascinating getting to see everything and that it's real structures not cheesy replicas. I didn't get quite the same experience at rural village. A lot of the speakers were down so we couldn't learn about them and the store was bolted shut with no sign. As this is not guided. Without the speakers you were left feeling a little lacking. Also, a lot of the speakers were out in the Trail of Tears exhibit. The place is great I just suggest fixing those so your guests can get the full experience. Also, it's a little confusing where to go to buy tickets and such. There is someone at a desk when you walk in but everytime I started to walk over to ask where to go they kept walking off. As you need tickets for the guided portions I would make it more clear where to go.

Amanda Fietz — Google review

Beautiful peaceful place, only regrets the center wasnt open to enjoy because of cov19, will return next year

Michael Frederick — Google review

I've been planning a trip here for almost a year. I knew I was coming to Oklahoma and this is one of the spots I wanted to see we drove a couple hours in the rain mostly and around flooded areas. To come here it was very interesting very enlightening if you get a chance please go and do the tour read all the plaques great information that everyone needs to know.

Dale Johnson — Google review


(535)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (49)


(163)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (50)

21192 S Keeler Dr, Park Hill, OK 74451, USA

(918) 456-6007


Fort Smith National Historic Site

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (51)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (52)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (53)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (54)

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Historical place

Sights & Landmarks

Historic Sites

Preserved 19th-century fortress complex chronicling Indian history & law & order in the Old West.

The museum has great films and good museum exhibits in the historic buildings. Life size photos of the pioneers and natives and outlaws and deputies made it memorable. The way the displays were made I was able to take in the info and remember facts and images. My favorite was listening to the tribal languages! I saw a few books in the shop I want to order. Standing at the trail of tears overlook was powerful. The interactive maps of how the territories of the Indian nations were decimated was impactful. Learning of the Indian removal and disregard for the treaties is heartbreaking. Videos and displays show how the tribes are keeping their language and stories and dances and other parts of their culture alive and their efforts of passing down, recording, documenting is excellent.

Leslie Browning — Google review

Full of history and very well preserved! Take your time and immerse yourself in years past. Very clean and well organized. Informational plaques throughout. The river walk is also good to stroll on a good day. Overall a great experience and spot to spend an afternoon with family. Highly recommend!

Dessie Hristov — Google review

Enjoyed the trip and history. Paid $35 for the year so I can go back with the husband. Everything was fine til I noticed a guy following my daughter and I. After threatening the guy, noticed a knife around his neck. Went to my truck to grab my knife and went straight into the visitors office and let them know. They immediately sent someone out to search the grounds. They called pd but they just drove up the road and didn’t seem to care. Rangers had me felt at ease so I finished the tour with my daughter and got into my truck to leave. I’d advice mothers to have their husbands with them if they go. Or a weapon. I went today around 10:30 and left about 4. Incident happened around 3pm. Keep an eye out if you go. But other then that, the place had some nice things inside. Some old. Some look new, and they tried to make them look old.

Stacey Linch — Google review

My family visits forts on every trip and this one was very different since it wasn't largely used for war and instead to try and keep peace in the Indian territories. Learns so much about deputies, Native American culture, and the court system at the time. It also has a really nice river walk by the first fort. A couple hours can be spent here

Miranda Snow — Google review

This was a very interesting historical destination, one of which I've never visited until recently. We had a great time, as it was my birthday weekend and so we took a trip to Fort Smith for a bike rally and I wanted to see different things I've never seen before, so here we were. The museum was great too!

Carrie Willeford — Google review

We absolutely found the Old Fort Smith fascinating!! The park rangers were very knowledgeable and friendly as well. We couldn't visit the grandkids, courtesy of the flu, so this was a grand second place. We plan on visiting again and taking more of the family with us. This is also a kid friendly place, and the grounds all around are free to roam, run, and explore.

Big Butt Johnson — Google review

This place was everything I hoped it would be. The history of the fort spans several eras, so there is something for everyone with an interest in history. Interactive, visual displays all over. Beautiful grounds to walk as well. I recommend a visit.

J.W Anderson — Google review

This is a great place to take your kids and family. That is lots to see and experience from a historical perspective. So make sure you take the time... At least three to four hours if you want to immerse yourself. Highly recommend paying the entry fee for adults into the courthouse and the jail cells. For kids 12 and under, it's free. There is also plenty of shaded space and gazebos to have your afternoon picnic lunch. Don't forget to see the gallows and take the walking paths to the Trail of Tears and terrific views of the Arkansas river.

Arun Arasan — Google review

I was very impressed with this historic site and museum. Old jail, courthouse, and gallows available to see. Also has a nice gift shop, informative movie, and commissary building. Detailed displays on the old west, US Marshalls, the jail, and military history. $10 admission for everything. They do offer military/veterans discounts.

Nicole Hood — Google review

A lot to see on the beautiful grounds. River trail, the river, and trail of tears can’t be missed. Free parking. There is an admission fee if you don’t have a NationalParks pass.

Mel anie — Google review

Such an important part of History. So much Old West and Outlaw history in one place! Amazing! If you are traveling and can fine a couple hours , this is a great stop

Mike Berry — Google review

This is an interesting place and the personal are very accommodating. It has a lot of neat stuff. (Tools, phones, TV’s, furniture, old court room, etc)

Keith — Google review

An important part of History. If you are traveling and can fit a few hours in, this is a great stop. Also the restaurant Brick Street Brewery was excellent.

Ken Olexa — Google review

Free entry with National Parks pass. Can't say normal costs. Very worthwhile place to visit regardless. Walk the grounds of an important frontier fort. Stroll alongside nearby Arkansas River. Feel the history.

Steve Ford — Google review

Very educational and interesting! Free museum of historical sites and in depth look at frontier life.

J — Google review

Great experience for any history lovers! Staff are friendly and will happily share stories regarding Fort Smith's history as a military installation and later as a prison. Taking a walk around the grounds is very calming. Being able to see the original floor plans of buildings which have long since burned down is a wonderful touch. The site of the first Fort Smith is very cool to see as well.

Cassandra P — Google review


(2120)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (55)


(636)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (56)

301 Parker Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72901, USA

(479) 783-3961



34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (57)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (58)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (59)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (60)

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Performing arts theater

Concerts & Shows

Event venue


Saw 'Chad Diety'. Really liked the intimate space. Tech was top notch, and the show was well acted. The show itself was a pleasant surprise that went WAY deeper than expected. Beautiful facility, good show choice, good cast and crew. Really enjoyed my time here.

Casy Blanton — Google review

We went to a show that was for children. It was absolutely awesome! My two kiddos had so much fun! It was very interactive and hands-on. The show was not just a sit and watch. We got to move around the whole building and they had different Science experiments for them to do in different parts of the building. It was very neat! Would definitely recommend!

Andrea Barnett — Google review

It was incredible-- great space, set, and acoustics. Saw a dress rehearsal of "Tiger Style " -- It was a great show -- fast moving and FUNNY! Opening today, & yes, we are going to see it again!

Randy Ruiter — Google review

Absolutely beautiful venue and one of our favorite places in Fayetteville. If you are a fan of theater and live performances, this definitely should be on your list of "must-go" places! First class all the way!

Tonya Wood — Google review

I love the new TheatreSquared art space. It's an excellent place for the community to experience the arts or just come to relax and have a cup of coffee. You can also buy a craft co*cktail based on the show, a glass of wine, or a local craft beer and enjoy them in a glass within the event space. It is very intimate and makes you feel a part of the family.My wife and I have seen several shows and they are all very well done, providing a perfect cost effective alternative to the Walton Arts Center. I am always impressed at the level of the technical skill and craftsmanship of the sets, as well as the lengths that they go to ensure EVERYONE has a wonderful time. I think one of the things that really blew me away, was what they did for parents with high energy children during the Christmas Carol performance. TheatreSquared provided them a space on the second floor that was streaming the show, so no one had to have an interrupted viewing. I mean who thinks of that!?Whether you are going for the ambiance or for one of their many excellent shows, you will find yourself both enamored and amused with the TheatreSquared art space. I can't wait to see what they have in store for the future!

Gardner Beaulieu — Google review

Update: The new building with 2 separate production areas is just beautiful. We have seen many of the new plays (as many as we could during COVID) and we will continue to support and enjoy! Don't miss the restaurant and bar/coffee as well! Really good!Such a wonderful part of Fayetteville! We've seen so many great plays at T2 over the years and the new spaces are incredible! Looking forward to MANY more great plays here!

Kent Atkins — Google review

Cute theater. The seats had extra spacious legroom compared to other theaters I’ve been in. The room was super cold so you may want to bear that in mind.

Jada Thompson — Google review

Loveeeeee this theater! Went a saw a alien musical and it was so fabulous! They even had a pop up bar with themed drink just soo cool!!!! Odd that other guest chose to wear football shirts, jerseys and hats to a musical but oh well not everyone has respect for theater

Keith Haffron — Google review

We love attending plays here, always talent to behold and entertain you. The staff is welcoming and helpful and The Commons area is great to hangout and enjoy a beverage before the show. The theatre is intimate and well set up, not a bad seat in the house.

Stephanie Truitt — Google review

Watched "dial M for murder" play. Was our first visitt. Would definitely return. Polite staff, had a nice bar / cafe'. Clean friendly atmosphere. Actors were very good.

Randy Murphy — Google review

Just closed a play at TheatreSquared and I can honestly say the building, production quality and the entire staff were absolutely outstanding!! I feel honored to have been a part of the cast of Chicken & Biscuits!@MauraGale on social

Maura Gale — Google review

Beautiful theatres! I have seen shows in both theatres and have loved each experience. The space is amazing. The shows were wonderful. If you have a chance to see a show here, you should. You'll love it.

Storm Avery — Google review

I recently saw the Band’s Visit here, and loved it all. The employees are kind and helpful. The experience is very intimate, and you get a different experience depending on where you sit. It’s like you’re a part of the show. Will be back soon.

Sophia Ward — Google review

Tony award winning shows, Broadway quality performances. Always has a fun themed co*cktail/mocktail to enjoy with the show.

Stephanie Powers — Google review

I finally canceled my membership at the end of last season. I got so sick and tired of play after play colored by "politicly correct" undertones. I don't go to the theater to be indoctrinated.

Leslie Spencer — Google review

One of THE best things in Fayetteville!! Great professional live theatre, great atmosphere...and the Commons bar is a favorite spot for for coffee, co*cktails and nibbles...day or night. So lucky to have T2 in the NWA regional arts community!!

Kelly Syer — Google review


(422)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (61)


(347)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (62)

477 W Spring St, Fayetteville, AR 72701, USA

(479) 777-7477


Square Gardens

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (63)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (64)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (65)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (66)

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Sights & Landmarks



Points of Interest & Landmarks

Beautiful lights at the square. We've never been here before but will have to come back during the day when businesses are opened.

Linda Pallotta — Google review

The garden was only a wrap-around garden of a building from what I could tell. Maybe I should try again when the flowers are blooming. The downtown area is really neat though. Lots of cool buildings.

Lindsay Garcia — Google review

Very pretty place to visit to see lots of Christmas lights! Very busy though!

Jimmy G — Google review

Very nice Christmas light display. Beautiful!! Enjoyed our time there last evening with my son and his family.

Keith Doom — Google review

Interesting and place to visit. There are historical buildings, shops, restaurants, and other modern offices to see here. Also, it is a nice place to hang out at or take pics.

Aziel Espinoza — Google review

Very lovely lights all over the trees and pony rides for small children and Friday evening horse and carriage rides! Snacks at various booths etc. Parking might be hard to find though.

Silas Martin — Google review

I love this square, very beautiful with all the plants they have growing around. Also a great place to play Pokémon Go!

Milo — Google review

Fayetteville, Arkansas - a little cool outside this time of year (Nov 1), some plants already frost damaged, but a very nice square, shops, already beautifully being beautifully decorated for Christmas, bernadette found great pizza place for a snack, and then also an excellent Italian place, and many things to do! Parking gets a tiny crowded but worth exploring!

Rich Guldin — Google review

Visited the farmers market on Saturday with items ranging from the freshest vegetables and strawberries to artisan soaps and origami earrings. The gardens have bloomed into beautiful starbursts of color. Well worth the visit.

Jenn W — Google review

We like all the lights and we had some good Coco.

Joseph Bailey — Google review

We were downtown to eat at a local restaurant and just happened to be there on the opening day of the Lights of the Ozarks.It really was a beautiful display! There were food trucks set up and the entire square was lively and buzzing with excitement.It was very cold at the time so we didn’t stay long, but it really is a pretty place to go see if you are in the area between November 18, 2022 - January 1, 2023.

Nathan House — Google review

One of my favorite places for photo shoots in Fayetteville. Christmas time, and the Lights of the Ozarks display is unique and truly special for night time photo sessions and wedding proposals. But the square is photogenic regardless of the time or season.

Kari Bjorn Photography — Google review

I came here yesterday with my dog, and I noticed the city staff putting the Christmas lights around the garden and square center in preparation for the Christmas holiday. The gardeners also changed the plants to fit the cooler temperature and holiday vibes.This place is a fantastic spot to see while taking a break from in-between shopping around the boutiques.

Nat Rose — Google review


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1 W Center St, Fayetteville, AR 72701, USA

I'll never travel to Memphis without this trip planner again

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Lake Fort Smith State Park

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (76)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (77)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (78)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (79)

State park

Nature & Parks


In a scenic Ozark valley, this lakeside setting offers camping, fishing, kayaking, hiking & cabins.

Great park. Newly renovated in 2008, I think. Sites were really nice & there are 2 ADA sites. Bathrooms are really nice with showers. Clean & we'll maintained. We'll be back. (We were in site #25). Be sure to bring an Easy-up for shade as there is no pavilion over the table.

T Sav — Google review

We stopped here for 2 nights coming from Texas to Missouri. It is a beautiful, well maintained, quiet, large cement pads, picnic tables, fire pits and gorgeous scenery. The ladies working in the office were super friendly and helpful. The trails were lovely with several small waterfalls. Definitely one of the nicest parks we've ever stayed.

Cindy Smith — Google review

We stayed at this campground in western Arkansas both going and returning from Arizona. It wasn’t yet busy in late March and then early April - the weather wasn’t warm yet. Very nice ! Hiking trails can be accessed from the camp ground, sites are spacious, mostly open, many overlooking the lake. The restroom we used was very clean. Nice Visitor Center

Hiker Shirl — Google review

Just discovered this park today after years of seeing the sign from I40. We went a little ways up the Pig Trail then turned off to the road to the very nice and clean visitor center. It has a beautiful view of the lake from above that is handicap accessible. We took a little trail to the bottom area, which is lakeside. There is a huge Pavillion with a fireplace and 2 large grills. This is a pay to reserve Pavillion but there are plenty of single and double picnic tables with nice grills to use for free. The lower day use area has 2 nice clean bathroom buildings ( one in the marina building).We walked back up the road to the top.

Rebecca Hardgrave — Google review

Stayed at the park this last weekend with my kid in a tent. We were near the bathhouse on the back part of the loop, and I have never seen a cleaner or better-maintained facility. They came around to collect trash multiple times per day. The bathhouse looked like it is cleaned every day.Even though every campsite was in use the park was quiet day and night. People that passed by were friendly and kind. I found the park staff to be very helpful and friendly. I appreciate that you are allowed to go ahead to your site if you arrive late and check in the following morning.This park is beautiful! The playground, marina, and views of the lake are all lovely areas. The trails, the ones we went on, were a bit rough but had gorgeous views. I do wish there were more signs along the trails, but a trail map or a trail app could be used.I think I should mention that there is pretty much no phone reception or WiFi at this place. I think they have WiFi at the visitors center; not sure how reliable it is. To make phone calls we had to drive a bit out of the park towards the highway where we could get some reception. I was fine with this as we were there to spend time outdoors anyway.We had a fun and quiet time enjoying nature, roasting hot dogs and s'mores, and bundling up in our sleeping bags when it started getting cold at night. Highly recommend this park for family time or for anyone that enjoys fishing, hiking, or just sitting outside in the quiet.

Ashley Torres — Google review

What small section of the park I visited, it is one of the cleanest state parks I've ever visited. The restrooms were large and open, very clean and full of hot water. We walked a portion of the ozark highlands trail and then back. We were just stopping off for a quick hike, so we didn't have much time this visit. But will definitely be back. The lake had lots of SUPs, boats, and people fishing/swimming. It looked like all the camp sites were reserved. The trail was nice and well marked with lots of cool things to see on the way. It was definitely hot though so make sure you always take more water than you think you'll need! The cool shower was very nice before we headed back out on the road!

Tena Jones — Google review

I am extremely pleased with the staff! Friendly and knowledgeable. Camping sites are well spaced apart and very clean. Enjoyed our walks!

Marty Cunningham — Google review

Beautiful state park, beautiful lake with rental boats, kayak, tours, cabins, and activities.We left KS for a weekend getaway but didn’t plan anything out. We just knew we were heading southeast. We came upon this lake and we’re lucky enough to stay in one of their cabins for the night too.We loved our sunset kayak tour on July 2-I don’t remember our tour guide’s name but she was attentive and incredibly knowledgeable about this lake and it’s surroundings. It was easy to see that she was passionate about her job and that makes all the difference.The cabins were fantastic too. We only stayed the one night but all they had available was a 2 bedroom, so we booked it. It was about 200$ but it came with 2 king size bedrooms 2 large bathrooms(one w/shower & one w/jacuzzi tub) a huge back deck and nice outdoor table. There was also our own grill and patio table and seating too. It could have easily housed a really good sized family easily. Also, all items were included. No need to bring towels and sheets. Check out the pictures to see more.Lots of deer and other wildlife too. We loved it and will be back for a longer stay with more family/friends next time.

