134 Paige St. Owego Ny (2024)

1. Postal code and map of 134 paige st. owego ny, usa

  • Postal code of 134 paige st. owego ny, usa. Address (or lat,long), : The Postal Code for that location seems to be: Hit Find ^. Nine-digit ZIP Code:.

  • Postal Code and map of the address: 134 paige st. owego ny, usa.

2. Property Records for Paige St in Owego, NY 13827 - Xome

  • Search Xome's directory of real estate property records in Paige, Owego, New York 13827. Get the information you need including price & tax history, ...

  • Search Xome's directory of real estate property records in Paige, Owego, New York 13827. Get the information you need including price & tax history, property details, home valuations and more.

3. 122 Paige St, Owego, NY 13827 | realtor.com®

  • View 8 photos for 122 Paige St, Owego, NY 13827, a 3 bed, 2 bath, 1428 Sq. Ft. single family home built in 1900 that was last sold on 10/10/2018.

  • View 8 photos for 122 Paige St, Owego, NY 13827, a 3 bed, 2 bath, 1,428 Sq. Ft. single family home built in 1900 that was last sold on 10/10/2018.

4. View Records — NY State MLS

5. [PDF] Tioga County - owego 2019 Final Roll

  • ... St. 00000000236. 129.05-2-32. 230 3 Family Res. VILLAGE TAXABLE VALUE. 124,600 ... NY 13827. EAST-0903749 NRTH-0769389. DEED BOOK 20170 PG-1465. FULL MARKET VALUE.

6. [PDF] state of new york - Tioga County

  • ... St. 00000000976. 118.18-1-6. 210 1 Family Res. VILLAGE TAXABLE VALUE. 128,500. Deet J. Kevin. Owego Apalachin 493001. 17,900 COUNTY TAXABLE VALUE. 128,500. Deet ...

7. EXIT Realty Front and Center

  • 134 Page Road Chenango Forks, NY 13746. Barbara Gallo. $110,000. Lot/Land. 134 Page Road. Chenango Forks NY · 53 Main Street Owego, NY 13827 ... 60 Paige Street.

  • Welcome to EXIT Realty Front and Center, your real estate company servicing Broome, Tioga, and Chenango , and Susquehanna, PA Counties. We are much more th...

8. [PDF] 2022 Owego Tax Roll - Tioga County

  • Jan 31, 2022 · ... St. ACRES. 0.18. TOWNWIDE. 40,970. 51.46. Owego, NY 13827. EAST-0909720 ... NY 13827. Beulah Gowe-Dec'd 7/13/08. FRNT. 40.00 DPTH 100.00. ACRES.

9. [PDF] tioga county

  • HORTON THEODORE, r 49, Owego st.,. Tioga. Smith Horace K., r 36, Tioga Center ... Keeler Charles P., 68 Paige St.,. " Lillie William, r 108, Apalachin,. " Lynch ...

10. April Gilbride — OfficialUSA.com Records

  • 134 Throop St, Scranton, PA 18508; Single Family; Two bedrooms, One bathroom; Lot ... Address history for April includes 122 Paige St, Owego, NY 13827. April's ...

  • Personal Profiles for April M Gilbride from Scranton, PA and April Gilbride from Scranton, PA, and two other persons with the same name, their addresses, phone numbers, emails

11. Village of Owego, New York | A chance encounter - Facebook

  • Nov 7, 2023 · 17 Lake St, Owego, NY 13827-1522, United States. 3 people going ... There is a beautiful tiger cat in the vicinity of Paige and. Maine by Dr ...

  • facebook

12. Image 382 of Owego. Some account of the early settlement of the village ...

  • ward extended past Paige street to about where the Catholic church now is ... Owego (N.Y.). Rights & Access. The books in this collection are in the public ...

  • Also available in digital form.

