2024 NCAA outdoor track and field championships: Schedule, location, TV channels, history (2024)

Over 250 NCAA member institutions sponsor Division I track and field teams, and each year, these teams hopeto compete in the championship meet. With over 20 events for both men and women, the championship meet will cap off an exciting outdoor season.

Here's all you need to know about the 2024 NCAA outdoor track and field championships.

Florida won the 2024 men's outdoor championship, its third-straight title. Arkansas won the 2024 women's outdoor championship, sweeping the indoor-outdoor titles.

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When are the 2024 NCAA outdoor track and field championships?

The 2024 NCAA outdoor track and field championshipsare from Wednesday, June 5 through Saturday, June 8. Both the men's and women's championships are held simultaneously.

Where are the 2024 NCAA outdoor track and field championships?

The 2024 NCAA outdoor track and field championships will be held at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. It will be the 15th time the outdoor championships have been held in Oregon and the first time since 2022.

You can purchase tickets to the 2024 championships here.

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How to watch the 2024 NCAA DI outdoor track and field championships

The 2024 NCAA DI Outdoor Track & Field Championships will air on the ESPN family of networks.

RoundDateTime (ET)SiteNetworkBroadcast
Men's Day 1Wednesday, June 57:30 PMHayward FieldESPN2Watch Here
Women's Day 1Thursday, June 68:30 PMHayward FieldESPN2Watch Here
Men's Day 2Friday, June 79:00 PMHayward FieldESPN2Watch Here
Women's Day 2Saturday, June 85:30 PMHayward FieldESPNWatch Here

* All broadcast times and networks are subject to change. All times listed are Eastern.

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What is the schedule of events?

The NCAA announced the 2024 NCAA DI Outdoor Track & Field Championships schedule of events on February 9, 2024. Below are some of the notable dates and times for events:

All times are Pacific and subject to change

2024 NCAA outdoor track and field championships: Schedule, location, TV channels, history (1)

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How are championship participants selected?

The NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Track and Field and Cross Country Committee will select and announce the participants for the 2024 NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

The top 48 declared student-athletes will be accepted into the first round competitions for each individual event. The top 24 declared relay teams will be accepted into the first round competitions for each relay event.

Combined events do not attend the first round. For combined events (Heptathlon and Decathlon), the top 24 declared student-athletes in each event based on their position on the national descending-order list will be accepted directly into the Championships.

There are two first rounds, one for the east region and one for the west region. The qualifiers out of these two regions will compete in the 2024 NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

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When is the championship field selected?

The 2024 DI men and women's outdoor track and field final site selections will be announced onTuesday, May 28.

First round selection

Qualifying performances for the 2024 first rounds can begin March 1. The qualifying window closes for every meet that isn't a conference championship on Sunday, May 12. The qualifying window closes for conference championship meets on Monday, May 13.

Athletes accepted into the first rounds will be announced on Thursday, May 16.

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Championship selection

Combined event athletes (heptathlon and decathlon) accepted into the championship meet will be announced on Thursday, May 16.

The top 12 competitors from each individual event and the top 12teams from each relay event advance from each first round.The list of qualifiers from each event contested in the first rounds will be announced by5 p.m. ET onSunday, May 26. The final list of the championships competition participants will be announced by 3 p.m. ET onTuesday, May 28.

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When are the 2024 NCAA first rounds?

The NCAA first rounds run Wednesday, May 22 through Saturday, May 25.Both the DI men's and women's first rounds are held simultaneously.

Where are the 2024 NCAA first rounds?

The meets will be held in two locations for the east and west regions. The NCAA East first round will be located in Lexington, Kentucky, with Kentucky serving as the host school.TheNCAA West first round will be located in Fayetteville, Arkansas with Arkansas serving as the host school.

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What are the schedule of events for the first rounds?

You can find schedule of events for the 2024 NCAA East and West first rounds below:

What are the current outdoor track and field rankings?

Click or tap here to view the latest men's track and field USTFCCCA rankings. Click or tap here to view the latest women's track and field USTFCCA rankings. Bothwill be updated throughout the season.

Who are the past outdoor track and field team champions?

Here are the previous winners of the NCAA outdoor track and field championships.The women's championship began in the 1982 season while the men's championship began in the 1921 season.