Tina — Google review

This is such a beautiful park. Well maintained. There are plenty of sites for camping, cabins, picnic tables that are covered, a very spacious pavilion with plenty of parking. It’s such a serene spot! The visitor center has lots of things to see and learn about too!

Aneisha Rush LeMonier — Google review

Lake Ft. Smith is awesome. It's a great place to get away. The campsites are great and theirs not a lot of boats like Beaver Lake. So, kayaking is great, and the fishing is good. Plus, an added bonus is that we don't have cellular service unless we are in the middle of the Lake. So no phone distraction

M B — Google review

Great playground in a beautiful setting. Nice day use area. Camp sites are well separated. Short walk to several good hiking trails. Nice MTB trail. One of the cleanest (state or federal) parks I've seen.

Tim McDonald — Google review

Another park on my quest to visit all 52 Arkansas state parks! Looking back through old photos, I realized that 10 years ago we had stopped here on a drive through the Ozarks and I thought it was so beautiful...then unknowingly came back to camp here a decade later! Loved the RV campground. Lots of trees & shade, huge boulders off to the side of each campsite. Nice for basking in the sun! There are a couple of pull-through sites but our back-in site was easy to park and set up. Bathhouses were very clean, and the only problem we had with them the whole visit was a swarm of wasps outside the one on the lower campground sites.Several trails for hiking, some of which are entirely shaded, and you can hike part of the Ozark Highlands trail here. I hate that you can't swim in the lake, but since it's a public water supply, it's understandable. There's a great pool though, plenty big with slides. There's also both a kids pool and a splash pad, so there's no shortage of water fun for hot days. Visitor center is quite nice with a little necessities/gift shop and a STELLAR view from the porch, even better if you stroll down to the overlook.Warning: your insect repellent is VERY IMPORTANT here. There are a million ticks, and you don't necessarily even have to go on one of the hiking trails to pick them up.Definitely get your groceries on the way in, or at least be prepared to drive half an hour for groceries, as the Walmart in Alma is the closest place. On the whole, it feels like a very off-the-grid place; like a hidden gem in the state park system, especially in comparison to DeGray Lake, which was a bit more crowded & less private. It was very relaxing & I highly recommend it!

Hillary Creech — Google review

It was the 1st time I had visited this area of the park without dropping off people and heading straight home. I enjoyed the self tour of the area along with the information provided by the rangers on duty. This area has a long standing history as part of the Alphabet Administration as it was known for FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) to help bring the country out of the Great Depression. I wasn't able to enjoy any of the activities offered due to working, but I plan on coming back in the future.

Kadillak Williams — Google review


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(96)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (81)

15458 Sheperd Springs Rd, Mountainburg, AR 72946, USA

(479) 369-2469


War Eagle Mill

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (82)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (83)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (84)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (85)

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Historical landmark

The War Eagle Mill is a historical site that features a functional gristmill, guided tours through its rich past, and an eatery serving down-home cuisine. Additionally, visitors can explore the quaint gift shop or walk across the bridge to the farm for scenic views of the mill. The surrounding area also hosts seasonal flea markets with live music and arts and crafts vendors selling unique items.

Fantastic historic old working mill. Great place to bring the kids and spend the afternoon. Perfect spot for a picnic by the water, a photo shoot or check out the Cafe. Great southern comfort food. Including homemade beans and cornbread (stone ground corn meal also available for purchase) plus meatloaf sandwiches and homemade cobblers. Awesome place to buy gifts for the foodie in your life too.

Elissa Sontag — Google review

We stopped off here while traveling through. The gift shop on both floors are rather small, but we spent about 30 minutes walking through them and another 30 minutes checking out the area. There was several fisherman by the water catching fish, kiddos swimming near the bridge and some families enjoying a picnic at the tables. There's a cafe upstairs but we didn't have time to eat. The mill working on the inside is very cool to see in person, especially for kids! We walked across the bridge to find a trail down to the water and a cool log cabin. There's also an area that appears to have fairs and events there. Very peaceful down by the water and a great backdrop for photos!

Tena Jones — Google review

Definitely worth finding the mill off the beaten path! It is a beautiful place with a lot of history. The store had so many items that were unique (jams, soaps, candles, cornbread, etc). It was definitely a "favorite" for our trip! We would love to come back to try their lunch specials one day!

Amanda Schaefer — Google review

Cute little mill. You can take a walk across the bridge, visit the gift shop, or the cafe on the third floor. You can also walk across the river to the farm and get a great view of the mill. We happened to go during the flea market which included live music, a lot of cool vendors. Across the bridge at war eagle farms the tents had many arts and crafts vendors that sold some really creative things. Fun time there.

Nicholas K — Google review

Unfortunately when we arrived the mill itself was closing so we didn't get much time to explore it. Though the one lane bridge is something to enjoy crossing, the waterfall created by the creek that drives the mill is very nice.Also the creek itself is something to stop and explore. You can creek walk and enjoy the water and scenery. The mill is quite picturesque. Beautiful area. We are hoping to be able to spend more time in the mill itself seeing what it has to offer. It is totally worth checking out the creek, the quiet, and the view of the mill with the bridge. If it's open go in and explore the mill.

Tyrone Castle — Google review

It's a beautiful setting along War Eagle Creek. We didn't try the restaurant, but we bought a bag of their Cinnamon Pecan Whole Grain pancake mix. It's really good! They also offer demonstrations of the mill in operation twice a day.

Kelvin Laffoon — Google review

Visited 7/3/22My wife and I didn’t eat here because we already had plans. This place is pretty interesting to read about on the web. I recorded the description signs too that told a bio about the mill.We decided to slide down to the bridge pillar base to get a better shot of the mill wheel. Definitely had to be careful doing but I would not recommend doing that.Anyhow this place is a must see at least once if you’ve never been here.More video of this on YT: BoList1966(Eureka Springs Vacation playlist)

Robert Beaman — Google review

Inside was closed but we still enjoyed waking around the outside and reading signs. Restrooms were open and clean. Great piece of history!

sheaffer hoefgen — Google review

We were first timers to the mill. We’ve been once before for the craft fair and that’s just too many people for us. We loved the atmosphere. Cole helped us out with local information and is incredibly courteous. He made us feel welcome and definitely want to come back and visit. Stunning area all season long! Please please check it out if you are in the area.

Hannah Barwick — Google review

Quaint and fun- the mill wasn't working on our stop today but we enjoyed the views, people, shopping, and food. The cinnamon roll was as big as a 9" cake! They also had locally made soap, food goods, and gifts.Such a fun and historic stop! Beautiful for family pictures as well.

Carrie Duck — Google review

This place is a great place to stop and just take in the old bridge and walk around. The Mill wasn’t open when we went but I have been in before and it is neat. This place is so fun to go take pictures or just walk around. I heard you must try their beans and Corn bread! Sorry didn’t have a pic without us in it!

Robert Smiley — Google review

Beautiful place. Rode our motorcycles there and checked it out. I'm definitely going back to do some sightseeing around there and maybe checking out the caves.

Georgeanna Lockman — Google review

Nice scenic beauty and good roads. Better during spring, a very beautiful place.

Dipankar Roy — Google review

Always love checking out historical sites like this.The building is great.. The bridge is awesome. Wish the wheel was not hidden behind a wall.Picked up some good food items for the road.Overall.. worth the drop in.

Justin Newell — Google review

Such a nice place tucked away in the mountains! We loved the shop that had a wide variety of goods, the staff were very friendly, and the restrooms were well maintained and didn't smell like vaults at all! 😅

Laura Evanochko — Google review

The outside of this building is super cool and mildly historic. It burned down and was rebuilt, so it’s not original. The ground level entry floor is a gift shop with a little bit of the mill belt and motor visible. There is a man stationed there to tell you about it. The gift shop has some items that are produced at that mill. I wish that we would have been able to see more of the mechanisms and guts of the mill, but it was all covered up. The gift store had various edibles and some other gifts things.The second floor was a cafe, but more of a lunch counter. We inquired about three different items on the menu board and they were out of each one, so we decided to move on. We went to the third level to see what that was and it was a neat event space overlooking the creek, with lots of windows and space.We walked around outside and across the bridge for a good view of the mill. Neat place, but I wish it was a bit more historic and less tourist-trappy.

Ashley Stacer — Google review

This was our first time and it was very pretty out there but I was not impressed with the service. The teenager that was supposed to be waiting on us was on his phone the whole time. We were shown where the breakfast was by a lady in there so we thought we were supposed to fix it ourselves since he wasn’t waiting on us but when we started fixing our plates the boy finally came over and said he was supposed to do that and he still wasn’t any help when I asked him what I could get he just said “there’s the menu”. After we finally got our biscuits and gravy other couples came in but the boy had went off and they had to wait awhile before being waited on. Other than that it was a nice place.

Courtney Rogers — Google review


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11045 War Eagle Rd, Rogers, AR 72756, USA

(479) 520-7044


Wiederkehr Wine Cellar & Weinkeller Restaurant

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (88)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (89)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (90)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (91)



Food & Drink

Wineries & Vineyards

This is one of several wine jewels in the area. Well worth a stop for tasting and Excellent German Food. Stop and spend some quality time in a very beautiful area. Very nice prices for food and wine. VERY Pleasant people to talk to. Free tasting up to 5 samples. Try and BUY the local wine made from the Official Grape of Arkansas " Cynthiania" excellent red.

John Thompson — Google review

This is some good food and wine. The restaurant is dug out in the ground to resemble a German eatery. The atmosphere it gives makes you feel you are in another country. The restaurant is located on St. Mary’s Mountain in the Ozark Mountains. We started with the Wiederkehr sampler. The sampler was enough to feed four people. The sampler had three different sausages and a serving of quiche. The staff served us freshly made salads with a side of Wiederkehr house tomato vinaigrette dressing. I was quickly approaching full before the staff served my shrimp and steak cooked medium-well as ordered. It was seasoned just right so as not to be too salty or bland. The salmon was cook to where it was soft and melt in your mouth. The wine section is incredible with the various local wines. The cheesecake was packed to go. It did not make it through the night because I tasted it and could not stop eating the fluffy cheesecake and strawberries. Reservations are strongly recommended due to limited seating, social distancing, and limited staffing. Limited staff served while we were there, but they did a fantastic job preparing and serving food.

Lonnell DeMylesatorro — Google review

What a beautiful, romantic, cozy, and delicious place to eat! I would recommend anything off the menu. The wait staff is all very kind and friendly, Aaron is exceptional! Also, the Shiraz Red wine is a fabulous pair with the chicken parmesan!

Wendi Pittman — Google review

The history, ambiance, and food is good. The building exterior could us minor TLC to reinvigorate it's slightly neglected appearance. Staff could dress up slightly more to make this charming and truly unique establishment a top level experience, which it should be, with the menu prices. I will definitely return and take out of town visitors. A good place for dates, anniversaries, and those looking for fun dining experiences at any cost

Jeffrey Ruthven — Google review

Located along the Arkansas Wine Trail, this unique venue gives you the opportunities to not only taste and purchase wines produced in the area but experience Swiss/German cuisine in a very unique atmosphere. The gift shop offers, not only a number of different varietals of wine but, also, interesting wine-themed merchandise. There is an event center in the complex which can be rented for special occasions like weddings and/or receptions or office parties.

Joe Burgan — Google review

When I asked people about this Reateraunt many had heard of it but never been there, which is not a great omen.Dined in on a Saturday with a small group and very much enjoyed the authentic Swiss theme of the buildings on the property, and the decor inside the dining room.A couple of the waitresses wore fun vintage dresses, but several of them just wore T-shirts and jeans, which was inconsistent and distracting to the theme.We asked specifically for their brand of wine but were brought.a different local variety instead. After trying again, we got one of their specific wines and both were very sweet, more dessert, wines than anything.The food was good with generous portions, one person ordered the chicken dish which was described as a split chicken,roasted, what we got was a breaded chicken breast, such as you would get it in the other chain restaurant.Generally a fun interesting experience, and while I would return for a special occasion, the prices, lack of wine selection , and lack of dishes matching the description in the menu or not being available at all would keep me from going more often than that.

online email — Google review

This place is a little hidden gem! We just happen to stumble upon it. It was the highlight of our trip. The decor and atmosphere text you back in time. The food was five stars. We split a plate, and they brought it out, cut up and two different portions for us. My favorite part was the candle on the table with the melting wax. The waitress Sharla was so kind. She has been there 48 years! We loved it so much. We are thinking about going back today!Day 2! OK so we decided to go back and have lunch for the second day! He had the beef stroganoff. I had the quiche Lorraine and we shared the black forest cake which was divine for us to go back to a place two days in a row, it has to be really good! We are full time RVers and travel all over the United States. This place is on up there with our other favorite, New Orleans . I will add photos of today if our second meal there within 24 hours. This place is that good!Sharla was not there today, but we had Jordan as our waiter. He was fabulous, prompt, and so friendly. It was such a great experience two days in a row.❤️

Alecia Shepherd — Google review

Best, and I do mean BEST stop I have ever made. If you see the billboard make the stop! It is soooo worth it! Larry was awesome at the shop he recommended the restaurant. Walked into the restaurant that is right next door, right out the bat coolest looking place ever. It looks like you took a trip to a different time period, heads up it’s “underground” and some parts of it has been there since 1880. Food was delicious and service was on point and super fast! Food is SUPER fresh, you can tell they make it in-house! Sharla and Betty Rose were freaking awesome to say the least!! Superb hospitality! Had to back in there with my lederhosen! So To whomever is reading this, YES you want to come and hangout with the Wiederkehr’s!! They’re wine is glorious and the price is actually surprisingly one of the best!! Thank you guys for a great time! :)

Jose Cevallos — Google review

A friend recommended this place and it was a pretty cool experience. I would describe it as lunch in a hobbit hole. Fun decorations and good food. Service was fast and friendly. I really like the wine fest wine. Great place to visit overall

Wes Southerly — Google review

We had a lovely experience! Jordan was exceptional, his knowledge was professional for our wine selections, and the food was above parr! We had the Geneva steak.

Kammie Sweeten — Google review

The experience was wonderful! Food was delicious, though the sausage was a little dry. The potatoes were scrumptious though ❤️ And the bread amazing. Had their wine which was very tasty. Definitely recommend

Melissa R Cates — Google review

Awesome atmosphere, great food, nice waitstaff. My family has been coming here for 50 years. It's about a 2 hour drive from where I live, but it's well worth the drive.

Jody Dawn Stephens — Google review

Amazing ambiance in a cellar setting, you'll find a quaint German/Swiss restaurant next to their wine tasting facility and store. Fresh baked bread to start with, then many options of appetizers, including cheese fondue. We decided on the sausage platter, 3 different sausages, and the steak with shrimp. The sides we selected are the salad,German potatoes, and onion soup. The sassuage plate was very good, and my husband loved the different sauces and sourcraut. My steak was perfection, the shrimp skews were yummy, and the German potatoes were wonderful, although I prefer German potatoe salad better. Now on to dessert. We chose Swiss Apple Dumpling with ice cream. Winner winner chicken dinner. But many choices, and next time, yes, there will be a next time.

Carrie Welborn — Google review

Follow me on Instagram: @mikeisoutside"Treat yoself" in my world revolves around food entirely too much. I'm okay with it. Okay... onward to Altus!Wiederkehr Village is a historic winemaking community located in Altus, Arkansas and is known for its vineyards, wineries, and Swiss-German heritage. Wiederkehr Wine Cellars was founded in 1880 and is one of the oldest and most prominent wineries in the area, producing a variety of wines. The village also features charming Swiss-style architecture and is a popular tourist destination for wine enthusiasts and history buffs. Visitors can enjoy wine tastings, tours, and explore the picturesque surroundings.Wiederkehr Wine Cellars also includes a restaurant known as the "Wiederkehr Weinkeller Restaurant." This restaurant offers a dining experience that complements the winery's wine offerings. You can enjoy Swiss and Continental cuisine in a charming and rustic setting, often with scenic views of the vineyards and Ozark Mountains (if you dine outside).My food was okay. Nothing great, but definitely not terrible. The restaurant typically features dishes that pair well with their wines, creating a delightful culinary experience for visitors to the area. I did not have any wine during my visit, perhaps the pairing was missing or the effects of wine helps too? The service and atmosphere were perfect and I enjoyed my time.Note: specific menu offerings and services may change over time, so it's a good idea to check with the restaurant for the latest information before planning your visit.Check them out on instagram: @weiderkehrwines

Michael Bradley — Google review

Small piece of Switzerland, right off the craziness of the fast paced world. Very worthy of stopping for a bite to eat! Strudel was awesome! As was the pork and brats.

John Becker — Google review

The food and wine was wonderful but the ambiance was top notch! The waitresses were dressed in cutle little outfits reminiscent of period times. All of the staff were very thoughtful and courteous. We ended up buying 3 bottle of wine for home...it's that good!

Pam Huddleston — Google review

I did not take pictures here because there are enough floating around and the environment lends itself to a more old fashioned charm that is easily broken by obsessive photo taking. This is evident by the old world tavern atmosphere of people having conversations with each other instead of heads buried in devices. I have been coming here once or twice a year for decades. The food is always prepared perfectly, and the servers are always friendly. Even the salads and soup are amazing. Salads are fresh and cold, and the Swiss onion soup tastes amazing even though the cheese makes it a challenge to eat without making a mess. Literally anything you get there will be an amazing experience.

David Sheaffer — Google review


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3324 Swiss Family Dr, Wiederkehr Village, AR 72821, USA

(479) 468-9463


Mount Magazine State Park

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (94)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (95)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (96)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (97)

State park

Nature & Parks

Rugged 2,234 acres with state's highest peak offering hang gliding & ATV riding, plus resort lodge.