13. 1887 Directory of Owego Tioga County NY, Part 2 - NYGenWeb

  • ... 134 Front, bds. Dugan House Hunt, Emily J., widow William, h 14 Lake ... Cobweb Bottling Works, Paige cor. Fox, also general grocery and liquors, 122 Paige ...

  • Gaher, Henry, tailor, bds. 73 Liberty Gale, William E., station agent S. C. R. R., h 47 George Gallagher, Dryden, widow William, bds. 41 Paige Gardner, William G., manager Central House, Main cor. Lake Garey, Henry J., brakeman, h 236 E. Temple Garvey, Michael, laborer, h 111 Erie Garvey, Patrick, emp. Erie R. R., h Delphine Gates, Anna, widow Simon, bds. 229 Main Gavell, Edward, cigar manuf. over 169 Main, h do Gavin, Catherine, resident, bds. 125 Chestnut Gavin, Mary, widow Patrick, h 125 Chestnut Geary, Patrick, laborer, h 22 Temple Genung, Abram C., carpenter, h 118 Franklin Gere, Adaline, widow Bradford, 192 North ave. Gere, Eugene B., attorney at law, 112 Front Gere, Theodore D. (Gere, Truman, Platt & Co.) h 118 Main Gere, Truman, Platt, & Co. (T. D. G., F. W. T., T. C. P. and C. F. Johnson) manufs. "Champion" wagons, grain and fertilizer drills, harrows, etc. Central ave. Gibbons, John H., laborer, bds. Constine's lane Gibson, Charlotte, widow Stephen D., h 205 North ave. Gibson, Donald, bridge builder, h 205 North ave. Gibson, Frank, laborer, h 205 North ave. Gibson, Sarah, widow Edward G., resident, h 127 North ave. Gilbert, Charity, widow John H., h 115 Temple Gilday, Edward, clerk, bds. 54 Delphine Gilday, John, emp. foundry, bds. 54 Delphine Gilday, Michael, laborer, h 54 Delphine Gilday, William, emp. foundry, bds. 54 Delphine Giles, Chester, emp. foundry, bds. Canal Gill, Ellen, widow Christopher, h 16 Paige Gillett, Luther W. (Riley & Gillett) Front, h 114 McMaster Gillett, J. Fred, clerk, bds. 114 McMaster Gillson, William H., bridge carpenter, h 116 West ave. Gilman, Herbert, stage driver, bds. Lackawanna House, South Side Gilman, Milton H., prop. mill-yard, lumberland in Sullivan Co., Pa., h Front Gilman, N. M. Mrs., millinery, 204 Front, h do. Ginnane, Joseph, emp. foundry, h 161 West ave. Ginnane, Mary, widow Edward, h 135 West ave. Ginnane, Mary A., teacher, bds. 161 West ave. Ginnane, Thomas, laborer, h 448 Front Glaseo, Thomas, gardner(sic), h 112 Paige Glezen, Oscar B., att'y at lsw, and justice of the peace, Academy Bldg., Court, h 9 Front Goodnough, William, expressman, h 268 North ave. Goodrich & Co. (J. W. Goodrich and W. H. Ellis) drygoods, 196 Front Goodrich, David L., surveyor, h 388 Front Goodrich, Frank, sewing-machine agent, h over 80 North ave. Goodrich, James W. (Goodrich & Co.) h 27 Front Goodrich, Lyman T., traveling agent, h 425 Front Goodrich, Samuel, yard-master Erie R. R., h 123 Liberty Goodspeed, Eliza A., widow Joel J., h 57 Paige Goodspeed, Elizabeth, teacher, bds. 57 Paige Goodwill, Burdett D., laborer, h 22 Temple Goodwill, Martha M., widow James G., h 22 Temple Gordon, Martha N., widow William C., resident, h 229 Main Gordon, Samuel, laborer, h off North ave. near S. C. R. R. round-house Gorman, Dorinda M., widow Capt. John, h 383 Front Gorman, James, switchman, bds. 64 South Depot Gorman, Orrin T., shipping-clerk, Gere, Truman, Platt & co., h 339 Main Goss, Seward, retired, h 25 Ross Gotleiber, Victor, policeman, bds. 88 Chestnut Gould, Adam C., blacksmith, Temple, h 16 do. Gould, Appleton H., leather-cutter, h 290 Prospect Gould, Ephraim, retired, h Talcott Gould, Ephraim C., drayman, bds. 112 West ave. Gould, Frederick, emp. Drill Works, h 87 Liberty Gould, Jane, widow Wilber D., h 234 Main Gould, Joel S., retired, h 146 Talcott Gould, Joseph, laborer, h Canal Front Gould, Marion D., emp. foundry, bds. 16 Temple Gould, Morris P., emp. foundry, h 8 Temple Gould, William L., blacksmith, h 112 West ave. Grand Army Hall, over 76 North ave. Grand Union Tea Company, Milton T. Knight, agt., 42 Lake Granger, Cora A., teacher, bds. 135 Main Grant, Simon, produce, bds. 264 Main Graves, Henry A., news, cigars and confectionary, 49 Lake, h 62 Church Gray, George, painter, h Delphine Gray, John C. (Cauldwell & Gray) h McMaster opp. Academy Gray, John H., clerk, h North ave. Green, James W., miller, h 119 Liberty Greenleaf, Emeline, widow John M., bds. 105 Main Greenleaf, John T., physician and surgeon, 101 Main, h 105 do. Greenwood, Frank A., printer, bds. 80 William Greenwood, James, custom boot and shoemaker, 188 Front, h 80 William Greenwood, James W., emp. foundry, bds. 80 William Greenwood, John E., emp. U. S. Express Co., bds. 80 William Greenwood, Lizzie M., dressmaker, 80 William, bds. do. Griffin, Emma, laundress, 138 Talcott Griffin, Margaret Mrs., h 148 Fox Griffing, Samuel B., village alderman and salesman, h 226 E. Temple Grimes, James, brakeman, h 27 Adaline Grimes, Sarah, widow James Jr., bds. 36 William Groat, Abram W., confectionery and cigars, 115 North, h do. Groo Lines (Andross & Groo) residence in New Jersey Gross, Jerry S., lawyer, 178 Main, h do.