DI women's track and field championship history

2023TexasEdrick Floréal83Florida51Austin, Texas
2022FloridaMike Holloway74Texas64Oregon
2021Southern CaliforniaCaryl Smith Gilbert74Texas A&M63Oregon
2020Canceled due to Covid-19----------
2019ArkansasLance Harter64Southern California57Austin, Texas
2018Southern CaliforniaCaryl Smith Gilbert53Georgia52Oregon
2017OregonRobert Johnson64Georgia62.2Oregon
2016ArkansasLance Harter72Oregon62Oregon
2015OregonRobert Johnson59Kentucky50Oregon
2014Texas A&MPat Henry75Texas66Oregon
2013KansasStanley Redwine60Texas A&M44Oregon
2012#LSUDennis Shaver76Oregon62Drake
2011Texas A&MPat Henry49Oregon45Drake
2010Texas A&MPat Henry72Oregon57Oregon
2009Texas A&MPat Henry50Oregon43Arkansas
2008LSUDennis Shaver67Arizona State63Drake
2007Arizona StateGreg Kraft60LSU53Sacramento State
2006AuburnRalph Spry57Southern California38 1/2Sacramento State
2005TexasBev Kearney55South Carolina, UCLA48Sacramento State
2004UCLAJeanette Bolden69LSU68Texas
2003LSUPat Henry64Texas50Sacramento State
2002South CarolinaCurtis Frye82UCLA72LSU
2001Southern CaliforniaRon Allice64UCLA55Oregon
2000LSUPat Henry58Southern California54Duke
1999TexasBev Kearney62UCLA60Boise State
1998TexasBev Kearney60UCLA55Buffalo
1997LSUPat Henry63Texas62Indiana
1996LSUPat Henry81Texas52Oregon
1995LSUPat Henry69UCLA58Tennessee
1994LSUPat Henry86Texas43Boise State
1993LSUPat Henry93Wisconsin44New Orleans
1992LSUPat Henry87Florida81Texas
1991LSUPat Henry78Texas67Oregon
1990LSUPat Henry53UCLA46Duke
1989LSUPat Henry86UCLA47BYU
1988LSUPat Henry61UCLA58Oregon
1987LSUSam Seemes62Alabama53LSU
1986TexasTerry Crawford65Alabama55Indianapoilis
1985OregonTom Heinonen52Florida State, LSU46Texas
1984Florida StateGary Winckler145Tennessee124Oregon
1983UCLAScott Chisam116 1/2Florida State108Houston
1982UCLAScott Chisam153Tennessee126BYU

#Participation in the championships vacated by the NCAA Committee on Infractions
History of scoring in championships—1982-84 (15-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1); 1985-present (10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1).