Such a beautifully kept park! We had lunch at the Lodge, and was surprised to see it was a gourmet buffet! The food was full of flavor and our server was great. The mountain views out of the huge windows just added to our incredible lunch experience! We did the trail to the summit, which was easy and clearly marked. There was some pretty steep sections to it though, no matter which way you decide to go up. We even seen some cute lil chipmunks along the way. After lunch we enjoyed some of the overlook sections, and headed off to our next destination. We will come back again when we can spend more time here.

Tena Jones — Google review

Amazing scenery with fantastic camp grounds and visitors center. If you want deep wilderness and picturesque vistas this is the best Arkansas can offer. Like most state parks there needs to be some modernization with their maps, info boards, and online presence but once you make it to your destination you won’t be disappointed. Insider tip: Highly recommend the browns camp ground cliff trail out to the communication towers. Awesome relatively flat trail that wraps the cliff side.

Arkansas Insider — Google review

amazing. splurged finally to stay in Cabin #2, pricey but it is a cabin on a mountain with a hot tub and all the amenities. the views are always great, the hiking and all the fun there is always great. this added much more to it, i would definitely do this again. fireplace, hot tub, porch with a view, full kitchen, very comfy. staff is friendly too.

Mr. Shane — Google review

Such a wonderful place with all views that will make you forget everything and wanted to stay there for long time. Mount Magazine state park has so many driveways where you can see many fall colors and enjoy the views. If you go to Visitor centre you can take map and do trekking or go on your car and see the colors. Just remember to download the google offline maps as you don’t get any signals. Even the road seems a bit high curves need careful driving.

Krishna Sathvik Mantripragada — Google review

Beautiful, well kept park. The roads are maintained and well marked, the camp sights appear to be clean. The trails are well marked as well. I loved the short visit for the eclipse

Jenny Combes — Google review

Mount Magazine state park is a must visit on your trip to Arkansas! We took the Signal Hill Trail . Due to the weather the view from top wasn't so great at first, but we enjoyed the trek. We got to spot some Deer on the way. From here, we went to Cameroon overlook drive, now this is absolutely stunning . You get some of the best views of the park, and is a great place to spend some quality time.

Poorni gayu — Google review

I wanted to show cabin #4 which is a dog friendly cabin at Mount Magazine. This is a single bed room cabin with great accommodations. The couch has a hide a bed if there are more people to stay. You only need to bring food and hiking gear. The rest is provided in the cabin. I would highly recommend this cabin for those who have dogs. They have a lomit of only two dogs. Our Boston Terrier, Oliver had a great time exploring. The lodge has a restaurant and swimming pool. The cabin has a hot tub which was great after a day of hiking. Overall, I would have stayed longer if more days were available. Respectfully, Richard and Robbie

Richard Hornsby — Google review

Great views from this state park. Few nice lookouts with views. Great overnight opportunity at the new lodge to enjoy beautiful serene nights with starry skies and wild animals on the grounds of the hotel after night falls

Serge R (IAHGVA) — Google review

Absolutely beautiful area. We stayed two nights, hiked the trails, loved the expansive views.Dinner at the Lodge was excellent (pot roast special) and the price was reasonable.The park ranger came by to visit and he was exceptionally helpful and friendly. We discussed motorcycles and he gave us trail maps of areas we had no clue existed.We’ll definitely be back to ride those trails.

Boone — Google review

The highest piont in Arkansas host a great state park. Best views are from the lodge. Also a top interpretive center with friendly helpful staff. Good hiking trails as well as a small Campground.

Dwayne Hauck — Google review

As usual, Mount Magazine Lodge does not disappoint. Lovely picturesque Lodge on a beautiful picturesque scenery. I'm sure they could use some updating in the restaurant and the rooms and the air conditioner took kind of light in the day to cool off well but it's still one of my favorite places. They're pool is fantastic and beautiful their architecture is fantastic and beautiful. Will hope to go back. Lauren and Mom

Richard Belfield — Google review

Exceptional experience for the 2024 eclipse. Thank you to the staff for such a well organized, educational, and fun experience. We would love to come back and stay at the lodge in the future.

Erika Love — Google review

Decided to come here at the last minute & we are so glad we did!! The views here are absolutely breathtaking!!!! There are several trails with waterfalls, views from the mountaintop & we even found a cave. Lots to do here. We camped the first few days & stayed at the lodge the last day. Will definitely be back!!!

Codie Barlow — Google review

Beautiful drive up & down. Beautiful & easily accessible views from the vistas & all along the top of the mountain. Slightly perilous inclines & cliffs for hiking & rock climbing, but also lots of safe flat & paved areas for those with mobility weight or anxiety issues. Lovely cabins. Lovely large lodge hotel with indoor swimming pool. Worst food I've had in a long time at the restaurant/buffet they have. Restrooms available by some of the trails in case of emergency, but otherwise please spare yourself & use the clean & well maintained lodge restrooms as some sights & smells can't be forgotten. Lodging is a bit pricey, but day visits can be cheap or free. For a day trip, I'd say alott 1 to 2 hrs to see all the basics & walk around a little bit, & try to buy something while you're there to support their efforts.

Sherry — Google review

Great place to visit and camp. The lodge is very nice with an indoor heated pool and game room. The breakfast was very nice with plenty of choices on the buffet. It’s a November tradition for us.

Will Noblitt — Google review

8:30 am on Mount Magazine, was absolutely AWESOME!!! The cool breeze was surreal. Being up there was so peaceful and the view was Amazing!!! If you’re in the area.. Must visit! Great for photography!Mount Magazine officially named Magazine Mountain, is the highest point of the U.S. Interior Highlands and the U.S. state of Arkansas, and is the site of Mount Magazine State Park. It is a flat-topped mountain or mesa capped by hard rock and rimmed by precipitous cliffs.

Denise Lawson — Google review

Check in was standard and the desk clerks were pleasant. The restaurant had a nice buffet or you could order off the menu. Great beer selections and the waiter was very friendly. It is also very clean, not overly loud, and you can't beat the view. My room was clean, beds are firm but comfy, and the view was breathtaking. The only drawback is the hot water. I had to run the shower for 15 minutes before the hot water made it to my room, which was at the end of the hall. Perhaps they will install tankless water heaters for the rooms farthest from the tanks. It's not a negative point, but it is worth noting that it is several miles to town.

Dana Simpkins — Google review


(2300)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (98)


(339)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (99)

577 Lodge Dr, Paris, AR 72855, USA

(479) 963-8502


Buffalo National River Wilderness - Ponca Unit

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (100)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (101)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (102)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (103)

Nature preserve

Nature & Parks

National Parks

It is 7 miles round trip. Very , very, trying. I got only two sweet candies with me and on way back felt like disy and very tired. But it was amazing scenery, bluffs, river. If you decide to go to Goat trail from HIH, it will add up another 6 miles to you trip.

Natha B — Google review

Great part of the Buffalo river. Good for kayaking or just wading around in knee deep beautiful, clear water. Good for kids or just stopping by after a long hike to cool off. The water is pleasantly cool in the summer.

Megan Wilcox — Google review

nice natural area. visited at several access points.

Fred D**** 4 — Google review

My favorite place to horseback ride! So beautiful and the trails are well maintained. Lots of water and shade. You can go for a short, easy ride or a longer, more challenging ride. Easy access too.

Lynn Reynolds — Google review

Great trails and gorgeous views.

Joe Padilla — Google review

The best river to float in April and May.

Mike Gass — Google review

One of my favorite places.

you never — Google review

Love it!!! A beautiful place.

Donna Reynolds — Google review


(25)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (104)


(298)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (105)

Compton, AR 72624, USA

I'll never travel to Memphis without this trip planner again

Learn more

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (106)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (107)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (108)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (109)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (110)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (111)

I will never travel to Memphis without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Mount Nebo State Park

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (113)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (114)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (115)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (116)


Nature & Parks

State park

Scenic views from 1,350 feet in this rugged park with camping, mountain biking, hang gliding & more.

Beautiful well maintained state park. The cabins are well equipped, neat and clean. You can watch sunset and rise and has spots designated for these. The park has swimming pool, playground for kids. We had a very satisfying and relaxing vacation.

Ahsan Hossain — Google review

One of my favorite places to visit, beautiful drive down from the top. I literally saw the end of rainbow while at the top, down in the valley when I was there with an amazing, wonderful friend. Even saw a still standing tree that at one point was struck by lightning, you could literally see the threads of peeled away bark as it started from high up in the tree and came all the way to the ground. One of the best experiences in my life that I will never forget.

Kendrick Seahorn Sr. — Google review

Some of the best mountain bike trails around. We drove nearly five hours in the rain to reach these trails and were absolutely thrilled with them. Trails are well marked, maintained, and adequately rated. There is something here for every level of skill, but enjoying the stunning views requires no skill at all.

Justin Stanley — Google review

The road to the park has some tight switchbacks but they are manageable. Trailers over 24 feet long are not allowed on the road because of them. That being said, Mount Nebo State Park is amazing! The views are some of the best in the state. They have everything for the visitor from walk-in primitive camp sites to really nice cabins. Walking trails, mountain bike trails, and well maintained viewing areas with bench seats to take in the panoramic view all around the mountain.

Mark Young — Google review

This place is really fun to go a hike, stay in the cabins and enjoy nature! Cabins have all kinds of amenities like TV, Heat, AC, kitchens and everything you'd have at home except the food. My brother and our wives rode our motorcycles from MO and the back roads are full of twists and hills with plenty of stopping points to enjoy the views.

JD Offield — Google review

Absolutely Gorgeous!! The views from most of the cabins are spectacular, and the rim trail offers great photo ops all the way! The deer are everywhere and because there is no hunting they leisurely graze through the yards. The pool was nice , not deep, but still has a swirly slide. A Definite must visit!.

Cara Norris — Google review

Always love coming up Nebo. It's quite the journey up. But we'll worth it. So many overlooks. Sunrise. Sunset. Arkansas River. Deer everywhere. Cabins to rent. Nice little visitors center. Pool and playground. Definitely bring the family up for a nice quiet weekend. Bring some groceries if you don't want to go up and down the mtn. Not much on top besides gorgeous views.

Jeff Reece — Google review

My favorite Arkansas state park! It is so clean and you can take your dogs on the trails! There is also a variety of trails that should meet any hiker or biker’s abilities!There is Camping here and you can also rent cabins, etc. It’s beautiful and has Great views! Restrooms are very clean. Will definitely come back!

Eddy Wooten — Google review

It had been years since I had been down there. We were able to hit multiple trails over a day and a half. The rim trail was moderately challenging and had some spectacular views and unique features. The bench trail was extremely well marked and had multiple junctions for little side explorations. There are still trails I need to go back and hike. Highly recommend!

John Lentz — Google review

The team here did a *phenomenal* job preparing for the eclipse, thank you for your thoughtful hard work to share this beautiful place and special moment with us! From the traffic control to the QR code listing all the bathroom locations, ADA accessibility, everything, the logistics planning has just been impeccable 👌👏 and inclusive of everyone! 💕😎☀️🌘 We came somewhat randomly here (we found a hotel we could afford along totality and did a Google search to find this park) and I'm so glad! We'll be coming back to visit again!

Rachel Taber — Google review

It was a great little get away. Not a lot to do there in the winter (as that's when we went). But they offer some great hiking, cycling (bring your own)& horseback riding (bring your own). Along with camping spots & cabin rentals. Also have a tennis court. The summer time they have a pool area & concessions. Unsure about any events they put on, as we was they last of December.They have super clean showers & restrooms.Spectacular views, about everywhere you look.A lot of history of the area from the late 1800's-early 1900's.Overall a great place to get away for awhile.

Joseph Pearson — Google review

One of my top favorite state parks I’ve visited. We watched the sunrise at Sunrise Point and it was gorgeous! We hiked the Rim Trail and it did not disappoint at all, consistent beautiful views. We’ll definitely be returning to explore the park more thoroughly.

Brandy Stewart — Google review

Beautiful place to visit in Central Arkansas lots of hiking trails and the State Parks has cabins that can be rented. The one we stayed in was very nice. Also Pet Friendly, this place is a must see if your in the area. Not camper/trailer friendly no semi trucks are allowed the road to the top is full of switch backs and you would have to block the road is spots to even get a bobtail up there I would stick to a passenger vehicle.

Fiero87GTV8 — Google review

This place is absolutely breathtaking. Catch the sunrises. It’ll cure whatever ails your heart and soul. The climb is so worth it. Just to note: Make sure your vehicle can handle the steep and winding climb.

The Empress — Google review

Want a beautiful view in Arkansas? This is it! This park is a mountain with hiking trails, beautiful look outs at the top and exciting mountain bike trails.You have to drive a very curvy, paved road to the top.The top of the mountain is very broad and flat with an easy to navigate road. Along it is homes and cabins to rent that all have a beautiful view.My favorite look out is Sunrise Point. You can sit up there and have a picnic, hike or be crazy and ride your mountain bike down sunrise point like I did. I'm an experienced rider but there were a few short spots I got off my bike and walked (rock wall on one side, narrow rocky trail and a scary chasm on your other side to fall off and die) *I'm afraid of heights so decide on your own). If you don't want to ride on scary trails there are easier trails to ride on. If you ride down Hayes trail without a person to meet you at the bottom with a car you'll have to ride back up Ox Pull which wasn't fun even on an ebike (find a friend to drive you back). Riding down Chickalah Downhill and across the short cut and back up was easier).I go there to ride when I visit AR but a friend hiked the trails while I rode.

Cher Cleveland — Google review

Very nice park to drive up to the top and see around the valley. It is a very good sun rise and sunset place. I am wondering how many people will be there for the eipse.

Ellery J — Google review

Fantastic campsite (#20) close to bath house and playground with mountain/valley views. Very spacious. Best bath house on our camping trip. Only one shower but well done. The visitor's center has a nice porch on the back to enjoy the views and a gift shop with a wide variety of items. The roads to get there are VERY curvy as in near constant U turns. Local ER was great when one kiddo broke a wrist after a fall while hiking. The only thing I wish they would do differently is post information and/or verbally warn visitors that the nuclear reactor warning siren goes off EVERY WEDNESDAY AT NOON. It was concerning when it went off and we had no idea. Overall we highly recommend this campsite and park.

Billy Hall — Google review

Absolutely gorgeous!! Can't wait to go back & get a cabin & explore some of the trails.

Susie “The true que” — Google review

I had to travel here for a former employer, and the view was amazing 😍! The staff is friendly, and funny . Will definitely come back with the whole family. The gift shop only takes cash so make sure you have some handy .

Jessica Alexander — Google review

Beautiful park in the mountain.Bike trails, camping area etc.Showers and restrooms are clean and modern.

Sel F. — Google review


(1736)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (117)


(187)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (118)

16728 State Hwy 155, Dardanelle, AR 72834, USA

(479) 229-3655


Arkansas Grand Canyon

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (119)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (120)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (121)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (122)

Scenic spot

Nature & Parks

Nature & Wildlife Areas

Absolutely gorgeous!! Perfect spot to look at the amazing view and go into the little shop to look around and visit with the staff!This place offers a great view of the scenic majestic Ozarks and also has a store on site to purchase souvenirs such as magnets Tshirts to name a few and also offers a tower to overlook the valley.

anirudh girey — Google review

Great view worth a visit. Second time going there and still beautiful. In fall the colors are awsome add a few of those photos from then also.

Robby Venhaus — Google review

Wow and Wow again. Pictures do no justice. Beautiful by all means. The drive from Branson Missouri was spectacular. The little place their sales fudge and all kinds of souvenirs and his prices are amazingly reasonable, highly recommend stopping in there.

Scott P — Google review

Lovely scenery ! You can go up the tower to get a wonderful view , and there is a gift shop with lovely Arkansas made gifts. Has public restrooms

Christel Yates — Google review

We love to come here, especially in the Fall. These photos are from last Fall. Beautiful views. We stayed at the Cliffhouse Inn there. You can climb the tower to get a better view. Found some things for the grandkids at the gift shop there. Must see!

Melynni Jolliff-Realtor Serving MO & ARK — Google review

So beautiful you have to see it for yourself. If you can stay at the Cliffside Inn it overlooks it! Amazing views.

Karen Demske — Google review

This is a beautiful place to visit and the gift shop has some cool stuff. The town close is Jasper, it is a pretty little town with very friendly residents. I will definitely be going back.

D P — Google review

Very rad view. The vista has large and spacious parking and a lovely grass and trees lot to sit under. There is a wood tower that elevates your view point even higher. Also you can hop into the little souvenirs shop for a ball cap or magnet.

Brad Moser — Google review

If you're nearby I recommend stopping here for a bit.This is a great spot to stop and see for miles with a small gift shop. There's a short tower you can climb to get a little better view, but there's an easily accessible area on the ground only 30 feet from the nearest parking spots making it easy for just about anyone to enjoy this scenic view.

Andrew K — Google review

Any time spent with a loved one in Arkansas is time beautifully spent. The Arkansas grand canyon was nice. Better in fall though, I think... Now I'm just talking about looking at the views of the canyon. Hiking the trails and creeks are great year round.

insane berserk — Google review

Nice overlook into the valley. I’m thinking when this was named the AR “Grand Canyon”, they had never seen the real Grand Canyon! LOL! Still a cool place to take in the scenery. Not crazy about the gravel parking lot on a motorcycle.

Dave “Davesporty48” — Google review

This place is just magical! I'm not a huge fan of the winding roads in a fully loaded 4 door tahoe but, I can't wait to get my bike down there! It will take your breathe away at just about every turn. Love it and highly recommend coming to experience it yourself!

Cory Spratte — Google review

Absolutely beautiful! Pictures do not do this any justice. Roads where a little windy on the way up, would have been more fun if I wasn't in a 37 ft RV. The view was worth it though!