14. [PDF] Village of Owego, New York - NY.gov

  • Mar 5, 2019 · Location: 132-134 North Avenue and 53 S Depot Street. Page 159. Projects ... Paige St. George St. Montrose A ve. Lackawanna Ave. Lake St. Park St ...

15. [PDF] voobm 12-5-2022

  • Dec 5, 2022 · The Village of Owego Board of Trustees held a meeting on Monday, December 5, 2022 at 7:00pm in the boardroom at 22 Elm Street, Owego, NY 13827 ...

16. [XLS] WEB01 - HUD

  • ... PAIGE ASSOC, DALLAS, TX, PRUDENTIAL HUNTOON PAIGE ASSOC, DALLAS, TX, HRI, 207/ 223(f) ... 80 EAST NORTH ST. ILION, NY, 13357, 112, 12/18/2017, 12/18/2017 ...

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17. Full text of "Calkin-Kelly Company's Owego, New York (Tioga County ...

  • ... Street, Owego, N.Y. OWEGO DIRECTORY 11 ster, John J. Anderson, Ray B ... Paige Nichols Abigail, wid Charles, res 140 Main NICHOLS GEORGE (estate of), Robert ...

18. NY State Girls 2021 XC Leaderboard Page - Tully Runners

  • John Bapt 82.02 82 79 55 Paige Jerrahian 11 CHS St. Joseph Hill 81.72 82 72 ... 134 Theresa O'Connor 11 CHS St. Francis Prep 62.28 62 50 135 Kayla Hall 12 ...

  •  ...[TullyRunners Home Page] ... [Boys NY State Leaderboard] ... [Section 3 Girls Leaderboard]

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