DI men's track and field championship history

2023FloridaMike Holloway57Arkansas53Austin, Texas
2022FloridaMike Holloway54Texas38Oregon
2021LSUDennis Shaver84Oregon53Oregon
2020Canceled due to COVID-19----------
2019Texas TechWes Kittley60Florida50Austin, Texas
2018GeorgiaPetros Kyprianou52Florida42Oregon
2017FloridaMike Holloway61.5Texas A&M59.5Oregon
2016FloridaMike Holloway62Arkansas56Oregon
2015OregonRobert Johnson85Florida56Oregon
2014OregonRobert Johnson88Florida70Oregon
2013Florida, Texas A&MMike Holloway, Pat Henry53ArkansasOregon
2012FloridaMike Holloway50LSU48Drake
2011Texas A&MPat Henry55Florida State54Drake
2010Texas A&MPat Henry55Florida54Oregon
2009Texas A&MPat Henry48Oregon, FSU, Florida46Arkansas
2008Florida StateBob Braman52LSU, Auburn44Drake
2007&Florida StateBob Braman54LSU48Sacramento State
2006Florida StateBob Braman67LSU51Sacramento State
2005&ArkansasJohn McDonnell60Florida49Sacramento State
2004&ArkansasJohn McDonnell65 1/2Florida49Texas
2003ArkansasJohn McDonnell59Auburn50Sacramento State
2002LSUPat Henry64Tennessee57LSU
2001TennesseeBill Webb50&TCU49Oregon
2000StanfordVin Lananna72Arkansas59Duke
1999ArkansasJohn McDonnell59Stanford52Boise State
1998ArkansasJohn McDonnell58 1/2Stanford51Buffalo, N.Y.
1997ArkansasJohn McDonnell55Texas42 1/2Indiana
1996ArkansasJohn McDonnell55George Mason40Oregon
1995ArkansasJohn McDonnell61 1/2UCLA55Tennesse
1994ArkansasJohn McDonnell83UTEP45Boise State
1993ArkansasJohn McDonnell69Ohio State, LSU45New Orleans
1992ArkansasJohn McDonnell60Tennessee46 1/2Texas
1991TennesseeDoug Brown51Washington St.42Oregon
1990LSUPat Henry44Arkansas36Duke
1989LSUPat Henry53Texas A&M51BYU
1988UCLABob Larsen82Texas41Oregon
1987UCLABob Larsen81Texas28LSU
1986SMUTed McLaughlin53Washington State52Indianapolis
1985ArkansasJohn McDonnell61Washington State46Texas
1984OregonBill Dellinger113Washington State94 1/2Oregon
1983SMUTed McLaughlin104Tennessee102Houston
1982UTEPJohn Wedel105Tennessee94BYU
1981UTEPTed Banks70SMU57LSU
1980UTEPTed Banks69UCLA46Texas
1979UTEPTed Banks64Villanova48Illinois
1978UCLA, UTEPJim Bush, Ted Banks50Oregon
1977Arizona StateSenon Castillo64UTEP50Illinois
1976Southern CaliforniaVern Wolfe64UTEP44Penn
1975UTEPTed Banks55UCLA42BYU
1974TennesseeStan Huntsman60UCLA56Texas
1973UCLAJim Bush52Oregon31LSU
1972UCLAJim Bush82Southern California49Oregon
1971UCLAJim Bush52Southern California41Washington
1970BYU, Kansas, OregonClarence Robison, Bob Timmons, William Bowerman35Drake
1969San Jose StateBud Winter48Kansas45Tennessee
1968Southern CaliforniaVern Wolfe58Washington State57California
1967Southern CaliforniaVern Wolfe86Oregon40BYU
1966UCLAJim Bush81BYU33Indiana
1965Oregon, Southern CaliforniaWilliam Bowerman, Vern Wolfe32California
1964OregonWilliam Bowerman70San Jose State40Oregon
1963Southern CaliforniaVern Wolfe61Stanford42New Mexico
1962OregonWilliam Bowerman85Villanova40Oregon
1961Southern CaliforniaJess Mortensen65Oregon47Penn
1960KansasBill Easton50Southern California37California
1959KansasBill Easton73San Jose State48 7/10Nebraska
1958Southern CaliforniaJess Mortensen48 6/7Kansas40 3/4California
1957VillanovaJames Elliot47California32Texas
1956UCLAElvin Drake55 7/10Kansas51California
1955Southern CaliforniaJess Mortensen42UCLA34Southern California
1954Southern CaliforniaJess Mortensen66 17/20Illinois31 17/20Michigan
1953Southern CaliforniaJess Mortensen80Illinois41Nebraska
1952Southern CaliforniaJess Mortensen66 7/12San Jose State24 1/3California
1951Southern CaliforniaJess Mortensen56Cornell40Washington
1950Southern CaliforniaJess Hill49 1/5Stanford28Minnesota
1949Southern CaliforniaJess Hill55 2/5UCLA31Southern California
1948MinnesotaJames Kelly46Southern California41 1/2Minnesota
1947IllinoisLeo Johnson59 2/3Southern California34 1/4Utah
1946IllinoisLeo Johnson78Southern California42 17/20Minnesota
1945NavyE.J. Thornson62Michigan52 3/5Marquette
1944IllinoisLeo Johnson79Notre Dame43Marquette
1943Southern CaliforniaDean Cromwell46California39Northwestern
1942Southern CaliforniaDean Cromwell85 1/2Ohio State44 1/5Nebraska
1941Southern CaliforniaDean Cromwell81 1/2Indiana50Stanford
1940Southern CaliforniaDean Cromwell47Stanford28 2/3Minnesota
1939Southern CaliforniaDean Cromwell86Stanford44 3/4Southern California
1938Southern CaliforniaDean Cromwell67 3/4Stanford38Minnesota
1937Southern CaliforniaDean Cromwell62Stanford50California
1936Southern CaliforniaDean Cromwell103 1/3Ohio State73Chicago
1935Southern CaliforniaDean Cromwell74 1/3Ohio State40 1/5California
1934StanfordR.L. Templeton63Southern California54 7/20Southern California
1933LSUBernie Moore58Southern California54Chicago
1932IndianaBilly Hayes56Ohio State49 3/4Chicago
1931Southern CaliforniaDean Cromwell77 1/7Ohio State31 1/7Chicago
1930Southern CaliforniaDean Cromwell55 11/35Washington40Chicago
1929Ohio StateFrank Castleman50Washington42Chicago
1928StanfordR.L. Templeton72Ohio State31Chicago
1927*IllinoisHarry Gill35Chicago
1926*Southern CaliforniaDean Cromwell27Chicago
1925*StanfordR.L. Templeton31Chicago
1923MichiganStephen Farrell29 1/2Mississippi State16Chicago
1922CaliforniaWalter Christie28 1/2Penn State19 1/2Chicago
1921IllinoisHarry Gill20 1/4Notre Dame16 3/4Chicago

* Unofficial championship
& Participation in the championships vacated by the NCAA Committee on Infractions.


2024 NCAA outdoor track and field championships: Schedule, location, TV channels, history (4)
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2024 NCAA outdoor track and field championships: Schedule, location, TV channels, history (2024)
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