Jesus Ibarra — Google review

Just a photo opp. Gorgeous but not worth a trip reroute. We were a little disappointed. But a beautiful view for sure. So if you are driving past take that photo!

Natasha Moore — Google review

Quick scenic spot on way to Jasper, its good to see only on daylight and can spend 10-15minutes. There's a small gift shop next door.

Deepak — Google review

6/28/23 This part of a scenic drive in Arkansas. It is a nice drive, LOTS of trees! Plenty of good local places including restaurants. Really enjoyed the trip.

jonboiy00 Anonymous — Google review

Beautiful scenic spot. The lady in the gift shop is so nice. If we return, we will definitely bring her some boudin.

Stacy Dowden — Google review

Very pretty, relaxing view. There is sign there also talking view, and where all you can see.Has a scenic point gift shop. Can stop and get Souvenirs, or drink, fudge.They also have a wooden look thing, with stairs that is on site you can walk up, and get a better view.

Karen Howard — Google review


(1105)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (123)


(182)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (124)

AR-7, Jasper, AR 72641, USA


Ozark Bathhouse

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (125)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (126)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (127)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (128)

Mentioned on

12 lists

Sights & Landmarks

Historic Walking Areas

Points of Interest & Landmarks

Bathhouse Row is a row of eight historic bathhouses located in the heart of downtown Springfield, Missouri. Famous for its Spanish colonial facade and resident artist program, Bathhouse Row is synonymous with the city for over a century.

This is a beautiful historic home in Pennsylvania and the local government is trying to tear it down they put a prison next to it and now they're trying to put a methadone clinic next to it this place has a lot of history gangsters and politicians alike have sat in this house at the dining table and it is owned by a very nice and wonderful family now but the local government has been trying to push them out and keep trying to surround them with more problems so if you know this place please help to protect it write your local politician and tell them please save this house

Ben Thorpe — Google review

Beautiful outside building. Didn't go inside.

Susan Paquin — Google review

Late on a Saturday afternoon we were able to get a walk-in for the main pools. I'm usually not one for miracle water and suchlike, but for days after I felt incredibly refreshed and my skin felt great.

Eric Carter — Google review

I am a long-time resident of HS and have been to all of the bathhouses. By far, this one is my favorite and the best!

Angela Taylor — Google review

This was a true and amazing experience for me! I went for my birthday!! If you want to use the private spa and pool you should call and book at least a week or two advance!! I def plan to go back!!!

Tiphlizs VP — Google review

First come first serve. Better get there early. Fun experience.

Charlie H — Google review

A elegante out looking.

吴锐恒(Ruiheng Edbalt Wu) — Google review

Cool outside. Didn't go in.

Chad Tessem — Google review

Very interesting tour

Ron Lara — Google review


Winona Loyd REALTOR — Google review


(51)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (129)


(1371)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (130)

491 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, USA

(501) 624-2701


Fordyce Bathhouse Visitor Center And Museum

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (131)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (132)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (133)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (134)

Mentioned on

+35 other lists

Visitor center

Sights & Landmarks

Historic Sites

The Fordyce Bathhouse Visitor Center is a restored structure that features exhibits and films about the bathhouses of yesteryear. It is one of the only places you can enter other than the Buckstaff, which has been in operation since 1912. The center also houses a museum with information about Bathhouse Rows interesting past and its famous former clients.

Such an interesting place! Definitely a must-visit for your first trip to Hot Springs. We did the self guided tour, and it felt like we were stepping through a looking glass into the early 1900s. As a nice bonus, there is no entry fee.

Deborah Myers — Google review

This is a cool place to visit and learn about the history of Hot Springs bathhouses. The exhibit is free of charge and open to the public. There are 4 floors, with artifacts and panels, images, and a brief history of the people that came to hot springs for thousands of years starting with Native Americans. If you're fascinated by history and a glimpse into how hot springs once looked, come to this place.

Alex D (HyrdoMisfits) — Google review

So much to do and learn! Beside Hot Springs having all the modern the National Park is the gem. Taking time to go through the visitor center and learn about the history of the bathhouses is a must. They have preserved and displayed something from each historic house. They have even displayed the separation of genders and race.Remember to bring your water bottles and fill up from the hot and cold taps!

Josh Kimminau — Google review

Admission is Free with no wait time. Definitely start at Fordyce before visiting any of the bath houses.It educational and takes you back in time. It’s worth every minute you spend here. There are park rangers at site, who can answer any of the questions that you may have.Don’t miss the 17 minute short movie on the history of Fordyce Bath House and Hot Springs. It’s played in the theater room on first floor every hour.The guided tours are scheduled twice a day at set time.There is free public parking and free metered parking on weekends but finding a space to park can be quite a challenge.You can take their antique elevator to access different floors and to it’s restrooms in the basem*nt. The entire property is wheelchair accessible.

Vijay Thakkar — Google review

It is a very interesting self-guided free tour of the first luxury bathhouse. There are 3 levels of historical actual displays and equipment. If you stop and talk to the park ranger he will provide interesting information and history.

Laura — Google review

Really cool self guided tour experience! Really gorgeous in some areas. My youngest sister however did accidentally lock herself in one of the men's dressing room stalls. Watch out for that one.

Aydia Easton — Google review

Must visit if you're in the hot springs national park.area. This is a well laid out museum about the history and science behind the hot springs and bath house phenomenon. Definitely a lot of interesting exhibits and write ups that will satisfy the most demanding of history buffs.

Arun Arasan — Google review

We were looking for "something along our route" and the bath houses came up as a Google recommendation.My first thought was...that doesn't seem too exciting. I looked at some reviews by others and thought my family may enjoy an hour or two here so we would go. I didn't have any great expectations.Boy was I surprised! This place was great! We stopped into the visitor center and picked up a map and a coupon booklet. Do that first!We wandered down the bustling street and passed by countless little shops. We saw an amphibians tour and thought we might try it. Maybe later.We stopped in a few bath houses that were still operational. With e kids tagging along it wasn't practical to think we were going to bathe, so we went to the next one. Everyone was super friendly and told us about the one that was turned into a museum....the Fordyce.We made our way over to the Fordyce and saw they had guided tours, or you could self tour. We didn't want to wait for the guided tour so we checked it out alone. My kids were fascinated and I quickly read all the narrations to them as were breezed through the building. They especially like the electromassage and other "weird" technology from back then. We even watched a little of the theater info video.

Joshua Steele — Google review

GREAT experience over several floors - lots of fantastic exhibits and information..!Bathrooms available - no public WiFi - no gift shop in this building.The looped movie plays on the hour and half hour - very dated but interesting.

Ryan Smith — Google review

Must-see! This was so interesting to see what luxury was like 100 years ago. Great preservation. Three levels (and don't forget the basem*nt) to see. Plan on 30-40 minutes.

Michael Miller — Google review

This was probably the highlight of Hot Springs NP. It was really cool to learn and see how the bathhouses operated when they were in their prime. This is a free museum and has 3 floors and a basem*nt!! So much to see and learn. You can also see a bit of the actual spring water from the basem*nt.

Katie Fiola Jones — Google review

We visited here on this trip as my husband had never been here. I thought it would be something fun for us to do. The Fordyce Bathhouse is one of the old bathhouses on Bathhouse row on Central Ave in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is a visitor center and is a museum of sorts as you can tour through the 3 floors and basem*nt. It is a step back into the glory days of what it was like for people who visited the bathhouse for either treatment for ailments or just to relax and have social interactions with other patrons. The natural hot springs that run underground were a great resource. They have an elevator here as well. The staff/park rangers are very friendly and helpful. It's a clean establishment, and there are bathrooms for you located in the basem*nt. There is a gift shop as well. The Fordyce is a must-see if you are visiting here, and it is FREE to tour also.

Carrie Willeford — Google review

My favorite stop on Bathhouse Row. I always take time to visit this beautiful, historic building when I’m in Hot Springs. It’s been so well preserved, it’s hard not to get caught up in thoughts about the lives of the people who are long-gone that occupied this bathhouse. Some of the stained glass is truly breathtaking. Every room is a snapshot of history, some sad, but very thought-provoking. I recommend the self-guided tour for anyone who would like to reflect on the past in their own time.

Amanda Scroggins — Google review

Fascinating history. We took the 10 am. outside, ranger-guided tour led by Ranger Chimill. He was so knowledgeable and interesting. There was also an inside tour, but we preferred slowly going through the museum by ourselves as they had the information well marked on signs and placards.

Eileen Brand — Google review

We enjoyed our ranger-led tours of the springs and bathhouse. You can also do self-guided tours. Very interesting. More like a museum or historic site than a National Park, though.

Loretta Divine — Google review

FREE admission. This is the visitor center and a museum. Original elevator, pretty cool! If you go to one of the bathhouses you will be using everything you see in this museum, as far as tub, tables… very interesting place to visit. Make sure you read the history of the place, is posted everywhere.

Martha L. — Google review

We had a superb visit here, learning the history of the bathhouses, with focus on the Fordyce as we walked back in time through the facility. Our park ranger guide was outstanding as she explained in detail the evolution of the area and how the bathhouses operated. Fascinating stuff and well worth the time spent.

Matt — Google review

It’s free and it is rich in history. There are guided tours twice a day by the rangers. Definitely worth visiting! It is also surrounded by some of the operational bath houses near by. Also plenty of restaurants around. Parking can be quite tricky to find during weekends.

Shriraam Murali — Google review

Very unique and clean national park visitor center. Staffs are very nice and helpful. It’s a museum, no hot spring pool here. A step back in time when walking around in this place.

Phat Nguyen — Google review

FREE Admission- What an amazing visit! The building is kept at 62 degrees- you may want to bring a jacket. If you are thinking about stopping in it is so worth your time. Very educational while enjoyable experience as well.The park rangers were so friendly and knowledgeable. There are guided tours at set times of the day, a video segment. Make sure you make it to the third floor and see the beautiful stain glass ceiling in the parlor. There is free parking near by the building. It is a very busy area. A bit challenging to access but very worth it. Restrooms are available in the basem*nt.

Rita Loeding — Google review

Nice museum with no visiting charges . Displaying the ancient bath treatment provided using the hot spring water and how the infrastructure was at that time. Looked very luxurious . Different treatment provided , different room , changing room and how the spring water was supplied upstairs.

Aparna Tiwari (The wandering foodie) — Google review


(1721)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (136)


(2175)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (137)

369 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, USA

(501) 620-6715


Hot Springs Mountain Tower

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (138)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (139)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (140)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (141)

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Sights & Landmarks

Gift shop

Observation Decks & Towers

The landmark Hot Springs Mountain Tower has views of the surrounding mountains and Hot Springs National Park. The tower is 216-feet tall, making it a great place to see the area.

Hot Springs Mountain Tower is a must see when visiting HS, Arkansas for sure! You get a beautiful view of the town below and surrounding mountains. Makes for nice photos. I've gone twice and would go again next time I vacation in Arkansas. Gift shop always has cute things to choose from. My husband bought me birthstone stud earrings the first time we went and a lovely ring the second time. Being way up high is always so exciting!

Elo?za — Google review

A breathtaking view of Hot Springs and the surrounding area! If you are visiting for the first time, this absolutely needs to be on your list of things to do.The gift shop was cute and full of local souvenirs, the employees were very welcoming, and the top of the tower really is something to experience.The very top floor is open-air, while the floor just below has windows and goes into the history of Hot Springs, the tower, etc. I can tell you I have a pretty intense fear of heights, but I went up for our kids and I really did feel safe once I got to the top. If you're nervous about going, I'd encourage you to give it a shot.If you have young kids, be prepared for them to get to the top and say "Wow! We're up high! Can we go now?" 😂 You may have to do some speed reading to read some of the information on the enclosed floor.Honestly, I may have enjoyed the drive up and down the mountain as much as I enjoyed the tower! It was filled with switchbacks and was really a beautiful drive. Lots of places along the way to stop, see the sights, have a picnic lunch, and even walk some trails if you'd like.

David Engle — Google review

Our family of 5 came for the bath houses....decided to see the tower. There was the option of parking at the bottom and hiking the trail to the tower, but the drive seemed like a better idea as Temps were nearing 93.The drive up the mountain was beautiful with dozens of switchbacks winding though the trees as the sun poking through created a natural strobe light effect.Parking up top is limited to about 50 vehicles...so come early, although many who come up do not stay too long. There is a gift shop in the bottom of the tower that looks a little dated, but the workers were extremely nice.The price for the tower is a little steep costing 13 for adults and 9 for kids. 1st responder discount and a 1 free admission coupon from the guide book we picked up at the visitors center in town...we spent less than 45 bucks. The tower was busy (July 3rd) so there was a 5 minute wait for the elevator. There is a turnstyle from an old subway that you place your token in to access the elevators. A 1 minute ride to the top and you can staybas long as you like. The very top was open air but if you go around to the staircase, the is another floor lower that is enclosed with A/C and lots of reading panels.We took the staircase back down which was pleasant.

Joshua Steele — Google review

A wonderful experience! It was awesome to get to look down on the historic town of Hot Springs and see it from that perspective! Definitely recommend to everyone! There is nearby parking and the cost isn’t outrageous, plus they have a very nice gift shop! Check it out!

Heather H — Google review

Great views but very windy! Recommend bringing a jacket if you visit the outside observation deck! The inside observation deck is the level below it, but the views are better from the very top of the tower. Wish we got to see the sun set all the way. Unfortunately, their hours say it closes at 5pm, but the tower actually closes at 4:30pm. Wish they would extend their hours, especially during the summer when the sun sets later because the views would be beautiful! Admission was $10/person and parking is free.

Alexandra Nusawardhana — Google review

So very pretty, and also very interesting. The gift shop is kind of pricey, but the lookout tower views make up for it. The staff is so nice, upbeat, and pleasant to interact with. To put it simply, the staff was refreshing. I highly recommend!!If you’re in the military or are a first responder, they will give you a discounted rate, so be sure to bring proof or an ID if that applies to you.

Sheena Youngers — Google review

Visited 7/3/23My wife wanted to go up in this tower for our anniversary today. It’s a beautiful view of Hot Springs and the surrounding mountains. The elevator has a window and goes up the middle of the 216 ft. crossbeam structure that the overlook platform is built on.Lots of souvenirsin the gift shop at the bottom. Everyone should visit here at least once.

Robert Beaman — Google review

Beautiful uphill drive and nicely built tower. The best part was the elevator going up to the viewing deck. You could see miles away while going up. The views from the tower are awesome. You could see the buildings and the hotels around. Hot Spring, AR has so many trees. You could see the greenery all over the place from the tower. You also find the hot springs at the base of the tower while going back.

Irfan Azam — Google review

Pretty neat going up and seeing a 360 view of Hot Springs and the surrounding areas. You also get a good workout if you take all the flights of stairs. There is an elevator. However once you get to the top just be prepared for a lot of wind. Especially on a windy day, but the views are worth it.

Ryan Beverly — Google review

Easily accessible from the main road, plenty of free parking including for Handicap accessible Vehicles. The drive up is very nice with some view points. You can also walk up to the topThere was not a long wait to buy tickets or for the Elevator to go up. You can also walk the stairs if you like.Excellent 360 view from the top with plenty of Historical Photos and information.There is a nice shop where you purchase the tickets.

P Oneliv — Google review

Lovely view and really good customer service. You do have to pay to go up. They give a discount for groups of 15 or more and also offer a military/veterans discount.

Frances Sharp — Google review

Amazing view from the top. You can drive to it or hike to it. Roughly 1/2-3/4 mile hike up the hill. Medium level of difficulty but worth it in my opinion.Gift shop items are excessively overpriced, kind of expected, but not to this extreme.

Ryan Meier — Google review

$12 with a National Parks pass to get elevator to the top which is 216ft.Great views over the National Park and over the town of Hot Springs. There is an exhibition level below the top deck giving the history of the town and the famous people who came to the area to bathe in the spring water.

Alan Aim — Google review

The drive up was very nice lots of scenery. When we at the top looking up at the tower was very impressive. So we paid our way in and took the elevator to the top and what a view! Then there is all kinds of history about Hot Springs and the tower with all the famous people from the 30s to include Babe Ruth and lots of other baseball players. The gift shop is also very cool with shirts, hats and other items. You won't be disappointed at all. This was my first time up and I did it for my 61st birthday!

David Tipton — Google review

Beautiful drive up the mountain. Very tall building and at the very top you can go outside and see all the way around the next floor is inclosed with dirty windows but you can still see fine you can walk all the way around outside view is better for pictures and videos inside has inside has history info and displays.The top outside was too windy to enjoy it. It was all I could do to stand up, and my hair was all in my face. I asked about the winds, and they said it gets really windy up there, but they were under wind advisory that day, so it was extremely bad. So check to make sure if there is a wind advisory before you go, and it should be better, lol.It was something to do it was nice, but I expected to see something exciting and / or beautiful, lol. There is also a store on the ground floor.I stayed about an hour and would have stayed longer if they didn't have a wind advisory. On a normal day, I would say it's about a 1 - to 3-hour event.

Lisa Dunlap — Google review

We waited in a disorganized line for about 20 minutes just to purchase overpriced tickets to ride to the top. You had to get these tokens first that fed into the turnstile machine. Then we sat there and waited another 5 minutes for an elevator to take us to the top. They did have a great tutorials and history information about the city. Also had great views of the surrounding land. They did have a little gift store inside where you can purchase souvenirs and snacks. There is also a bathroom located inside. To me, it was not worth the price as I thought it was a little overpriced for the tickets.

Kevin — Google review

The tower tour was a quick in and out. Lots of information on the history. Great views. We were able see the pretty fall colors view. The tower closed at 2.00pm due to the day before Thanksgiving. We also got $3off per ticket as we had the annual national park pass.

Shruthi SK — Google review

Must see and do. There are a lot of history placards on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor is an outdoor viewing area. Loved it. I have a National Parks pass so out entry was $10/person

Janis RB — Google review

Awesome views of the town Hot Springs! Well worth it, elevator was a bit sketchy though. You also have to pay for the viewing scopes up top. They have a gift shop at the bottom/ entrance when you first come in.

Michael Meeks — Google review

Recommended by a native from Hot Springs, we made a point to go before sunset and got there just in time before they stopped making runs up to the top (4:30p in November). Hold on to your hat when you get to the top so it doesn’t blow away! Beautiful drive up the windy 5k road to the base of the tower and peaceful, gorgeous views await you at the top!

Carrie Barton — Google review


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401 Hot Springs Mountain Dr, Hot Springs, AR 71901, USA

(501) 881-4020

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Petit Jean State Park

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (152)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (153)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (154)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (155)

State park

Nature & Parks

Destination featuring a historic lodge with a pool, plus hiking, boating & dramatic natural scenery.

Petit Jean State Park has been one of my favorite wilderness experiences in Arkansas! We stayed at the campground in the park which was extremely clean, had great facilities, and was absolutely beautiful. It made getting up and exploring that much easier every single day. My two favorite parts of the part were the Petit Jean Overlook and Gravesite, and the Cedar Falls Trail. The Petit Jean Overlook is amazing to experience at different times of the day with the lights and shadows changing constantly and is amazing to catch a sunrise if you can! The Cedar Falls are absolutely marvelous and if you can make the trek down and back they are completely worth it! This area is amazing and should definitely be on your Arkansas list if you are visiting the area!

Jeremy Janus — Google review

Loop A is really nice. We had full hookups, lots of space between sites, and a separate tent pad. The lake is beautiful and there is a pool. The visitor center is very nice for basic needs. There are plenty of hiking trails and scenic places within a short walk or drive.

Jim Martorano — Google review

On our journey from Little Rock to Oklahoma, we were fortunate to stumble upon this hidden gem in Arkansas. What a delightful discovery it turned out to be! This place is a haven for nature lovers, boasting several incredible hiking trails to explore. Opting for the Cedar Falls trail was a decision we didn't regret. While it takes around 45 minutes to reach the falls, the journey is just as rewarding as the destination. The breathtaking views along the way heightened our excitement, and finally witnessing the majestic Cedar Falls was an unforgettable moment. It's definitely a highlight of our trip, and we highly recommend it to anyone seeking a refreshing outdoor adventure!!

Ranjit Shrestha — Google review

Absolutely beautiful. Peaceful. This STATE park is better than some National Parks. The staff and rangers have all been super friendly and helpful. The hikes have a variety of easy, moderate, strenuous levels. Beautiful hikes. Bear Cave, Rock House, Turtle Rocks, Cedar Falls. The over looks are great and provide ADA Access.The smaller cabin is perfect for my 6 year old, wife and myself. With everything you need to cook, make a fire, etc.We will return and do Canyon Trail, Seven Hollows, and hopefully the Boy Scout Trails.

Nelson Weems — Google review

Absolutely beautiful! Almost didn't stop here on our trip but so glad we did. Lots of waterfalls, creeks/water, rock formations, and caves throughout the park. Large visitors center. Lots of great trails of varying difficulty and a handful of overlooks right off the road. Didn't camp here but they also have plenty of camping areas from what I saw!

Amanda Bird — Google review

Such a lovely, well maintained park, campground and amenities. We stayed at Campground B, space 49 for 4 nights starting 6/26/2023. We traveled the entire park, fished the lake and the river, and hiked some trails. The site was full amenities and had a tent site. There are varied amounts of amenities at different sites as well. The visitors center was great with pleasant staff. The auto museum was chock full of brand new condition that were 70 years old or more. Maher Lodge is a must see. The roads to the park are small, hilly type roads but not overly difficult. There aren’t any bait stores close, so bring your own. Firewood is available very close. I will stay here again it is such a top notch place.

Craig Vogler — Google review

Great park providing something for everyone. The trails were well kept and marked. Lakes were clean, peaceful and had plenty of options for boat rentals for us to enjoy. I would recommend the bike boats and sunset kayaking. The bike trail was smooth and easy to travel. Campsites were all very well kept and provided enough space to have privacy. All the staff and guides were very polite and helpful. Great place for the entire family! Plenty of picnic areas. Playground for the young ones. Clean restrooms and showers! You can even bring your pets.

Brad Smith — Google review

Another great state park. Arkansas should be proud of their park system. I love the fact they they do not charge a fee just to use the parks. They do charge for camping. Very nice trail system for hiking and biking. It is dog friendly as long as you clean up after your pets. We stayed in the campground for a couple of nights.

Jeff Galbraith — Google review

My sister and her husband and I love going hiking 🥾🥾 and we thought we had seen everything that could surprise us, well were we ever wrong! This place was beyond our expectations! The house cave, was the most AWESOME cave we ever seen, to walk around in something that huge was an amazing experience, but to get there you had to walk around what we called the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 🐢 🐢🐢 🐢 LOL The Turtle Rocks were something totally out of this world 🌎! The overlook point was amazing as well! We also hiked Bear Cave and the other one where the bridge was out but we still did the whole hike. Your state park is so beautiful! Can't wait to do it again.

Eric James Lenhardt — Google review

I’m visiting from out of state and went hiking here on Christmas day. It was amazing! I did the waterfall hike and the bear cave hike. The trails are very well marked.They were serving lunch on Christmas and all the staff were super friendly. It was a great visit all around!

Steph West — Google review

The most beautiful state park ever! The trail to cedar falls, and cedar falls itself has to be one of the coolest places.We were lucky enough to be able to view the 2024 solar eclipse inside the Falls!

Brittany Risk — Google review

Amazing Place!! We hiked cedar falls trail and to a few others. Cedar falls alone was worth it all!! A workout but well worth it!! Wear non slip hiking shoes. The path and rocks are wet along the trail in a couple of areas. Also, don't forget drinking water.

Teri Debie — Google review

Arrived, it was a nice facility.Some of the the front desk staff was friendly, the manager was lovely and kind.. we stayed a few days, and had to deal with another staff member think his name was Troy. His attitude was tolerable and kind of impatient.Being a consumer I expected better that, no room service which was fine, it was hard getting towels and requesting them when he was there. First day getting them was fine we figured out from the front desk on how to go about getting service leave it outside the door. The second day we didn't receive bedding and towels till 1:30 and they took the trash can as well, so we had to go buy trash bags. The lodging was OK, kind of small and enclosed, as well as getting things up and down to the rooms was difficult, being the pavement wasn't the smoothest, the carts couldn't go down the stairs. I'd hate to have been in a wheelchair. Overall, it was a beautiful experience; I just wouldn't lodge there again. The service wasn't all that to me; like I said, I felt tolerable vibes, but that's my opinion. As well as no security light during quiet time, it is pitch black. Going to get a drink from the vending machine . The light was so dim. We stayed three days in Mathers Lodge, garbage lining not changed until day 4.

jiah jackson — Google review

The Lodge was comfortable and quaint. While our rooms were small, they were comfortable. The staff was friendly and helpful and the park was beautiful. We lucked out, and a cool spell blew through the night we arrived, so we had pleasant temps in late July.

Lou Ann Warren — Google review

Beautiful place and stunning views something for everyone nice day trips or camping there is even a motel, or stay in a cabin and eat in the lodge, a lake and swimming area. Hiking trails everywhere. Picnic areas, retreat camps. Wedding venues, car museum, waterfall, handicap accessible to all viewing areas. There are homes up there to along the back side of the Mt.

Gail Tudor — Google review

We had a great time at this park. We stayed in section C I believe which is the older campground. Some of these sites are a tight fit and our water facet was so far away from my camper I couldn’t reach it with a 50 ft hose. I did like the mature trees in the area though and we were able to make it work. Each site has your typical amenities fire ring, lantern pole, tent pad, etc. The bathrooms were really well maintained just a little dated in our section and the showers offered little privacy. The visitors center was nice and new and offered a small educational exhibit. The park offers so many hiking trails and other amenities such as an on site restaurant, swimming pools, basketball courts, kayaking etc. There is so much for the family to do in the area definitely worth the drive to visit and stay for a weekend!

Nathan Pierce — Google review

We camped in section B fairly level sites with nice space between camp sites. Enjoyed some of the hikes. Beautiful waterfalls. Cleaned bathrooms. Very busy on weekends and very quiet on the weekdays. Great staff at the visitor center. Thank you for a great camping trip.

Bonita Burden — Google review

This park is an absolute delight. There is something here for everyone. Caves? Check. Waterfalls? Check. Mountain vistas? Check. Hiking,birding,swimming,camping, literally all the things.I haven’t stopped thinking about how wonderful this park is and how much I want to revisit.

Christine Gruber — Google review

Absolutely beautiful! Loved the trails and stunning views and overlooks. Our Cabin was comfortable and near Mather Lodge. Didn’t do the difficult trails. Rock house trail,Petit Jean Overlook, and Cedar trail falls was our favorite!

Melissa Krieger — Google review

I only really had enough time to stop by the visitor center and the lookout area, but I can't wait to get back there for more!The views were amazing and I know there is a lot more of them worth seeing. I also really want to get to the waterfall and do the hikes this park offers.

JC Prazak (Ozark Explorer) — Google review

Just a two night visit and a promise to come back! The A and B campgrounds are new and spacious but the C and D campgrounds are old and the sites are of uneven quality. Some may be too small, too uneven or too close for some people. The hiking is excellent with excellent markings and maintenance. The Mather Lodge is perfectly situated with marvelous views. I can’t speak to the quality of food, drink and lodging but I bet they’re good. Restrooms clean and utile if a bit old in some cases. We’ll be back to fully explore the hiking for sure.

John Crankshaw — Google review


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1285 Petit Jean Mountain Rd, Morrilton, AR 72110, USA

(501) 727-5441


Pinnacle Mountain State Park

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State park

Nature & Parks

Pinnacle Mountain State Park is a beautiful state park located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The park has hiking trails that offer amazing views of the city and surrounding areas. There is also a visitor center and arboretum onsite, making it a great place to visit if you're interested in nature or hiking.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park is an absolute must see if you are in the area! The park is beautiful, has tons of trails and water access, and offers some of the best views near Little Rock! My favorite place to hike is the Pinnacle Mountain West Summit Trailhead since it has a decent grade, wonderful views, and has a bit of a scramble up the boulder field to get to the top. Pinnacle Mountain is the only place I have ever hiked both the sunrise and sunset on the same day due to the proximity to the Maumelle Park Campground I stayed at. The sunset at the top is one of the best I have seen across the country, and it feels like you are somewhere tropical with the colors of the trees and sky you can get when the sun is setting over the ridge. I cannot recommend this park and these views enough if you are around Little Rock!

Jeremy Janus — Google review

This trail is not for inexperienced hikers. The trails begins fairly easy at the beginning and as you’re going up, you’ll need your hands to help you climb. I didn’t get bit by any bugs, although I saw a green poisonous snake. Luckily the other hikers warned me before I was about to step on the snake. When you’ve climbed your way to the very top, a fantastic view awaits you. Make sure to wear appropriate shoes, bring loads of water and snacks. I loved this trail and you will as well!!

Mary — Google review

Pinnacle mountain hiking trail is an absolute must-see! A spectacular location with incredible views and plenty of opportunities for exploration. The trail is well-marked and easy to navigate, with plenty of parking available. The scenery is breathtaking. There's plenty of wildlife to spot in the area. My German shepherd really enjoy it. I highly recommend it - an unforgettable adventure! Five stars for sure!

Charlie Garrelts — Google review

A beautiful state park. Free! The hikes are easy, a nice walk. The views are some of the best in the country. They have good trails for biking as well. Lots of ground to cover. The lake is gorgeous. Water looks good. They have pavilions or places to have a cookout or barbecue. A playground for the kids, bathrooms, small pier for viewing, canoe rentals, and more trails to walk through the woods. My family really enjoyed this park. Look forward to our next visit!

Vince Monreal — Google review

Very nice hike to the summit. Clearly marked trail, even when it becomes boulder steps. More area at the summit than expected. You can make this as difficult as you like by increasing pace, or go slow. I went up and back in under 30 minutes, but I can see going at a slower more leisurely pace and enjoy the surroundings. The park itself looks like a great place for a family outing or group gathering.

Nate Hart — Google review

We went on the West Summit trail and hiked on a clear day! Very steep at the top with lots of rocks. I highly recommend wearing hiking boots and be careful with leaves on rocks as they are slick. I almost slipped! Overall took about 1.5 hours for us. Worth the view!

Jaja C — Google review

Beautiful park! Lots of hiking trails of varying lengths and difficulty. Some paved some not. There's lots of rock formations, a quarry, mountain, and a few overlooks as well. Last minute addition to our trip but so glad we added it!

Amanda Bird — Google review

Nice State Park. Lots of trails to go on. Theres a alligator that is happy in a big aquarium inside the vistors center. Park is clean and theres a small lake that looks like a painting.

chad skabronski — Google review

Beautiful. I've never taken the hard trail but the easier one is a piece of cake. Id say takes roughly 1hr 45 min for the average person to reach the top. I do wish It was easier to get to the edge when up there but hey, its beautiful. The bathrooms are clean and their is also a playground for kids. Plenty of grills and picnic tables also.

Alisha Hagen — Google review

Pinnacle Mountain is so beautiful. Great place to hike, bike, enjoy nature and the view. Our family loves it here! Today we went hiking East Summit Trail and I only made it up 3/4 way because it was so steep and rocky but I had fun!

Joni Alina — Google review

We were very surprised upon our arrival at the size of this park, but really enjoyed our visit. The park ranger advised us that the West side summit trail was a little easier and not as steep. Nice park store, and we enjoyed our hike to the overlook area of the River. We were excited to see that the 223 mile Ouachita Trailhead is located here. Don't think it is an easy 1.5 mile hike up the mountain! It's very rough and you are climbing straight up and over HUGE boulders through at least a mile of the trail. It's very worth it once you get to the top, but we seen several dogs loosing their footing sliding down the rocks, and a couple of people in flip flops falling. It's important to bring PLENTY of water, and proper shoes! I know that my picture of the rocks looks flat, but that's looking almost at a straight up incline that you are climbing up to the summit!

Tena Jones — Google review

My daughter (12 y/o) and I visit Pinnacle Mountain at least once or twice a year and have been doing this for the past 4 years. The hike is moderate to strenuous but the view at the top is wonderful. There are other trails and a beautiful park that has a playground for kids.Take plenty of water (we have a camelback) and a bag to carry your trash as there isn’t a trash can along the trail. My daughter and I also pack a few snacks to eat when we get to the top.I do want to state that we have stumbled upon 3 snakes (non-venomous) on or along the trail so, be careful and keep an eye out. We respected them and left them alone. I posted videos of them on my YouTube channel.

Jennifer N. Adams, Author — Google review

There are a lot of nice trails here. This is a beautiful state park. The people at the visitor center are really nice and you will find a lot of other hikers here to offer you advice along the way. Each trail is Walmart and very clean. I will give some recommendations on which hikes to do for each type of person that might come here.If you are inexperienced at hiking, or if you are in a wheelchair or want to be on a paved path instead of a rocky or dirt path, you can take the Rocky Valley Trail. There’s a nice view at the top and it’s easily accessible by the parking lot in the visitor center which may be easier for you to park in because the other parking lots are smaller.If you are a beginner hiker, you can take the bass trail, which is the green trail and hike as far as you want and then turn back and go back to your car. There is a few rocks on the ground but it’s mostly a dirt trail.If you want a little bit of an adventure, you could take the West Summit Trail, which is the yellow trail up to the top of the mountain. It only really gets difficult in the second half where you have to go up some stone steps or some rocks that are placed like steps. once you get to the top, it will all be worth it. I don’t expect it would be that much more difficult than taking a long big staircase. Then you can turn around and go back to your car.Finally, for an experienced hiker, you should park at the west summit entrance, and then use the base trail to go around the south side of the mountain to the east summit entrance, and then climb the mountain from the east and descend from the west. This is the red trail. Then your car will be right there waiting when you get done with the mountain. This took my wife and I exactly 4 hours and we are Relatively inexperienced hikers. It’s the most fun hike I’ve ever been on.

Ralph Caffery — Google review

It is a good park for children, with a large area to play soccer or outdoor games, the restrooms are next to the play area, there’s vending machines for drinks, in case you forget yours.

Nydya Robles — Google review

We had a great hike this morning with some good friends and beautiful views on the way up and at the top. Definitely worth the trip.

Erik Holm — Google review

This was pretty intense, and we took the yellow path. There's a red, way more challenging path. Beautiful views, totally worth the climb. Make sure you bring water and have time to complete.

Matthew Castillo — Google review

Had so much fun. We went for the little.5 my loop after visiting the visitor center. The guidance is there. That had a playground as well so the kids had a blast. Most definitely recommend going there if you have young ones. It's a simple loop you get to see wildlife you get to see the water you get to see the greenery. And you get to go to a playground. They had some restrooms there as well.

Shruti Subramanian — Google review

My absolute favorite hiking spot! It's gorgeous and while sometimes it can be busy, everyone respects everyone else. It can be a bit of a moderate hike in some places, especially a few scrambles on the west side. The views alone are all worth it. Great place to take a pup too!

Kayla Feist — Google review

Great park. Very well maintained trails and recreation areas. The view from the summit is glorious on a clear day

Mark S. Barnes, Jr. — Google review

We walked up to the viewing area and checked out the visitors center. They have some very interesting displays and a deck for viewing. There is a small gift shop and clean restrooms. We also really enjoyed waking the paths in the Arksnsas Arboretum right up the road!

Black Earth Storage — Google review

Clean & rugged area. The quarry area was blocked off. The state park closes 1 hour after sunset. All areas free to explore. Lots of cypress trees in los areas and scenic views higher up. I frequent this area and find it to never be crowded like many of the others in the state.

Christina Bethalee Thompson — Google review

The hike was not too bad but you definitely need to bring water and be able to step over and on large rocks. We had a great time.

George Lerma — Google review


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11901 Pinnacle Valley Rd, Roland, AR 72135, USA

(501) 868-5806


Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

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Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks

The Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site commemorates the pivotal event of the Brown vs. Board of Education case in 1957, when nine black students enrolled at the school after the government decreed that all schools must be integrated. The site offers interactive exhibits and a visitor center with guided tours, free of charge, open Tuesday through Saturday.

This site goes well beyond information strictly pertaining to the high school. It also covers women’s rights, workers’ rights, etc - because we’re not free until we’re all free. The ranger who met me at the door was obviously passionate and helpful. The NPS app is a helpful addition, especially to visiting the grounds. I wish I had planned ahead better, so that I would be able to take a guided tour.Beyond worth your time.

Victoria Eads — Google review

Such an incredible landmark to visit. Also amazing is that it's still a functioning high school.Kids were coming in and out of the front while our park ranger was giving us a tour from the outside. Presentation was given on the front steps.Everyone should visit to better understand how segregation was, sadly, started in America. The path was long and horrendous but the students that endured the unspeakable torment made it possible for so many more to move forward.

Toby McClain — Google review

Ranger Randy was the absolute BEST. He brought the tour as close to being there when it occurred as humanly possible. I was there based on his detailed explanation of events and situations the nine students faced It was chilling, to say the least, but he did not hold back a single detail or try and sugarcoat the situation He told the history and warned everyone up front, if you are here for a happy and sweet story, this is not that tour It was the BEST and most informative tour I have been on, and since I am retired, I have attended many of them Well, Done, Randy, and I HIGHLY Recommend if you are planning to take this tour and you get Randy, get ready to find yourself, regardless of race, creed, or color, literally standing on the streets and steps of history and feeling like you are really a part of it Well Done!!! v/r, Dr. K. King

Dr. Ken King — Google review

If you are in Little Rock this is a must stop! There is something for everyone learn about what happened to the "Little Rock Nine". Very eye opening experience!

Barb Drewis — Google review

We took the guided tour. It was about 2 hours but well worth it! The Junior Ranger book here is much more inline with the park than most parks as well. Plan on a minimum of 3-4 hours to get the tour and do the museum. Absolutely recommend!

Dustin J — Google review

Wonderful experience. Tour guide was very knowledgeable. Wish we were able to enter the school.

Amarie Stevens — Google review

We did not get to visit the museum as it was closed the day we were there, but just visiting the building was amazing. Central's history of public school racial integration was what brought us here and that would have been enough, but upon seeing the actual structure, we were blown away by the architecture and were compelled to research it's history, which I encourage you to do. It gives even more depth to the meaning of the events that took place, besides being fascinating in itself. Such a beautiful place that has obviously been taken very good care of- it's so gratifying to see that an important historical landmark will live on for a long time so others may visit.

Charissa Hanson — Google review

Amazing site to go to and learn the history of the Little Rock Nine. The museum is informative with videos and articles/artifacts. If you're looking to visit a national historic site I'd highly recommend.

Roger Alonzo — Google review

The Visitor Center was was closed when we were there, but there was still parking available. Since the school is still in use today, it is free and open to the public to walk around outside. There are several statues and walkways. It was moving to be able to walk up the same step were history was made decades ago.

Bonnie Robinson — Google review

The school is enormous! Majestic! The Visitor Center was awesome. Nice gift shop. Very interactive and educational! The Little Rock Nine are... heroic... worthy of honor!

Jenny K. — Google review

It was very interesting. Our 11 year old granddaughter got a chance to learn about her hometown and even earn her Jr. Ranger badge.

CHERYL Poppel — Google review

As a kid of lived through my own desegregation trauma...I simply couldn't drive through Little Rock and not see the famed building that was one of the first proving grounds of the Supreme Court's desegregation order! I am glad I did. I didn't know the National Parks Service had designated it as a landmark and had a visitor center with exhibits nearby. What I thought would be a quick snapshot in front of the building turned into an emotional roller-coaster and an opportunity to walk among history.

Michael E. Straughter — Google review

I stopped by here on my way east. Intresting place even if it is woke. They have a junior ranger program but to compleat it would take quite a while. There is an old gas station across the stree that looks just like it did in the 1950s. This is a free national hiatoric site. There are a lot of intresting videos inside.

Moving on with Old man river — Google review

There are no words to describe this amazing piece of US history. Go on a guided tour- a ranger-led interpretive tour will give you so much more perspective/information than just visiting the visitor center. To walk in the footsteps of the 9 black students, the National Guard, the police, the media, the federal troops, the teachers, and the white students is one of the most sobering and provocative experiences that I've ever had. The school is still an active high school, so you can't go inside on a tour. Just walking the grounds is powerful. The history this school has seen.

Wendy Ross — Google review

The staff was so friendly and really seemed to enjoy their work. This is a most for any national park lover and so educational about the history of our country.

Allie A — Google review

The high school is still an operating high school, so there are necessary restrictions when visiting the site, but the Visitor Center at the National Historic Site is a treasure trove of incredible information about the Little Rock Nine and the entire Civil Rights Movement before and after. The staff at the Visitor Center are incredibly helpful and informative.

B. MIchael McFarland — Google review


(802)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (168)


(1254)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (169)

2120 W Daisy L Gatson Bates Dr, Little Rock, AR 72202, USA

(501) 374-1957


Little Rock River Market

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (170)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (171)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (172)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (173)

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Food court


The River Market District in Little Rock is a popular destination for food lovers with a variety of eateries and stalls to choose from. The market hall is an open concept building with food stalls, coffee vendors, groceries, and take-out options. In addition to the food court, the district features a twice-weekly farmer's market as well as frequent concerts.

Delicious food options

Kadie Wabnum — Google review

One third of the vendors in food court were still closed.We ordered from Mexican and Thai food.Thai curry was spicy and the tacos were ok .Love the park nearby with many fun sculptures.

Sonnevy On — Google review

The River Market was nearly completely devoid of people on our Saturday afternoon visit. While the place might be quite entertaining during the summer, it is rather lifeless in the winter. The Middle East Mediterranean place did have fantastic food and incredibly friendly service!

Dan Brown — Google review

Went on a Saturday and it was oddly very empty….there was no farmers market just a few restaurants open

Lauren (Rose) — Google review

I don’t understand how anyone would consider this small rundown venue a “world class international market”…… the inside is 25 years dated…. Most shops and booths are abandoned, trashy, or closed. The shops they do have offers food that tastes like fast food versions of international dishes. There’s a homeless camp in front of and behind the venue. the outdoor seating is sad (old metal tables placed haphazardly on the concrete area behind the venue). Hours of operation are never accurate. there’s trash thrown all over the place. I dunno….. seems like a struggling venue with limited options.

Justin Shaffer — Google review

Food was delicious from the Thai restaurant. Great choices and all very good. Sadly ,there was usually one person working each booth. This made for long waits for food. Great place if you aren’t in a hurry.

Andrea Harris — Google review

Very cool river front area with great walk way with sculptures, flowers, kids area and great view points. Lots of shade and benches to rest . Many ships and bars on the main street too

John Harris — Google review

It was great but a lot of the stalls weren't open on the weekdays. It was a nice spot to go get a quick lunch! I enjoyed the BBQ and the Vietnamese spot.

Courtney Cordova — Google review

Really awesome experience to be able to walk around and then walk into a nice food court sit down after you choose what you want to eat right across the way is a nice candy shop as well it's really an all-around cool experience if you like walking and shopping in Windows it's really wonderful food was really good I ate at the Mexican place that's inside there the street corn was phenomenal nice and clean in there

Joey Showalter — Google review

A nice farmer's market offering local produce and goods. Located under two covered vendor areas, this downtown river market is a fun way to spend a Saturday morning! Bicycle rentals and a ton of restaurants along with a food hall are just feet away.

Jared Winchester — Google review

Little Rock River Market is a fun place to get out and walk around. You can get the most beautiful views of Downtown from the Junction Bridge (a pedestrian bridge). There are many fun things to do in this area as well as several great restaurants.

Jan Cam — Google review


(503)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (175)


(663)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (176)

400 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201, USA

(501) 375-2552


William J. Clinton Library and Museum

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (177)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (178)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (179)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (180)

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National museum

Sights & Landmarks

The William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum is located within the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas and honors the life of former U.S. President William J. Clinton. The museum offers exhibits on Clinton's time in office as well as his personal life, and features artifacts from both his presidency and his time spent as a governor of Arkansas.

Beautiful facility with rotating exhibit items and photo ops.Even though we went during a busy event day (spring break season AND a private function) we didn’t have to wait long for security. And we read ahead of time about health & safety protocols. So, that helped.My little kiddos are 5 & 11 - both enjoyed the library and exhibits for different reasons. You’ll spend about 2 hours here and no matter what, you’ll learn something or see something new.I was impressed by the table setting and Bill’s saxophones. Yes, there’s heavy-hitting news and history to read about. But some of the lighthearted items really spoke to me this visit. Maybe it humanizes the office. I’m not sure.5 stars now. 5 stars the first year it opened. And I’m guessing 5 stars when I return in the future, too.

Amber T — Google review

Such a neat experience. This building has several floors and so much to see, you could easily spend several hours here. They had a temporary woman's rights exhibit while we were visiting which was very informative and interesting. Aside for the historical part, the views from this building are amazing. There is a gorgeous, large park area to walk around outside that includes walking trails and a foot bridge over the river. We intend to come back to explore outside more!

Shelby — Google review

The library is awesome, even better than I expected! Gorgeous building and grounds- be sure to plan time to walk the gardens & railroad bridge. Wonderful volunteer staffers- very impressed by the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Informative tours- don’t miss the free tours, learned much, hits the highlights for those with limited time. Interesting exhibits- it’s not all reading, great exhibits! Great gift shop- impressed with selection, after we left, I wished I had purchased a few more things. The library was a highlight of our trip!

R. Carlton — Google review

Price is reasonable. Sleek, modern building. Lots of memories of the 90's. Of course, it shows Clinton in the most positive light. No mention of Monica Lewinsky and other topics like Whitewater or the impeachment are glossed over. That being said, the exhibits are nicely arranged and it is a fitting tribute. My only beef is that guests are not allowed to take their own pictures in the replica oval office--you have to buy an overpriced picture package for that presidential privilege.

Michael Miller — Google review

One of the grandest Presidential libraries in America. Stunningly beautiful grounds. The school of public affairs is situated in an old train station waiting room, which has been renovated to perfection. The building is bound by the Arkansas River on one side and the city of Little Rock. There's a lovely outdoor cafe called 42. Don't hesitate to ask the wonderful volunteers for some stories about Bill Clinton's visits... they have plenty! .On the roof is his private putting green and apartment. They claim to see the top of his grey head often when he is there :) Wonderful place to bring the family.

Em Slate — Google review

How interesting! The gifts given to the Clinton's from other countries were amazing. The staff is remarkable. Very knowledgeable. The photo opportunity in the Oval Office is worth it. I thought that was the best part.

Joan Carlile — Google review

This is a must see if you are passing through or live in the area. First Presidential Library visit, our young kids had fun and there are a variety of exhibits each touching a different topic. Its a quick 2 hour visit to see everything. Was not busy when we got there. The volunteers were very nice and had great stories but also gave us plenty of space. Made me want to visit more of these.

Thomas O'Connell — Google review

The volunteer staff is very eager to help. One of them shared that there will be a multi-million dollar renovation. The long hall, organized by years, has a LOT of detail in the form of audiovisual screens. Unfortunately, the many audio tracks are competing with each other, and I had trouble hearing. My favorite section was upstairs, where the state dinner bling was displayed. Also upstairs, many artifacts from Bill’s and Hillary’s childhood. The gift shop had interesting and unique items for sale.

John Enright — Google review

I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting I found going to this place. I was traveling with a friend who loves visiting the presidential libraries and we had time to kill so we decided why not. It was an amazing experience that brought back a lot of memories of the 90s to me. Definitely recommend stopping.

Stacy Pritt — Google review

Tons of archive and documents. Vivid history of President Clinton and his administration. Really friendly stuff. Due to COVID, please make sure you bring either vaccine copy and wear a mask. If you can not show a phone copy of your vaccination paper, security will not let you in!

Lei Wang — Google review

We felt like the admission price was a little steep in combination with charging for a photo to sit in the replica oval office, but the photo is not obligatory and the facility was very nice and well-kept.I honestly wasn't expecting much out of the library, but was pleasantly surprised. I found the museum to be educational, thorough, and it had a nice mix of political and personal details to keep it engaging.We spent several hours in the museum and came away feeling educated and optimistic about the future of politics.

Allison Beecher — Google review

Tickets are $12, and you’re able to visit the permanent archives and memorabilia and the temporary exhibits — I saw the one on dinosaurs with props from Jurassic Park! Parking is nearby, free, and easy. Great view of the river and city.

Starr Crow — Google review

A beautiful structure located by the river. The library offers a tour twice a day. Try to catch it and then go back to read what exhibits you want. Plenty of things to do to keep you busy for 2 hours. Not for young ones really. Too much reading to keep them engaged. A temporary dinosaur exhibit was there when we visited. Kids would like it, but 30 minutes tops.

Cameron Campbell — Google review

Just visited the Clinton Library and Museum – what a trip! Parking was a breeze, and I'd recommend setting aside 2-3 hours to explore. The highlight? The replica of Oval Office, no doubt. It's like stepping into history. Take your time in the timeline exhibit too. A lot to soak in here. 🇺🇸📚

Sahaj Parekh — Google review

This wasn’t the first presidential library I visited so I rated it one star less. My overall experience was great. I love how detailed everything was. Enjoyed reading about the history and seeing documents, memorabilia, how the oval office looked like to name a few. Did learn a lot of things during my visit and I loved the Dino Exhibit. It was great for kids and adult alike. Took off one star because we weren’t allowed to take a photo at the oval office unless we pay extra. Also, comparing this to other Presidential Libraries, I think it was small. Other than that, I had fun visiting this place and would highly recommend it if you happen to be in the area.

F&I — Google review

Visited with my daughter at the beginning of this month. She’s five, so it’s not always easy to bring young children to history-type museums so I was extremely happy to find out their were also having a dinosaur exhibit, that really sold it for her! I’m not the biggest history buff so what initially attracted me was the exterior and interior architecture. This was my first time in a presidential museum and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Granted, we did not stay the amount of time needed to truly soak in all of the history, but such is expected with small children. The dinosaur exhibit was interactive and plentiful, they made good use of today’s technology such as machine that turns drawings into 3D dinosaurs on the screen.Shout out to all of the staff who made us feel very welcomed, interacting with my daughter. And a special shout out to the gentleman at the gift shop who have her a printed photograph of a cat, she loves that.

Ana Garcia — Google review

Regardless of your political persuasion this is a fascinating return to the days before COVID, 911 and school shootings when it almost seemed like world peace was possible given moderate Soviet leaders. It bypasses the scandals of Clintons indiscretions focusing on the challenges and accomplishments. No one is all good or all bad. This is well worth the visit if you value historical perspectives. Give yourself three hours to walk through the linear progression through the Clinton Whitehouse years.

M Hendershot — Google review

We went on a Tuesday. It was lovely and fairly less crowded. We really liked the new installation on the 3rd floor that showed more about state visits / dinners and the Chuily display. The gifts from other countries were amazing to see as well. Gorgeous! The staff was amazing and so very friendly. Plan on bringing your walking shoes to also enjoy the park and bridge. And, have lunch at Restaurant 42. The views are also amazing!

Julie Preston — Google review

I am comparing this to other newer Presidential museums. The introductory film is a good starter and shows Mr. Clinton’s style. This museum is almost exclusively a very detailed study of the accomplishments and challenges of the Clinton administration. I am a fan, so was impressed with all that was accomplished, but would have liked to know more about his early life, family and challenges he faced. Perhaps more on Hillary’s early life also. If you were interested, you could probably read the displays for days. We enjoyed the state dinner wing with the gifts and other details. The pictures in the displays are very insightful and revealing. The facility is beautiful, and the slightly upper scale restaurant is very good. Volunteer staff was very helpful. Large onsite, free parking.

Dennis Pohle — Google review

Amazing experience. Staff were all helpful and passionate about Arkansas every single person I met could tell his story and the Arkansas story.The restaurant is worth the trip. Presidential experience on a working class budget

Danielle Randolph — Google review

Was really nice. Kids really enjoyed. So did we seeing the artifacts gifted, letters written. The bridge nearby and the 35 acres around for kids to run and ay. It's very well maintained. The staff And volunteers are knowledgeable and so kind. They take their time in explaining everything so well.

Shruti Subramanian — Google review

Very well done. Library is broken down by issue and year. Cool to see the gifts received from foreign leaders during state visits. The restaurant (42) has excellent food at reasonable prices.

Rush Hebert — Google review

Our elementary school took a guided tour field trip and we were able to view the dinosaur exhibit which was really awesome! We enjoyed the presidential memorabilia, history, and art! All of the kids and parents had a wonderful time! Also make time to walk around outside and see the statues, walk over the bridge, hangout by the old train station. Plus you’re right by all the good restaurants downtown, and the Museum of discovery which is great for kids!

Joni Alina — Google review


(1194)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (182)


(2621)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (183)

1200 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201, USA

(501) 370-8000

I'll never travel to Memphis without this trip planner again

Learn more

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (184)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (185)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (186)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (187)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (188)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (189)

I will never travel to Memphis without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Greers Ferry Lake

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (191)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (192)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (193)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (194)


Nature & Parks

Bodies of Water

Created by the damming of the Little Red River in 1962, this reservoir flooded the town of Higden.

Great lake!! Fishing is always good. Water is way down compared to normal so watch for stumps! Lot of marinas to choose from and go to.

Sarah (Mustanger04) — Google review

My wife grew up camping at Choctaw as a kid in the 60’s. Her dad helped build the electric substation at the dam and then the transmission line out of it. He watched the lake fill. We got married in 1974 and started camping there. From Choctaw, to Sugar Loaf, to the Narrows and ended up for yrs at Devils Fork. We said one day we would have a place on the lake. In 2014 our dream came true. Love this lake, great people, beautiful mountains

David G — Google review

Beautiful lake but getting way too well known. Summer weekends are crowded and I won't go there on any holiday.

Jimi Garner — Google review

Wow!! Some friends came here and told us how awesome it was and that we needed to check it out. It far exceeded our expectations and we will definitely be back! The cliffs you can jump off are amazing and it's the most beautiful tranquil lake ever!

Bethanyk — Google review

I've been in a lot of lakes and rivers and oceans, but I adore Greer's Ferry! The water is beautiful, the scenery is amazing, and it's just a chill vibe all around. I'll always come back to Greer's Ferry lake ❤️

Terry Spicer — Google review

This lake is pretty big and not very crowded with boats. The lake is super deep due to the dam. Go visit the fish hackery it is awesome to see all the fish at various ages ready to stock the river.

Robert Myers — Google review

Beautiful place!!! Absolutely loved it! So much fun to swim in! Tons of rocks to jump off of if your adventurous. Me and my sister loved that part!

AlwaysHope — Google review

Beautiful lake, beautiful part of the country.

Brittani Oplinger — Google review

Lots of fun! I don’t like big crowds for things like this but you really can’t tell all that much here. There are lower parts of the cliff for kids (or you if you’re not ready for the big one) and it gradually gets higher till... the big boy jump. It’s not as bad as it looks from the top. Just jump, you won’t regret it!

Jackie Welch — Google review

Loved our vacation here. Good fishing. Nice lake to tool around in a boat. Lots of marinas (we used Fairfield Bay Marina and loved it.) The shoreline is wooded and pretty. There is an island in the middle that you can access by canoe or ferry. Water was very clean. Very enjoyable.

Michelle England — Google review

Our favorit Arkansas lake. Lake is clean and as plenty to do. No matter if you like skiing, tubing or fishing this lake has it all. Plenty of marinas located around the lake to refuel or grab a quick bite to eat. Don't forget to grab a souvenir t-shirt every marina has their own unique selection. Great 4th of July firework shows also.

Brian Porterfield — Google review

Love the lake. So many choices to swim.

Annette V — Google review


(352)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (195)


(115)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (196)

Arkansas, USA


AGFC Forrest L. Wood Crowley's Ridge Nature Center

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (197)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (198)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (199)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (200)

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Education center

Nature & Parks

The AGFC Forrest L. Wood Crowley's Ridge Nature Center is an educational facility that offers exhibits, self-guided trails, and a learning center with animals in wetlands, forests, and prairies. It provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about wildlife through immersive experiences. The center is free of cost for all ages and has something for everybody to enjoy. It offers ample knowledge about the surrounding flora and fauna, making it a fun place to take your children without worrying about the budget.

Very cool place to visit for young and old alike. I enjoyed learning about Crowley's Ridge there. Beautiful grounds in front of the center and a nice walking area behind the center. They offer all sorts of programs about hunting, fishing, gun safety etc.

Verlis Guinn — Google review

I always love this place don't forget to visit The Overlook at the Nature Center there's some pictures I posted to get there

Rocco roland — Google review

took my 7 year old daughter, she always has a blast when we visit! we got to learn about venomous snakes during the feeding frenzy. the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

Hailey Putt — Google review

I have been coming to this place for years and love bringing my nieces and friends. Unfortunately the lady upfront with glasses had a problem with my service dog, even as far as trying to ask paper work. Very unprofessional but I’m glad other people stepped in to educate her. Will be contacting my attorney.

Alex Gon — Google review

One of my favorite places to be in Jonesboro! The nature center is full of things to do and constantly have a new event for education for kids and adults. We have been to the nature center more times than we can count and the kids always ask to go back. There's amazing trails, there's plenty of animals for the kids to see (stuffed and real), activities, games, and the most helpful staff.

Sarah Woodson — Google review

Fun place to take your children. Plus it's free. Grownups will enjoy all of the information about wildlife and the trails surrounding the center.

Vanessa Barnes — Google review

An absolute must for the kids. The building has three levels with things to see and do on all three levels. There are deer, beavers, birds and other mammals mounted and the center has live fish, snakes, frogs, lizards, and turtles for the kids to look at. Take to the time get the kids in the theater to watch the short fifteen minute learning film. They will love it.

Josh Sutton — Google review

Upon a recommendation from a gentleman next to us at the state park, we stopped in for a visit, and it was well worth the drive. The video on the formation of Crowley's Ridge was educational, and well worth its time. The nature trail behind the center was awesome with its elevated walkways over the marshlands, and the tower looking over the prairie.If the nature center staff reads this, add a donation box near the entrance! I looked around for one, and finally asked the front desk, only to find out they had to ring up donations... not a huge deal, but having a box would certainly bring in more funds.

Seth Lindsey — Google review

Awesome place. Over the years I've taken my son many times every single year. Of course he always wants to hit up the gift shop when are there and buy some toys lol. The Nature Center is beautiful and the trail in the back is a great adventure for a kid. My only wish is that during the school year they were open a little later since children don't get out of school until 3-4. When we arrived after school today they were already closing unfortunately. Other than that, we love everything about it and my son always has a blast. 5 stars for sure.

Meredith Smith — Google review

This was a pleasant surprise. We visited during a trip to see family in Jonesboro. The area descriptions, exhibits, and movie are all top quality. The trails around the nature center are well tended and clean.

Curtis Carpenter — Google review

They had a bunch of exhibits. Takes some time to get through them. The outdoor walk was fun, but the water was low. The snakes were fun and the children loved the lower level. Gift shop had a bunch of fun stuffed animals.

Baley Clark — Google review


(422)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (201)


(99)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (202)

600 E Lawson Rd, Jonesboro, AR 72404, USA

(870) 933-6787


Gold Strike Casino Resort

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (203)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (204)

34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (205)34 Best Stops Between Oklahoma City and Memphis (206)


Casinos & Gambling

Polished rooms, plus a casino, a spa, a pool, 4 restaurants & a stage with live entertainment.

Remember to use Hᴏᴛᴇʟʙᴏʟʟʏ.ᴄᴏᴍ when booking a resort. This web site will compare hundreds of hotel sites and normally will have rooms a lot cheaper compared to others! Thank me later! This resort is one of the best in this area. I've been coming here for a long time. If you stay for a few nights you definitely will love it I'm sure!Very helpful and kind staff! I went during the early week, rarely are there too many smoke smells. Everyone are nice and attentive. Buffet is great! My favorite machine did move but we were able to find it. :)

SUMON SIKDER — Google review

Nice casino. It was packed. Standing room only. I received a player's card and got $25 dollars at the kiosk. Paid $40 for the buffet. It looked good but most things were cold. Who wants to pay $40 for a meal and it is cold. Hospitality was OK. I did not understand most of the machines.and love st that $25 in a flash, playing a 1 cent machine. Not a pleasant experience.

Dorothy Locke — Google review

Let's start off with service a place like this should have great service but they fell at that The new owners are definitely not training everybody how they're supposed to treat their customers as well as the rewards program The new owners have a reward system That's pretty bad to say the least. Also I gamble in many places this place has bad vibesThe first time I went and decided to go a second time I should have just stopped at the first time. Would I recommend this place absolutely not till they change their vibes at least better customer service. I would definitely return if they improve customer service. Definitely had a bad experience both times!

91juan — Google review

We live in Texas. My newlywed husband brought me to Gold Strike for my birthday. I had not been there in about 10 years. It was wonderful!! I would love to know what kind of mattress was on our bed. He has back issues and has much difficulty getting comfortable. We were both very comfortable. I would very much appreciate it if a manager would let me know what kind of mattress that was (23rd floor). My only disappointment was that the breakfast buffet is not available during the weekdays. I have very fond memories of cheese-stuffed crepes with strawberry sauce.

Brenda Estes — Google review

Fun place,great food and entertainment!Chicago Steakhouse is number #1 on my list for steak and impeccable service. It may be a little higher priced, but if you want perfectly cooked food and to be treated like royalty splurge a little and tell Chef Jeremy I sent you! Oh and the buffet is hard to beat if you have a giant appetite!!

Jerry Malone — Google review

This is our half way stopping point for our trips to see family. Casino is clean and a good place to visit. Great games and free play for members. Food. games, rooms, all good. The bad - location is rather secluded and not what it was years ago. Closed and abandoned casinos scattered in the area. Local businesses seem to never have recovered. Still the experience is overall good at the Gold Strike Casino.

Barney H — Google review

The beds were very comfy, the room could have been a bit cleaner in the bathroom, and the wall had a hole in it where someone must have pushed the door open too hard. The folks at the front desk were very nice, and the casino was fun. Food was decent in the sports bar, but they really need to provide fresh coffee at the buffet and not Folgers in a big tank that was luke warm at best.

Laureen Horton — Google review

Yeah.....just not it. The room was fine, just. But as a player passing through, the tables just don't care that you're there. No restaurant on the premises, had to go across the street. Glad I did, because the horseshoe had much better games and instantly took good care of me. Won't be back.

Beau — Google review

Had an enjoyable quick overnight stay-room was nice and quiet and well appointed. We had dinner at the Chicago Steakhouse which was perfect 👍🏼 All staff were super friendly and professional. We even took sone time to try our luck ( not so lucky :-( ) in the casino. We grabbed a quick breakfast at Sweet Tea on our way out- no complaints!!

Sherri gold — Google review

As much as I go to the casino this was the first time I reserved a room. I don't live that far, but I knew I didn't want to drive back home since the roads were kind of bad. This exceeded my expectations I was pleasantly surprised. With this being a casino I thought the rooms would be mediocre, but it wasn't. Money well spent it was very clean bathroom and all. The bed and pillows were very comfortable and everything was nice and neat in my room. I see myself staying again in the near future.

GMOM#1 — Google review

I only went to the casino part on this visit. I got carded immediately lol, so if you don't look your age..get ready for that! It's a pretty building with golden lights. Calm atmosphere...more of an older crowd. They're just there to enjoy themselves and I can get with that. And it doesn't just smell like straight up smoke 😭 Nice!

Deandria Isom — Google review

We stayed next door at the Horseshoe and gambled at both. The Gold Strike was a fantastic resort. Right when you walked in it smelled great. Super clean and really large. Lots of games! The one issue was it was hard to get a drink on Friday and Saturday nights. Not the servers fault at all but still annoying. Will be back for sure!

Scott Barbeau — Google review

I visited here over the weekend and it was great!. They had a band playing and a really great atmosphere. The slots were hitting and the card tables were decent as well. A very nice get away.

Ci B — Google review

Great atmosphere, there was a band both nights, w/ a DJ in between sets keeping the crowd jumping. Been awhile since I've put down hard liquor that fast... Yep, over estimated my ability. Not a problem. Had two stunning and kind co*cktail servers take care of me. One All night long, damn near proposed. Not yet, still a great place to unwind.

joel bramlett — Google review

We had a great time at Gold Strike Casino. Great atmosphere, amazing staff. We did not stay at the hotel but will in the future. The only thing that would have made our trip better would have been a jackpot lol. We will be back.

Will Sterling — Google review

Called and paid for 2 nights for a room over phone. Once I received my reservation via Email. I realized it was only one night.I called back and she assured me it was for 2 nights. She told me that she would be working when I arrived and she would correct it. I drove the 5 hour trip and once I arrived the host said it couldn't be changed. There was no attempt to follow thru with what the employee had promised me over the phone. They then charged me an extra 50 dollars for the room, and said that was a room deposit and I would get my deposit back once I left. The room was nice and clean. I slept in my bed for a total of 4 hours that night, didn't use shower, didn't turn on television, and barely made a wrinkle in the bed sheets. After looking at my credit card statement I was NOT give all my room deposit back... WHY??.Why would GS employees lie to their customer .. Why would I not get my deposit back?. These are questions I called GS and tried to get answered . I got put on hold twice, and hung up on 3 times..My final thought is BEWARE.... They are not honest with what they tell you. Not the same as it has been in the past years. .

TIM STROTHER — Google review

My husband and I booked for one night. After we got there we were so happy it wasn't longer. The front desk staff was not welcoming. The room was clean but out vent fan in the bathroom did not work. The air conditioner did not work well. I had to fix our broken towel rack so it would hold out towel. The ice machine didn't work on our floor or on several other floors. None of the soda machines between floor 17 and 32 worked. Several of the floors had water damage and smelled. We went to dinner at Buffet Americana. Half of the buffet was shut down. The selection was not that great and the desserts tasted like they were weeks old. When we tried to go to the same buffet for breakfast the next morning we were advised that they were not opening for brunch. It was impossible to get a drink while we were gambling. We went to the Horseshoe to gamble and loved it. The staff was friendly. Easy to get a drink. We won't stay at the Gold Strike ever again. And we won't recommend it to anyone either.

Randy&Brandy Jones — Google review

Horrible beyond horrible this customer service is deplorable!!! From the moment we checked in! We hoped that maybe it would get better but NO!! Nice place but the people that work here know NOTHING about hospitality. Unfortunate but true. If you’re from out of town and looking to have an enjoyable time don’t expect it here! After a 7 hour drive looking forward to all the hype of “Tunica” we are going to now forfeit our second night just to leave this place. The other casinos around are SO MUCH better and friendlier!!! Thanks for absolutely NOTHING “Gold Strike”

Tamara Meyer — Google review

We have been going to the Gold Strike since 1998. It is starting to show it’s age. The beds are uncomfortable and the hotel rooms need updating. Many of the staff are just plain rude now! It’s obvious they don’t care if you are there or not, but they sure do expect a tip for everything they do. The restaurant choices are very slim. For a casino of this size I would expect more food options.

Sherry Hollis — Google review

Nicer of the casinos in the area. Hotel room AC not very cold and rooms need updates. The bed and pillows were comfortable. Food quality needs to be better in all restaurants. Very average at best. Nice staff that wanted to help.

Ryon York — Google review

The last time we were at this casino was 8 years ago. I know COVID had a substantial impact on the Casino industry in Tunica. A lot of casinos have gone. We have good memories of times past, now, it's not the same.We requested a non-smoking room at check in. When we got to the room, there was a foul stench of cigarette smoke. It was disgusting to say the least.No microwaves in the rooms any longer. .Only one Gold Strike laundry bag,The bottled water tasted terrible.There were no channel guides for the TV.The pool and whirlpool were closed. (That is understandable because of COVID)The level for customer service took a downhill plunge in 8 years for certain.We will NOT be back.

Dave Netherton — Google review

If you order from sweet Tea and you get a electronic puck. Don't leave the restaurant or you w never be notified your meal is ready. No one tells you this.Toilet and shower backed up in one of our rooms and our rooms were charged individually instead of our corporate card.

Carl Voigtsberger — Google review

Me and my husband, went to Gold Strike casino. I just want everyone to know that, this place is the nicest,I have ever been in. I recommend anyone to go there. The staff there is the greatest. I have never been to a place, that they are the most generous people I have ever seen.

Rebecca Calloway — Google review

My family and I enjoyed The Gold Strike Casino Resort. Had a pleasant experience, although the Bar tender did not get my drink right ,a fuzzy Navel with a shot it southern comfort..I received a Screw driver. Oh Gosh!! Other than this had a fun time..

Peggy Stricklin — Google review

I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Gold Strike Casino Resort, and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations! From the moment I arrived, I was impressed by the high level of cleanliness and the impeccable condition of the hotel room. It was clear that the staff takes great pride in maintaining a top-notch environment.The friendliness of the staff was a standout feature of my stay. They were warm, welcoming, and genuinely invested in ensuring that my experience was exceptional. From check-in to check-out, their attentiveness and professionalism made me feel like a valued guest.The hotel itself offers a fantastic atmosphere, making it a perfect choice for anyone seeking a pleasant place to stay. The amenities were abundant and well-maintained, providing everything I needed for a comfortable visit.Whether you're a traveler looking for relaxation or someone seeking entertainment, Gold Strike Casino Resort is an excellent option. I highly recommend this establishment to anyone in search of a memorable and enjoyable stay. The staff, cleanliness, and overall experience make it stand out from the rest. I can't wait to return!Thank you, Gold Strike Casino Resort, for an outstanding time!

Lawrence M — Google review

I’m probably a little harsh but I wanted to share. It’s been a few years since I’ve been here and it shows. The first room I entered had no working deadbolt so I immediately went down to the front desk and requested a room change. The room was nice enough but the mattress had lots of mileage on it. Uncomfortable. The bathroom was clean but there seemed to be spots on the shower tile. Mold maybe? Not sure. Toilet and sink were in good shape. Overall the room was very clean. Needed a new coffee maker and blow dryer both were broken. Not quite Vegas.

Rebecca Gillikin — Google review

Room was nicer than I expected and a decent price. I had noisy neighbors that made lots of noise at 345am. That sucked but the view frol the 27th floor was nice. Room was comfy.

Kri (Klmbean) — Google review

Horrible service. None of the employees was nice. Got a room and it was filthy like someone else trash was in the trash can, floors couldn’t walk on barefoot in your own room, refrigerator filthy. Switched rooms and it wasn’t much better. I paid over $200 for a room! For my deposit I was told 3-5 business days. Sign says 24hrs… called and now they said 3-14 business day!!!! I don’t recommend this place at all!!!!! I’d leave a no star if I could because they don’t deserve even 1!

heather braden — Google review

We only went for the buffet. The resort was nicer than some of the other casinos in that area. The food on the giant buffet was pretty damn good actually-and I'm not a buffet person.

Lacey Inman — Google review


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1010 Casino Center Dr, Tunica Resorts, MS 38664, USA

(662) 357-1111


Horseshoe Tunica

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Casinos & Gambling


The Horseshoe Tunica hotel is situated in a vibrant casino resort that features five restaurants, an outdoor pool, and a gym. The hotel rooms are casual and comfortable for guests to relax in. Visitors can enjoy their day exploring the city of Memphis by visiting St. Mary's Catholic Church, Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center, National Civil Rights Museum - Lorraine Motel or trying their luck at the Horseshoe Casino.

Really had no complaints when I went. The steak restaurant was excellent along with the service. They made my friend feel very special for her birthday. The restaurants are pricey as I had expected but you can get little appetizers and small plates. Horseshoe is the biggest casino in Tunica if that’s what you want. Lots of people winning. Great love music on Friday night. Drinks good. Every worker we had encounters with was very pleasant & welcoming. I would go back!

Heather D — Google review

Nice, friendly staff. Table dealers are great at helping you learn new games if your go-to game table is full. Beautiful decor making you feel like you're in a nice atmosphere. I've been to this location a few times & win or lose, I always leave happy from a good time! My only negative is the buffet was changed to a different restaurant & it was absolutely horrible service & the food was not even sub par. I don't mind paying good money for good food but it's a little upsetting to pay good money for bad food plus horrible service. We didn't let it ruin our trip, though. We just ate somewhere else the next meal

Bethany Renea — Google review

My stay was good, because I enjoyed the room, and would have enjoyed the casino, but it was too much cigarette smoke 🚬 for me as a nonsmoker. I had a complimentary flight and hotel over, which was nice until the process of returning home. The hotel escort an airplane fully loaded with people of different age groups to the airport much too early which was very unprofessional and we had no seating area at the airport to sit during this wait. There weren't any airport attendants to check us in, until an hour later. Now of course, at this, we all were feeling like we were treated with no respect, mainly after we have spent our money with Horseshoe Casino.

Laydean Hayes — Google review

Appropriately rated as a 2 star hotel. Can tell it was nice at one point in the past. Main issue was cleanliness. Hallway very dirty. Dirt in the bathroom corners. Room wasn’t ready at 4:30 despite booking it several days in advance. Beds were comfortable. Would have had a free room but no available pet-friendly free rooms available.

Debbie Huff — Google review

Me and my husband visited for one night for a "parent's night out". Everyone was super nice upon arrival! We weren't in our room long before realizing our TV didn't work, but we let them know and they moved us to a new room right away! The cleanliness could have been better, but overall nothing huge to gripe about. I had read a lot of reviews beforehand about the slots being tight, etc but that wasn't the case for us. Played a little black jack and our first dealer Donald was AMAZING! He was very patient with me as I was learning and it truly gave you an EXPERIENCE as soon as you sat down. Then, he was replaced with Ray who was EXTREMELY rude as soon as he sat down. We started with a full table with strangers we were having so much fun with, but Ray quickly changed the entire atmosphere and it wasn't long before we all got up. That man has no business working in the hospitality industry. Overall, it was a good experience and we definitely will return!

Kayla Young — Google review

We didn’t stay here but went to the casino to gamble with my son who just turned 21. 1st time loyalty card users get $10 in rewards play so that was nice. I personally had some good luck at the slots so I have a great opinion of the place hahaha! Good range of machines, table play and high limit areas. My husband played blackjack for a little while and liked it too. Starbucks in there was a nice touch!

Lindsay — Google review

Made some great memories here. It's just an awesome place we arrived and left the next day and not empty handed. But that restaurant the one they have that famous cook their do not go I ate and got sick really bad really bad. I had to go get medicine like really bad. But all the rest is just perfect a perfect casino to have fun and make extra money. Good luck make this casino your next stop!!!

Abraham Casso — Google review

Went to the counter to check in and got no "welcome to.horseshoe, what can I do for you"? But instead all she said was "photo I'd please?"And with zero personality, proceeded to check us in. The room was like a mile walk from the elevators which was insane. The halls are dark and dingy. They refused to let me take my own bags and insisted on having a bell hop person do it so I had to wait around for him to come take my bags that I was capable of carrying and it was clear that this was all a ruse to get tips.My room was so dark I could hardly see and that's after turning on all the lights. We had nothing but rooftops to look at out the window... it may have well been not there... useless window when the only thing you see is dirty roofs with ladders and equipment mess everywhere. Being here during the week... there was no where to get food and the snack store downstairs is WAAAY over priced. Way to take advantage of your guests.The room clearly hadn't been dusted in a long time.... it was gross. The bed had hairs on it.The water in the bathroom came out of the sink in a literal trickle.... so crazy. We were supposed to be here 2 nights for my birthday but I only stayed 1 and decided to go somewhere else. I came to gamble and have fun but decided not to give a dime to the casino. The place was gross and the staff was lacking and give a damn. I can't give my money to a place like that.

Pink Poodle Crafts — Google review

The room was actually pretty decent and was inexpensive. The casino and hotel reminded me of the Rio in Vegas when Caesars gave up on it. The place was dirty and a lot of things were broken. The floors were dirty, carpet held together by duct tape, urinals covered with a garbage bag, elevator card reader and lights not working, and plenty more issues. It just didn't have a good feel to it, which is a shame. The place could be attractive with just a little effort. We didn't even spend the night. We drove our four hours back home instead. We will likely never return.

Traveler_312 — Google review

Visited this past September. Nice place. Fitness center was in a state of disarray. Broken ceiling fans. Lights not working. Pieces of ceiling tile on the floor. There was a floor fan but the motor seized after turning it on. Maybe in the middle of a renovation? Seemed like it had some potential. I'll be back again. Hopefully the gym is in better shape then.

Jordan Cullen — Google review

The rooms are absolutely gorgeous. However, the hotel rooms did not have a microwave. I was like you mean to tell me that the room has a fridge, 3 TVs, c- shape sofa, nice chair, and more, But no microwave. It's almost like you are being forced to eat the Not So Tasty food. I ended up eating my cold shrimp pasta I brought with me prior to checking in. The customer service was super awesome.

French Frys — Google review

Loved this casino. Everyone were very nice to us. They have truck parking near entrance very convenient and great because there’s an ice storm so we did not walk too far. Poker room is not big but it’s cozy. Dealers were all very nice especially John he was my favorite he gave us awesome hands. Free drinks but tips are welcome. I also played slots won double. Played roulette and lost lol can win everything. Had a burger at the sports grill which was fire. Fries were good too, service was also good. In all great experience. Today we might stay the night and play again. I am going to say the service here is way better than the Golden casino. No harassment here. Winnings in pics are my husbands.

Diana Gonzalez — Google review

We loved the pictures of the hotel on their site, however when we arrived, it wasn’t like the pictures. The pool was empty and closed. There was no coffee pot in the room. There was a sign in the room saying that if we took anything we would be charged and the prices of each hotel item was listed. It’s been at least 20 years since we stayed at a hotel with no coffee in the room and we don’t steal from the hotels we stay in, and we travel a lot.

Kimberly Tennyson — Google review

Definitely in need of remodeling. Smells old and moldy. Stayed room w/king size bed. Had old wing back chair that was stained and extremely uncomfortable to sit in.Bathroom had built up dust on hairdryer, base boards & exhaust fan. Only plus in room was having a lockable safe, small refrigerator, iron & ironing board. There are fees for extra towels, toilet paper, etc. Housekeeping only if you call.Casino was so smoky that I wore a mask. Slot machines extremely tight, no money won. Had a waitress drop a half empty glass with a mix drink in it that hit the floor right beside me as I set at slot machine that splashed my new white shirt that stained front, back & left sleeve. All she brought me was a wet wad of paper towels to clean with. Definitely will NEVER go back to Tunica.

Cathy Stevens — Google review

The rooms need renovating and cleaning. Shower curtain was hanging loosely by one.screw. Wall covering redone in patches and was loose and curling up. Carpet frayed with 3 and 4 in strings. Carpet needs vacuuming throughout hotel. Never saw a vacuum. The toilet and sink did not appear to have been cleaned in some time. And we had to pay for this. Bartenders were zombies. No personality or friendliness....and never at the bar. Room 2145....check it out.

Sharon Hermiller — Google review

This casino is an absolute gem! From the lively atmosphere to the friendly staff, every visit feels like a winning one!The gaming options are diverse, catering to all preferences, and the excitement is contagious. The staff goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome, creating a warm and inviting vibe.Don’t forget to grab a players card and visit 8oz Burger in the back of the casino.

donnea — Google review

Beware putting your card on file for incidentals. After attending a work conference and being told they would hold my card for $40 incidental (regular $199), for 3 days they charged and deducted from my card several times. By the time I checked out of the hotel $400 had come out of my account for “ incidentals”. With no real answers, shoulder shrugs and you’ll have your money back in 3-5 business days. Needless to say I won’t return to the hotel. The room was very nice, staff food service throughout the conference was amazing!

Kc Scrape — Google review

Just the closest Vegas like casino to Memphis. Clean with good interactions with the employees. The line for players card is long but moved fast and the self service machines were out of order. Everything works, hotel rooms are spotless casino is clean. Nice bars. Great fun!

Khay Williams — Google review

I come here to play poker. This casino has an amazing poker room with great service and dealers. Free drinks while playing and plenty of tables. One of my favorite places to play. I have stayed here and the room are nice. Great view of the river and the land around the casino which is pretty much just land. Where this casino is located there is not much else around besides a few fast food places and gas stations.

Poker Medic — Google review

The service was impeccable! I really wish the other casinos would allow you to order your drinks at the machine you're playing on. That was definitely a bonus, and the servers were awesome! The bathrooms were so clean.

Adriana Mojica — Google review

If I could give this place zero stars I would. We were told that the pool was open and upon arrival we discovered that it was closed. We were told that it had been closed since Sunday for repairs but since reading over some of the reviews it seems like it has been closed for much longer. We were told that Tunica was the closest thing to Las Vegas. Definitely not. The area had 2 hotels/casinos there and besides that there was almost nothing around at all. Just small gas stations. Food was ridiculously expensive for just being mediocre. We had to get 5 new sets of keys to our room because the keys kept deactivating. Something they don’t tell you when they hand you the keys is that they will deactivate if you hold them near your phone. The whole place reeks of cigarettes and weed. You will be charged for everything if you stay here. I know that I will never be staying here again. The location is horrible. Nothing in our room was properly cleaned and there was mold growing on the walls of the bathroom. All of the staff seemed completely miserable and were very rude. The walls are very thin as well and you can basically hear everything going on in the hallways.

sasha baker — Google review

We went to eat at Guy Fieri’s new restaurant and it was amazing! I got the BBQ brown sugar wings and my boyfriend had the chicken sandwich with mac&cheese on top (can’t remember the name) and they were absolutely delicious. The food prices aren’t awful but the drink prices are pretty steep. Overall it was an amazing experience and we will definitely be back soon!

Callie Cain — Google review

Overall I liked the experience. Some of the co*cktail waitresses were rude but some were nice. The dealers seemed to have good attitudes. I liked that they served drinks in a timely fashion and they were in glasses. During the day on Saturday the drinks were good but later on they were all too sour in the evening. We ate at Guy Fieri’s and the place was so nice! Our bartender was the nicest person we met in Tunica. Most of the employees either hate their lives, their jobs or people in general. The food at Guys was flavorless and not even hot-warm at best and fries were not fresh, which shocked me. He needs to get on Google maps so we can review the restaurant and he can make some changes. Not sure what you can do when 90% of the people that live and work in that town are so uncaring and rude. But I liked this casino better than Gold strike and will be back for the experience, regardless of the bad apples

Rebecca McCoin — Google review

Casino is good except for all the smoking. Should have non smoking rooms or areas to play. The hotel is outdated, the furniture is old and worn, the toilet handle was broke and toilet ran unless you did the jiggle. Overall not impressed. Staffing issues are apparent as well.

LZ Harrison — Google review

I went to the spa for a facial and a hand rejuvenation. Reese was absolutely fantastic! I would come back here just to see her! She's very professional and knowledgeable of all the services offered. Plus, She's so nice and easy to talk to making the entire experience fantastic. Thank you Reese!

Jennifer Maddox — Google review

Current building only a shadow of what the casino hotel was like a decade ago. Had to pay for upgrade but room did not appear significantly better than original room with maybe the space for couch. Phone did not work so could not call for additional towels (or help). Room for four only came with two towels. Expect walls with scuffs, panels in disrepair, and unpolished features that come from years of lack of care or updates. Beds were comfortable. Casino was quiet with limited dining options. No more buffet. Burger bar did not accept dining credit. Price of meal appeared to be $20 per person in other venues on site, except steak house. Slots seemed dated and quiet. Table games were ok. Nothing like Caesar’s properties in Vegas.

EL CHOI — Google review

This exceeded my expectations! The rooms were nicer than I expected. The lobby, casino, and public areas were nicely done and very clean. All the employees I met were friendly and helpful. The restaurants all looked updated and new. The food at the steak house was the star of the trip!

John Street — Google review

Reading reviews on the way I was getting worried. Haven't been here in about a year, but always stop when traveling through. Don't know where some of you are staying. Hotel is not bad. I've stayed in nicer hotels, and I've stayed in way worse hotels right here in Tunica. Every person who works here that I came into contact with was pleasant, smiled, and asked how I was doing. Very friendly. tipped one dealer just because she made it so fun. Room was clean. Was not dark like some said and had plenty of outlets. I won a little, lost a little, ended up down but had a great time. Will definately be back. Thanks Horseshoe staff!

teresa vest — Google review

Rooms are dated. The cabinet felt like it was a shock hazard with hanging wires. On a positive note the bed was comfortable and the AC room temperature was cold which I like. The room smelled strongly of weed even though it was supposed to be non-smoking.The casino was actually really good. Luckily didn't cost much money because of comp credits.

Billy Davenport — Google review

Great place! Had a lot of fun. The people there are decent, but if you're in a wheelchair and you need a handicap room, they only have one bed. They could easily put two twin beds in there, but they choose not to because they look at it's differently. I'm not going to give anything less than five stars because the people there in the service was great. I just find it incredibly offensive that you can't put some twin beds and a handicap room it's 2024 time to wake up also in the casinos the carpet is very thick so if you're in a manual chair it's really hard to get around

Jeff Pruett — Google review

The room was a disaster! The restroom was dirty tub and toilet. There were so many hairs and ashes on the furniture and the blanket and two of the pillows had black spots. Oddly the young lady that checked me in, strangely asked if I was sure I wanted the room I had, but I should have looked in it after I checked in, but unfortunate for me I went to have dinner. This was a total waste, and I hate I spent my money on this stay😡

Drea Ishmon — Google review


Tunica Roadhouse

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Casinos & Gambling


Relaxed suites in a casino hotel, with slots & table games, plus a diner & bar with free concerts.

Everybody there was so nice, from the front desk, the cleaning staff, wait staff and all the people in the Casino. The room was wonderful. Clean, Comfy, luxurious. My husband has a bad back and is very picky when it comes to beds. He said this was one of the most comfortable he has slept in. We can't wait to go back.

ProudGrandmaof 7 — Google review

Only 3 stars because all the have left are a few rooms and small gift shop. The staff was wonderful and so welcoming. Hotel was clean. Definitely enjoyed staying there. My room was more than I expected. It could use updating but since it was bought out by Cesar's I guess we will see. Half hotel is shut down no casino or food. But the rest was great. I would stay again if open when I return. Food and casino is quick walk across parking lot along with plenty of food options.

Alexa W — Google review

Stayed on 2/13. Check in staff was quite rude and not helpful. The Valet was friendly and very helpful. The Casino is closed and all the amenities are next door at the Horseshoe. The room was very nice, comfortable bed and very clean. The hallway smelled like it had just been cleaned and was perfumed enough to be offensive. They still charge the resort fee but we were not informed about it at check-in even though they have no amenities except next door. Overall, Tunica is a hole and the roadhouse was greatly disappointing. I should have stayed at the Horseshoe or skipped Tunica all together. I saw absolutely no reason to go back.

John Shaw — Google review

Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved this place. The decor was awesome and when they say free drinks they mean it! There is a button to push on the gambling machines that will bring up a menu of drinks for you to choose from and just a couple minutes later someone will appear with a drink in hand delivered right to you! It was awesome! Had a blast here. Was staying at a different casino but ended up walking to this one every night.

Kortney Allen — Google review

We've stayed with this group the last 4 years and they never disappoint. The staff is extremely pleasant. The hotel is older but not run down. Everyone is eager to please and made us feel important.High five to Larry the Valet, he always greets us like he has known us forever and so eager to please.Casino even let's you win! Although I seem to donate it all back before we left.Great experience! Would highly recommend this establishment!

Therese Harvey — Google review

The rooms are outstanding and the service was just as great, we were greeted and offered help having our bags brought to our room, when we offered a tip the attendant was already gone! He was very polite and quick. The gift shop is well stocked with a variety of essentials and souvenirs, parking is easily located and the wait staff were very prompt and helpful!

Alex Wyles — Google review

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